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Social Psychology: Attitudes & Persuasion (PSY320)

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1 Social Psychology: Attitudes & Persuasion (PSY320)

2 Attitudes - PSY320H5 F Location: SS 1070 Schedule: M 11:00 am – 2:00 pm Instructor: Gabriela Ilie, Ph.D. Contact: Office Hours: Monday 9:30-11 am Teaching Assistant: Jacob Hirsh Contact: Office Hours: By Appointment

3 Website psy320_06 Password: Username: guest

4 Readings Required Textbook:1. Attitudes, personality, and behavior, by Icek Ajzen. Second Edition, McGraw Hill (2005) 2. Required readings see posting on the course’s website. Additional book chapters and articles might be provided in class.

5 Evaluation Term Test one: October 16: 10% Term Test two: December 4: 10% Midterm (November 6): 40% Final exam (TBA): 40%

6 Course Tests and Exams Term tests are based on the additional readings exclusively, not the text or lecture material. Each quiz test will consist on 4 short answer questions. Each quiz takes 20 minutes (5 minutes per question). Midterm and final exams include materials from lectures, including group activities, required text and readings. Each exams consists of 50 multiple choice (MC) questions. The exams cover as representatively as possible the contents of lectures, the assigned readings, and the assigned readings in the textbook (you should not assume that the material covered in lectures is more important than that covered in the textbook -- the textbook actually contains more information than lectures, a fact that will be reflected in exams). The exams are not cumulative. The names of specific researchers are not of critical importance since questions will provide sufficient information for the identification of research. You must, however, familiarize yourself with the names of important theorists.

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