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The Hero’s Journey The Monomyth Stage Three: The Return.

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1 The Hero’s Journey The Monomyth Stage Three: The Return

2 The Hero’s Journey “A hero ventures forth from the world of the common day and into a region of supernatural wonder; fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won; the hero comes back from the mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man.” Joseph Campbell The Hero with a Thousand Faces

3 The Life of the Hero in Three Stages

4 Stage One: Separation The first stage of the hero’s life; this chronicles the unusual circumstances of his birth. This is when he begins his journey after receiving a signal that great things are in store for him. If he is lucky, he will have a mentor and special gifts that will help him cross the threshold into the greater world beyond.

5 Stage Two: Initiation The second stage of the hero’s journey crosses into the unknown. The voyage can be outward into the physical unknown or inward to a psychological unknown. This stage of the adventure puts the hero more and more at risk, both emotionally and physically.

6 Stage Three: Return Having passed all tests and received his boon, the hero must then take the final step. Once the hero has accomplished his quest, his responsibility is to complete the circle and return home to share his blessing with his people.

7 A.Initial Response 1. Refusal of Return Sometimes, however, this responsibility is refused. The hero does not believe that the world will accept his message; or he achieves such a state of bliss that he is reluctant to give it up.

8 A.Initial Response 2. Magic Flight If the hero has obtained his boon, not with the consent of the gods, but in spite of the gods, if they opposed his quest or if some resented his success, his return might be complicated by supernatural obstacles. The hero might have to evade pursuit in order to return home.

9 A.Initial Response 3. Rescue from Without Sometimes the hero cannot break free of the obstacles to his return. Then he must have assistance from the outside world if he is to successfully return and complete his task.

10 B. Crossing the Final Threshold Sometimes there is one final threshold the hero must cross before he can rejoin society, return home, and share what he has achieved.

11 C. Master of Two Worlds Once the hero has returned to society and bestowed his boon on his fellow man, he demonstrates to all that he is indeed a hero. He has conquered all external enemies and/or his internal demons and is worthy of admiration and acclaim.

12 D. Freedom to Live After he has achieved his goals or saved the world, the hero can now live the life he deserves, peaceful and happy, a role model to his fellow man.

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