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1 Developing Denmark's Next Generation Digital Library: Work Underway at Statsbiblioteket and DEFF Birte Christensen-Dalsgaard.

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1 1 Developing Denmark's Next Generation Digital Library: Work Underway at Statsbiblioteket and DEFF Birte Christensen-Dalsgaard

2 2 Content Introduction to: State and University Library and Denmarks Electronic Research Library (DEFF) Introduction to focus areas Integrated search Webservices –netmusic –infrastructure Authentication Authorisation Infrastructure (AAI) Open Access and Institutional Repositories (creation and preservation) Research network/Grid/DEFF co-operation Q & A

3 3 The State and University Library National library (NL) –legal deposit library. The State & University Library receives a copy of all Danish publications, whether in printed or in digital format, –national newspaper collection, –national media archive (sound recordings, radio & tv) National Loan Centre (OC) –Services for public libraries and small special libraries –Ethnic knowledge centre University library (UL) –The State & University Library is the main library of the University of Aarhus.

4 4 Some numbers for 2004 Stock –Books and periodicals (items)3.527.000 –Other materials1.445.793 –E-journals, titels 12.339 Meters 109.503 Bibliographic records –Statsbiblioteket & departmental libraries2.310.943 Circulations/loans –Direct loans 723.111 –Interlibrary loans 441.439 Use of digital resources –periodicals 938.350 –digital documents 92.400

5 DEFF: Denmarks Electronic Research Library DEFF is an organisational and technological partnership between research libraries Co-financed by –The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation –The Ministry of Culture –The Ministry of Education Annual budget of ~ 2,3 mio.

6 Organisation

7 7 History of Technological Change First stage: New technologies are applied to existing processes (Do more of the same faster/cheaper) Second stage: New technologies are integrated into existing process (Improving existing systems) Third stage: New technologies are infused and diffused to create new processes and systems Apply Integrate Infuse & diffuse from: Mark Lawrence Kornbluh

8 8 Components towards the third stage Presence in user environment –Availability (pervasive information) –Relevant services (e.g. user satisfaction) New paradigms for search and presentation –Structured (SRU/SRW, OAI-PMH, Semantic web) –Unstructured (Google, …., UIMA) New paradigm for communication and publication New Roles – different partnership –Service infrastructure (webservices, AAI, SOA,..) –Authenticity and permanent access New economical models –Who pays for what, how

9 9 DEFF Development Activities OC NL UL Digitization and preservation Webservice Infrastructure AAI Videoserver Webarchiving Automation User involvement DEFF

10 10 The user? Library junkie Drive-in user Worker

11 11 Libraries: Search and retrieve Books & journals and catalogue cards Books & journals and online catalogue Books, journals & e-journals and online catalogue &databases with metadata – cross search Apply Integrate Infuse & diffuse

12 DEFF workshop on Integrated Search Next Generation of Federated Search OPAC a OPAC bE-journal Institutional Repository Resource Identification webservices Different information Metadata extracted or harvested from different sources Index–based on metadata Resource Delivery

13 13 Background Analysis of user behaviour and expectation: –Niels Ole Pors Studerenden, Google og biblioteker, July 2005 –Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources OCLC, December 2005 –University og California: Rethinking how we provide bibliographic Services, Dec. 2005 –Brugernes forventninger til det hybride bibliotek, Marts 2006

14 14 Rethinking how we provide bibliographic Services The University of California Libraries: Final Report Dec. 2005 The current Library Catalog is poorly designed for the tasks of finding, discovering, and selecting the growing set of available resources… it is best at locating and obtaining a known item Users expectation to the Hybrid Library: Report March 2006 The library catalog plays no role in the selection process. It is used for locating known material.

15 15 Eksempler fra SBs alternative søgeinterface Support for dynamic, personalised supportive information

16 16 Model of new search system Horizon LuceneIndex StatusReservationSearchGet Post SøgesystemService Browser XSLT HTML XML via AJAX WS User XML-repository

17 17 Advantages of separating the library system from the search process: From precise query to relevance May use standard web technologies: –Fast and efficient search algorithm –Clustering analysis –Introduce relevance ranking based on many parameters –Advanced personalisation of query (e.g. based on history, training of agent) –… Seamless service across different data resources –structures unstructures –Non-library world can supply services (e.g. Amazon) –Several document suppliers –…… Use the Traditional Library system to what it is good at – handling of Physical material

18 18 New development – short term Did-You-Mean Basket Limit search (author, year) Alternative sorting (author, year, etc.) Selected fields used for new searches

19 19 New development – long term More resources (etss, e-books, DBC's netressourcer) Include staff profiles in database Clustering Intelligent indeksing Personalisation Extra material (book covers, abstracts, …) SFX

20 20 Information – where relevant: Portal to service

21 21 Legal music download from Danish Libraries.

22 22 Partners Music Industry (IFPI), Danish Phonofile, Danish Copyright Organisations. Department of Cultural Affairs. State- and University library (Adm). Consortium of large libraries.

23 23 Numbers Apr. 200.000 tracks Download for 1 or 7 day(s) Microsoft DRM / 24-7, 192 kbit files. Portal ( and as a webservice ( References for buying tracks Administrative module for libraries Subscription, tracks and statistics

24 24 Music database (Phonofile) End user Authentification Authorization Netmusic Server Lending System Commercial System

25 25 ISBN DOI Bibli…dk Netres. AUBKKBKB Bibl…dkmusikDBSamletFAUST Webservice: Aggregator Webservice: Netmusik Webservice: Journals Webservice: Material match SOAP/XML Webservice: Recom- mender service Role: Customer Services OAI JSTORE SOAP/XML Role: Service provider Role: Data service Role: Data service / customer support Personalisation AAI Single Sign On /skole Role: AAI-centre

26 26 Asynchronous JavaScript And XML AJAX Possible to have constant update of information on users screen –(X)HTML & CSS –Client-side skripting (e.g. JavaScript) –Asynkronous exchange of data via XMLHttpRequest –Format of data: XML

27 27 Possible Infrastructure 1 Library server Webservices + javascript SOAP Service server Same domain SOAP AJAX

28 28

29 AAI: The formation of a Danish InCommon: DK-AAI High level Cooperation between Government bodies involved –Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation –Ministry of Culture –Ministry of Education Universities, other higher education, resarch institutions DEFF incl. National libraries

30 DK-AAI - the scene Defining and organizing a common framework for identity and rights management administration within and between organizations for (higher) education, research and their e-resource providers

31 Institutional Repositories OAi-based infrastructure for the Danish Research Database (DDF) Support model to stimulate the creation of good and timely metadata to DDF Initiative to standardise the exchange format: DDF- MXD Work on agreement on persistent identifiers PU:RE now supports upload (Dspace, Fedora) – may extend to double upload Steps towards preservation infrastructure

32 OAi- PMH

33 Open Access i Denmark – DEFF projects Etss – a pilot project concerning e-migration of scientific journals –assistance to non-commercial publishers to online publishing and survival –evaluation and test of e-tool and workflow –the result is a guide to the process and the choice of tool –advocacy for Open Access –project website http://deffetss.cvt.dk


35 Infuse/difuse – research infrastructure Research Network – transmits information Denmarks Electronic Research Library – buys and disseminates information Danish Centre for Grid Computing – processes information and Rectors Conference project Digital Management

36 Thank you Q & A

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