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Columbia Basin Pit Tag Information System BPA Project Number 199008000 16 July 2002

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1 Columbia Basin Pit Tag Information System BPA Project Number 199008000 16 July 2002

2 16 July 2002 team Gladstone (Data Systems Support) Software Engineer: John Tenney Systems Analyst: Dave Marvin Kennewick (Operations and Maintenance Support) Engineer Supervisor: Don Warf Engineer Technicians: Scott Livingston, Darren Chase Program Manager: Carter Stein

3 16 July 2002 PIT tag distribution PTAGIS distributes data to nearly 60different projects. Tag Distribution Interrogation Data Collection Operation & Site Maintenance SybC Coordination Data Repository & Reporting Mark & Recapture Data Collection

4 16 July 2002 PTAGIS Users PIT Tags supports not only Fish & Wildlife Program projects but Corps of Engineers Projects and others. Approximate percentages

5 16 July 2002 tag usage by year

6 16 July 2002 PIT tag distribution PTAGIS provides distribution of all NWPPC FWP PIT tags. Provides central management and repository for lookup of orphan tags- tags detected anywhere with no release record submitted by a FWP project. No overhead $s charged on purchase of PIT tags. Provides economies of scale by purchasing tags in large numbers

7 16 July 2002 FWP mark & recapture projects The number of projects, release locations, and PIT tags used each year continues to grow.

8 16 July 2002 Client Software Tool Development PITTAG3 Tagging Software Minimon Interrogation Software Multimon SxC Software

9 16 July 2002 Server Systems

10 16 July 2002 PTAGIS data

11 16 July 2002 Separation by Code (SxC) SxC Capability developed by NMFS (FWP 198331900) Coordination responsibilities transferred from NMFS to PTAGIS in 00 PTAGIS provides coordination, support and implementation of projects that require Separation by Code- SxC. – 1 FWP Project – 6 USACE Projects E.g., Collect N fish per day (not to exceed Y fish per day) at Bonneville Dam. Put fish detected at three facilities upstream in the east sample tank and fish not detected until here into the west sample tank.

12 16 July 2002 basin-wide scope PTAGIS provides O & M of the PIT Tag Interrogation Systems throughout the basin.

13 16 July 2002 interrogation data collection Goal: 99% Up-time of interrogation system component Near-real-time data availability -- Data collected from interrogation sites every three hours 24 hour response time for system malfunctions PTAGIS computers scan hundreds of thousands of records per day to identify detection problems throughout the basin using many custom built tools ( O & M Systems) Over 30 interrogation sites basin-wide – more planned 40 million interrogation records collected to date

14 16 July 2002 interrogation site operations and maintenance Cumulative Efficiency Report MCNARY DAM JUVENILE, RIVER-1 EXIT ------------------------------------------------------ TOTAL MISSED ESTIMATED EFFICIENCY Individuals: 582 Coil 83 575 7 98.80% Coil 84 572 10 98.28% Coil 81 574 8 98.63% Coil 82 575 7 98.80% The number of fish seen on 1 coils = 1 The number of fish seen on 2 coils = 3 The number of fish seen on 3 coils = 23 The number of fish seen on 4 coils = 555 The estimated probability of missing fish is : 3.417e-006% +/- 4.753e-006% (at 95% confidence) Some O&M Analysis Tools TASS Exciter Reports Cumulative Efficiency Instantaneous Efficiency Noise Reports Timer Tag Reports Other

15 16 July 2002 future of the project Expect the number of PIT tags used to continue to increase. Expect the number of interrogation sites (adult, remote/ in-stream, full-flow bypass, Hi-Q) to increase. Expect type of electronic detection devices and marking equipment to increase. PTAGIS needs to expand staff and hire contractors to: -support expanding interrogation equipment basin wide -modernize data tools (web, SxC, O&M systems, etc.) -provide coordination & support for expanding SxC projects -upgrade infrastructure to decrease scheduled server down time -provide the continuity in knowledge base required to support NWPPC PIT tagging projects into the future. Project Managers from all entities need a better forum to coordinate PIT tagging requirements

16 16 July 2002 conclusion PTAGIS provides the basic infrastructure that supports the all NWPPC PIT tagging projects. The project provides near real time access to all PIT tag data entities The project continues to grow… In scope More and more interrogation sites More type of interrogation data: -Resident fish/remote, in-stream detection -Adult PIT detection -High Flow Bypass Detection. -Bird colonies. -Coded Wire Tag code associations. -Pike and minnow PIT tag recoveries -Lamprey

17 16 July 2002 conclusion The project continues to grow (continued)… In scale Increasing the number of PIT tags used. Increasing the number of detection sites. Increasing the number of interrogation coils to support. In complexity New types of interrogation system electronics. New types of interrogation, recapture data. Additional coordination and implementation demands by Separation by Code Projects.

18 Columbia Basin Pit Tag Information System BPA Project Number 199008000 16 July 2002

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