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Myths, Facts, and Suttons Law

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1 Myths, Facts, and Suttons Law
Francis D. Chesley, Jr., M.D. Director, Office of Extramural Research, Education and Priority Populations June 4, 2007 I am happy to be here in Alaska to talk with you about some of the challenges we all face healthcare that if we DO what we KNOW, it can make a real difference in people’s lives—and in your budgets.

2 AHRQ Grant Application Submission, Review, and Award Process
Development, Receipt, and Assignment of Applications Study Section Review for Scientific Merit CSR sends computerized notice of assignment to applicant DSR Referral Officer assigns to appropriate AHRQ Program CSR assigns application to NIH Institute or AHRQ CSR sends computerized notice of review results to applicant CSR computes percentile ratings Applicant Investigator develops and submits grant application to NIH/CSR CSR Assignment Office IRG reviews and assigns priority scores or designates noncompetitive IRG members review and evaluate PO mails summary statements to investigators DSR informs program that summary statement is available AHRQ assigns application to Initial Review Group SRAs prepare Summary Statements Site visit made if necessary Site visit report NIH Councils (Duals) AHRQ Review for Program Relevance and Funding Determinations Public Affairs notified Award Negotiation and Issuance PO reviews and prepares/sends recommendation memo to DSR/GMS DSR schedules funding meeting Applications selected for funding Signed “paylists” received by GMO Final review and negotiations Award received by institution Congressional liaison notified Award issued Investigator begins work (30 days)

3 Facts #1 Research and program priorities matter
Application process must be understood Electronic Grant Application has arrived! Concept papers are an important option Peer review is a step away from funding Avoid common pitfalls Mentorship!

4 Applicant Responsibilities
Know PHS Form 398 and 424 R&R Know the Funding Agency and Staff Know Agency Research Priorities Know the Grant Mechanisms Know the Grant Process and Key Changes Understand Agency Research Budget

5 Top Myths AHRQ is not funding research AHRQ is not funding K award
AHRQ does not fund investigator-initiated grants An “unscored” application is the kiss of death

6 Facts #2 FY07 new research grant budget: $45 million
K award success rate: 30% $1 million for new grants $5.7 million total What is an investigator-initiated grant?

7 Fact #3: Sutton’s Law R01: $2 million R03: $1.7 million
F31/F32: $0.5 million K02/K08: $1 million Budget for targeted initiatives is approx. $31 million

8 AHRQ E-grants Transition!
Electronic Grant Application Receipt Use of the SF424 (R&R) Grant Application AHRQ will require electronic submission of all competing grant applications via using the SF 424 Research and Related (R&R) application. ________________________________________ Paper No More, Use 424 (R&R) Electronic submission is here to stay!

9 AHRQ Transitions to Electronic Grant Application Submission
AHRQ transitioning to electronic grant submission through - Web portal that serves as the single access point for all Federal grant programs. provides the interface for 26 agencies to announce $350 billion in annual grant awards and for all grant applicants to find and submit applications to those funding announcements. Transition complete for R01, R03, R13, R18, R36

10 Getting Started One time registrations for ( and eRA Commons ( systems must be completed before application submission. For up to date general information on electronic submission, the SF 424 (R&R), and, visit the AHRQ Electronic Submission of Grant Applications Web Site:

11 “Opportunity is missed by most because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
Thomas Edison

12 Contact Information AHRQ WEBSITE Francis D. Chesley, Jr., M.D. (301)

13 Questions?

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