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Dewey Breakfast/Update 25 June 2011 Joan S. Mitchell Editor in Chief, DDC OCLC DDC 23: Its Here.

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1 Dewey Breakfast/Update 25 June 2011 Joan S. Mitchell Editor in Chief, DDC OCLC DDC 23: Its Here

2 DDC 23 is here! Start using it!

3 Outline Overview Examples from Main Classes Learning Opportunities Keeping Up with DDC 23

4 Overview of DDC 23 Major updates in religion, law, education, food and clothing, graphic arts, cinematography and videography, ancient and modern world Overhaul of groups of people )A host of new numbers (e.g., bullying, cloud computing, end of Mubārak administration) Structural changes to support machine display and retrieval, and classifier efficiency

5 000 Computer science, information & general works >004.11-004.16 Digital computers Multifunctional digital devices are classed with their predominant function... a work that focuses on a specific function other than the predominant function is classed with the predominant function

6 100 Philosophy & psychology 155 Differential and developmental psychology 2Sensory perception, movement, emotions, psychological drives... 3 Conscious mental processes and intelligence... 8Individual, evolutionary, environmental psychology... 9Applied psychology...

7 200 Religion 297.12 Koran and Hadith... 297 [.124] Hadith (Traditions) Relocated to 297.125 297.125 Hadith (Traditions) [formerly 297.124]

8 300 Social sciences 371.05 Public schools distinguished by source of funding, locus of control, and mandate [formerly 371.01] Class here academy schools, charter schools

9 400 Language 427[.1–.8] Geographic variations in parts of England Relocated to 427.9421–427.9428... 427.94-.99Geographic variations in specific continents, countries, localities in modern world Add to base number 427.9 notation 4–9 from Table 2, e.g., geographic variations in parts of England 427.9421–427.9428 [formerly 427.1–427.8], slang of British Isles 427.941, geographic variations in England 427.942, dialects of Canada 427.971, Tok Pisin 427.9953...

10 500 Science 523.49 Trans-Neptunian objects [formerly 523.48] 523.492 Kuiper belt objects 523.492 2 *Pluto [formerly 523.482] 523.494 Scattered disk objects 523.497 Oort cloud objects

11 600 Technology 616.008Young people Do not use for diseases of infants and children up to puberty, comprehensive works on child and adolescent medicine; class in 618.92 616.008 35Young people twelve to twenty Do not use for diseases of young people twelve to twenty who have not reached puberty; class in 618.92 Class here adolescent medicine

12 700 Arts & recreation 791.43 Motion pictures Regardless of distribution medium or method Class here made-for-television movies, video recordings of motion pictures [both formerly 791.45]; direct-to-video and direct-to-DVD releases of motion pictures; dramatic films, entertainment films; films developed originally for Internet transmission; comprehensive works on dramatic, entertainment, documentary, educational, news films...

13 800 Literature 808.03 Specific elements of rhetoric Class preparation of manuscripts using specific elements in 808.02; class specific kinds of writing using specific elements in 808.06 808.032 Figures of speech Including metaphor, simile 808.036 Narration

14 900 History & geography 961.105 [History of Tunisia,] 1956– 961.105 1 Administration of Habib Bourguiba, 1956–1987 961.105 2 Administration of Zayn al- ʻ Ābidīn Bin ʻ Alī, 1987–2011 961.105 3 2011–

15 DDC 23: Learning Opportunities (1) Online resources DDC 23 webinar 025.431: The Dewey Blog Mini webinars and updated training materials coming in fall 2011!

16 DDC 23: Learning Opportunities (2) Upcoming workshops and presentations: DDC 23 in Context (27 June, ALCTS CCS Subject Analysis Committee meeting, Hilton Riverside, Grand Salon C) DDC 23 Workshop at IFLA (12 August, San Juan, PR) Whats New with DDC and What Do I Need to Know (9 September, Schaumberg, IL) The Future of DDC is Now!: Uncovering the Mysteries of DDC 23 (15 November, Fort Wayne, IN) ilf-annual-conference/ ilf-annual-conference/

17 DDC 23: Updates New and Changed Entries retired To be replaced temporarily with PDFs containing updated schedule and table entries Permanent change-notification solution coming inside WebDewey 2.0 Errata addressing typos in DDC 23 to be posted shortly

18 Some Useful Links DDC DDC 23 DDC 23 webinar WebDewey 2.0 dewey.info 025.431: The Dewey blog Questions? (Dewey Editorial Office) (Licensing, group purchases, LIS program)

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