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An Aid to Cost-Effectively Delivering The right care at the right time Optimizing health care system resources for implantable cardiac device patients.

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1 An Aid to Cost-Effectively Delivering The right care at the right time Optimizing health care system resources for implantable cardiac device patients though technology Reggie Groves General Manager and Vice President, Patient Management Business Medtronic CareLink Network

2 A growing population The number of patients indicated for ICD therapy has doubled.* Fact: Device patients Patients 0 250 500 750 1000 1250 1500 199820002002200420062008 clinic capacity The number of cardiac device patients is expected to soon exceed clinics capacity ICD Follow-up Clinic Example * ACC/AHA/NASPE 2002 guideline update.

3 Medtronic CareLink System: The Future of Follow-Up Care Imagine a system that: Solves the pending capacity crisis Improves the timeliness and efficiency of medical care, and Enhances patient satisfaction

4 Medtronic CareLink ® Network Patient holds the antenna over her device for interrogation. The Monitor automatically dials a toll-free number and transmits the data over a standard phone line. 1 2 Data is automatically sent to a secure server 4 Patients and their families can access extensive materials about living with their ICD 3 Clinic can view patient data and reports on a secure website

5 Medtronic CareLink ® Monitor Portable device used by ICD patients to send data Routine follow-up Symptomatic episodes Post-shock events Patients need only a standard phone line Connect from home or while traveling (within the United States)

6 The first screen the clinician sees upon entering the Medtronic CareLink Clinician site Allows quick triage of patients, based on alerts Detailed information on patients or transmissions is one click away Sort by date/time, patient name, and physician Patient List Patient One Patient Two Patient Three Patient Four Patient Five Patient Six Patient Seven Patient Eight Patient Nine Patient Ten

7 Comparable to the comprehensive data shown on the Programmer view Quick Look

8 Similar data to surface ECG 10-second EGM with Marker Channel TM Current EGM

9 Clinic Benefits More efficient patient care: Improved access to patient data: Improved clinic operations: Allows continuity of care, which may lead to improved patient compliance and satisfaction. Comprehensive device data and patient diagnostics are available when and where needed. Current clinic customers report being able to dramatically decrease the time for each device check.

10 Device Follow-Up: Today Admin/Technician Pulls schedule and patient file Receptionist Greets patient Collects co-pay, if applicable Nurse/Technician Escorts patient to room Inquires about meds, 123 Nurse/Technician Interrogates device and checks thresholds when appropriate 4 Doctor Sees patient if necessary 5 Receptionist Schedules next appointment 6 Nurse/Technician Completes paperwork 7 Doctor Over-reads paperwork 8 Administration Billing submitted Reimbursement filed 9 10-15 mins Total Time: 20-30 minutes 5 mins

11 Workflow with Medtronic CareLink ® Network 5-8 mins 5-7 mins Total Time: 10-15 minutes Admin/Technician Pulls patient file Prints Reports Schedules next appointment 1 Nurse/Technician Checks device and completes paperwork 2 Doctor Over-reads paperwork 3 Administration Paperwork to Billing Billing submits claim 4

12 The Medtronic CareLink ® Network reassures our patients that we are doing everything possible to keep in touch with them, even when theyre at home. Regina Owen, RN The Stern Cardiovascular Center, Memphis

13 Patient Benefits Routine device checks can be done from the convenience of the patients home. Patients can transmit data when they travel within all 50 states (USA only). Patients and their families have peace of mind by being remotely connected to the clinic. Convenience: Freedom to travel: Peace of mind:

14 Dawn Yasik Before CareLink, I would have been quite concerned about traveling far from home and my clinic. Having the Monitor with me, knowing I could be connected with my clinic within minutes, made me feel much better. Dawn Yasik Age 32, GEM II DR patient on Medtronic CareLink ® Network since January 2003

15 HI WA OR NV UT ID AZ CO MT NM WY MN IA ND NE SD OK KS MO TX TN AR LA MS AL IN MI IL WI OH WV KY GA FL VA NC DE PA MD ME MA CT NH VT AK CA NY SC NJ RI Medtronic CareLink ® Network Reimbursement Status As of January15, 2004 Coverage in process Covered with existing codes Covered with Misc. code Signed CareLink Contract (100) Rev 1/15/04 EA

16 Patient Enrollment on Medtronic CareLink Network

17 Veterans Administration Success story –Medtronic CareLink currently up and running in 22 VA clinics –Nearly 500 Vets being followed remotely –Others are in queue for implementation this year The Vision: Streamline device follow-up throughout the VA clinic system with Medtronic CareLink Network

18 Fusion of Hard and Soft Medical Care The right level of care, at the right time Comparable comprehensive data to an in-office visit –No need for patient to come into clinic –Alleviates scheduling strain on clinic Provides quick feedback –Peace of mind for patient –Can eliminate inefficiencies, unnecessary hospitalization –Enables faster collaboration between caregivers –Enables triage to optimize use of resources

19 Facilitating Collaboration for Better Patient Care… BODY : Device data and patient data SOLE : Freedom, Adventure MIND : Peace of mind EP Family/ Caregivers HF Nurse HF Doctor/ Cardiologist Internist EP Nurse/ Technician

20 The Future Optimization of health care system resources –Care customized to the patient –Real-time clinical information to manage patients beyond acute care episodes –Facilitates continual patient monitoring, proactive intervention to avoid problems (I.e. hospitalization) Monitor changes as they happen Example: Medication titration

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