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Columbia Cascades Water Rights Acquisition Program.

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1 Columbia Cascades Water Rights Acquisition Program


3 Inadequate FlowsCritical Factor Limiting Salmon Recovery

4 Fish Need Water in Adequate Amounts and at the Right Time Increasing Tributaries Flows is Priority Objective- -2000 BiOp & RPA 150 Improving flows is an immediate habitat priority Three subbasins are High Priority BasinsAll H Paper Getting Water Back into Streams is the Most Immediate Need

5 Water Rights Acquisition Working with Prior Appropriation doctrine Benefits are immediate Only effective option for restoring flows Significant legal and procedural tools in place Great opportunity for partnerships Five major steps

6 Finding Willing Sellers Most challenging task Relatively few sellers Potential sellers uninformed or uncertain about water markets Must overcome mistrust of instream flow transfers Must have active community presence

7 Where and When Water is Needed Identify critical areas and streams--target tributaries with listed species Prioritize streams with potential for significant improvement Identify opportunities for acquisition within those areas

8 Example of Potential Water Rights Acquisition Areas

9 Need to know what we are buying Substantial and complex technical, legal and economic issues Determine transferability Evaluate amount of water for transfer Address issues of protection of other water rights and public interest Physically make water available for use where and when needed Ensure water can be kept in stream

10 Biggest Bang for the Buck Determine fair market valueappraisal and drawing on experience of others, e.g., USBR Negotiate price and finalize contractual agreement Transfer acquired right to the Trust Water Right Programwith original seniority date

11 Ensuring success Monitor and Evaluate Flows and volume of water put back into streams Benefit to targeted species Public acceptance Compliance and Enforcement Metering and gaging Water Master

12 It is a Partnership Program is underway Cost sharing50/50 Long term commitment

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