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Hinduism and Buddhism Chapter 4 section 1 EQ: What are the major similarities and differences between these Indian religions? GRAB A BOOK, JOIN ME ON PAGE 76

2 Hinduism Founder Relationship with god(s) Goal of Life Sacred Texts
Has NO SINGLE FOUNDER, its origins come from Aryan beliefs and writings Relationship with god(s) There are many gods that form the Brahman (all powerful spiritual force) Goal of Life To achieve moksha (union with the Brahman) Moksha is achieved through karma (actions) and dharma (duties) Sacred Texts Since it has no founder, it is based on writings in the sacred Vedas, Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita

3 Hinduism Attitude Towards Non-Violence Reincarnation Caste System
Followers practice ahimsa, and recognize that all living things are a part of the Brahman and must be treated respectfully Reincarnation Believe in a cycle of birth, death and rebirth, based on how one acts in their life…your atman (soul/essential self) is reborn. Caste System Support a strict social order where you are born into one caste and stay their until you die…only in reincarnation can your position/caste change

4 Buddhism Founder Relationship with god(s) Goal of Life
Prince Siddhartha Gautama (became known as Buddha) He was a rich prince who grew concerned about the world, he left his kingdom and all his riches and traveled the world, tormenting himself along the way Buddha discovered 3 things There is no individual self, no soul (no atman, unlike Hinduism) Pain is a part of life Impermanence, nothing stays the same Relationship with god(s) There are NO gods Goal of Life Follow the 8 Fold Path Understand the 4 Noble Truths

5 Goal of Life: Buddhism The Four Noble Truths The Eight Fold Path
Life is pain and suffering The cause of pain and suffering is desire Avoiding desire means avoiding pain The way to end suffering is the 8 Fold Path The Eight Fold Path Accept the 4 Noble Truths Right intention (commitment to mental growth) Right speech (no lying, be honest, say nothing wrong) Right action (do no harm) Right livelihood (your work helps others) Right effort (constant self improvement) Right mindfulness (clear conscience) Right concentration (focus)

6 Buddhism Sacred Texts Attitude Towards Non-Violence Reincarnation
Buddha’s teachings are found in the Tripitaka (the 3 Baskets of Wisdom) Attitude Towards Non-Violence COMPLETE non-violence, harmony are essential Reincarnation The soul reincarnates to achieve nirvana (union with the universe and release from rebirth) Caste System Rejected it, there are no divisions of class in reincarnation, anyone can achieve nirvana directly

7 For the Remainder of Time…
Finish vocabulary below the chart Complete Chapter 4 sec 1 crossword HAND IN BOTH ITEMS BEFORE YOU LEAVE AND YESTERDAY’S WORK! Reminder: Hotel Rwanda essay is due next Friday (2/27).

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