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PROGRESS REPORT SACS-COC ACCREDITATION REAFFIRMATION VISIT David S. Adegboye, Ph.D. Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs/Accreditation Liaison.

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1 PROGRESS REPORT SACS-COC ACCREDITATION REAFFIRMATION VISIT David S. Adegboye, Ph.D. Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs/Accreditation Liaison Professor of Biology Pamela Wanga, Ph.D. Chair, QEP Task Force Associate Professor/Director of CDFS/NCATE Coordinator, COE Shawan Bellow, Ph.D. Chair, Student Learning Outcomes Assistant Professor/Director of Field Experiences & Student Teaching, COE Frank Martin, Ph.D. Chair, Compliance Certification Task Force Professor of Economics and Chair, Department of Business Entrepreneurship Michael Ralph, Ph.D. Director of Institutional Research, Effectiveness and Strategic Planning SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY AT NEW ORLEANS UNIVERSITY CONFERENCE PRESENTATION AUGUST 17, 2009

2 OVERVIEW - Adegboye Several campus-wide trainings have been provided between Fall 2006 and Spring 2009 University Conference presentations since Fall 2006 and some workshop presentations are on SUNO website under ACCREDITATION link Two major reports must be submitted to SACS-COC  Compliance Certification Report  Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Report

3 Overview (continued) Critical Timeline Summary  1 st Draft Compliance Certification Report – December 2009  1 st Draft QEP Report – January 2010  Consultants’ In-put – Spring 2010  Compliance Certification Report Due to SACS-COC – September 10, 2010  QEP Report due to SACS-COC – January 2011  SACS-COC On-site Visit – March 2-4, 2011

4 Overview (continued) Compliance Certification Tasks There are 87 Areas of Compliance in the following categories: Integrity Core Requirements Comprehensive Standards for Institutional Mission, Governance, and Institutional Effectiveness Federal Requirements

5 QUALITY ENHANCEMENT PLAN - Wanga What is QEP? SACS Core Requirement 2.12 A course of action for institutional improvement that addresses one or more issues that contribute to institutional quality, with special attention to STUDENT LEARNING “Student learning concepts should permeate the goals of the QEP; however, its inclusion can be interpreted broadly” (SACS)

6 QEP (continued) What the QEP Topic Must Address Connected to SUNO’s Strategic Plan Tied to Student Learning/Access/Success SMART Goals and Objectives

7 QEP (continued) Smart Goals and Objectives S – Specific, Significant, Creative, Vital, Uniquely focused on student needs M – Measurable, Meaningful, Motivational, Manageable A – Attainable, Appropriate, Achievable, Agreed-upon, Assignable, Actionable, Action-oriented, sometimes Ambitious R - Relevant, Realistic, Results-oriented, Resourced, Rewarding, Replicable T – Time-bound, Timed, Time-based, Timely, Time- specific, Timetabled, Traceable, Tangible

8 QEP TOPIC SELECTION PROCESS Input of all critical constituents and stakeholders (students, alumni, parents, faculty, staff, administrators, community, etc.) essential 22 proposed topics received and circulated Final selection at Town Hall meeting – date to be announced soon

9 STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES - Bellowellow What are Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)? SLOs are those skills that educators want their students to know, think, feel, and be able to do by the end of the learning experience. SLOs define what students will take away from a class or program after completing all course work. SLOs can also include service or non-instructional areas that still provide educational experiences for students.

10 Student Learning Outcomes (continued) SACS’ Expectations SACS will be looking for courses that are results- oriented SLOs must be observable, measurable, and achievable (within one semester) SLOs must be stated in each course syllabus Assessments must be linked to the SLOs The course content and goals must be consistent with the unit or departmental mission Each academic program must have 3 – 4 SLOs

11 Student Learning Outcomes (continued) Training Session on SLO A special training session on Friday, August 28, 2009 All academic programs must be represented Each program will develop the required 3 – 4 SLOs assisted by experts Lesson from Texas Tech

12 Compliance Certification - Martin What is Compliance Certification? An assessment of the extent to which the University is in compliance with the SACS-COC (1) Core Requirements (except CR 1.12 – Quality Enhancement Plan), (2) Comprehensive Standards, (3) and Federal Requirements Compliance Certification Document must be submitted in September 2010 The Achilles Heels of Compliance Certification: Institutional Effectiveness (CS 3.3), Faculty Qualifications (CS 3.7), Financial Resources (CS 3.10)

13 Compliance Certification (continued) Where We Are – Ralph Each Compliance Certification Sub-committee has submitted reports on all the CR, CS, and FR Based on the reports, an audit is in the process of being completed A preliminary report will be completed by the end of the Fall 2009 semester Necessary revisions will be made Consultants will be retained during Spring 2010

14 SUNO SACS Electronic Submission Evidence of Institutional Leadership, Integrity & Compliance  SECTION 1: THE PRINCIPLE OF INTEGRITY  SECTION 2: CORE REQUIREMENTS CORE REQUIREMENTS  SECTION 3: COMPREHENSIVE STANDARDS  SECTION 4: FEDERAL REQUIREMENTS  QEP Plan & Proposal  The Compliance Certification Document  The Institutional Effectiveness Plan & Report  Compliance Certification Documents  Faculty credentials & Evaluations  Institutional Effectiveness  Effectiveness Plan and Report  Financial Profiles & Indicators  SACS Leadership Team Minutes  SLO Plan, Reports, Documents  SUNO Handbooks  SUNO University Catalog  University Conference Presentations  General Policies  University Handbooks  NCATE Reaffirmation  SUNO Strategic Plan Library Folders

15 RECOGNITION Compliance Certification Subcommittee Chairs Core Requirements - Dr. Joe Omojola Institutional Mission & Effectiveness - Dr. Louis Mancuso Governance & Administration – Dr. George Amedee Educational Programs: All – Dr. Ashraf Esmail Educational Programs: Undergraduate – Dr. Murty Kambhampati Educational Programs: Graduate & Post-Baccalaureate - Dr. Pamela Wanga Faculty – Dr. Romanus Ejiaga Library & Other Learning Resources – Dr. Mostafa Elaasar Student Affairs & Services - Dr. Lyndia Green-Faust Financial Resources – Dr. Carl Johnson Physical Resources – Dr. Donald Sarrat Institutional Responsibility for Commission Policy – Dr. James D. Smith Federal Requirements – Mr. Harry Russell

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