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International Dewey Users Meeting 16 August 2011 IFLA San Juan Joan S. Mitchell Editor in Chief, DDC OCLC DDC 23: Its.

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1 International Dewey Users Meeting 16 August 2011 IFLA San Juan Joan S. Mitchell Editor in Chief, DDC OCLC DDC 23: Its Here!

2 DDC 23 is here! Start using it!

3 Your role DDC 23 is dedicated to the worldwide Dewey Community!

4 Outline Overview Three case studies Dewey linked data Learning opportunities Keeping up with the DDC

5 Overview of DDC 23 Major updates in religion, law, education, food and clothing, graphic arts, cinematography and videography, ancient and modern world Overhaul of groups of people )A host of new numbers (e.g., bullying, cloud computing, end of Mubārak administration) Structural changes to support machine display and retrieval, and classifier efficiency

6 Case study: 370 Education

7 370 Education Generalize from an international viewpoint: Levels of education Kinds of schools Specific subjects in primary education Policy issues in education

8 Levels of education (1) 372 Primary education (Elementary education) 373 Secondary education 374 Adult education 378 Higher education (Tertiary education)

9 Levels of education (2) 372.24Specific levels of primary education 372.241 Lower level Class here grades 1–3 372.242 Intermediate level Former heading: Upper level Class here grades 4–6... 372(.243) Upper level (Optional number; prefer 373.236) Class here lower secondary level...

10 Kinds of schools 371.05Public schools distinguished by source of funding, locus of control, and mandate [formerly 371.01] Class here academy schools, charter schools

11 Specific subjects in primary education (1) 372.6 Language arts (Communication skills) New option in English-language edition: (Option: Class here language arts (communication skills) in a language other than English; in that case, class language arts (communication skills) in English in 372.6521) New option in German-language edition: (Option: Hier auch Sprachkompetenz (Kommunikationsfertigkeiten) in einer anderen Sprache als Deutsch; klassifiziere in diesem Fall Sprachkompetenz (Kommunikationsfertigkeiten) in Deutsch in 372.6531)

12 Specific subjects in primary education (2) 372.652–.659 Specific foreign, official, second languages Subdivisions are added for any or all topics in heading Add to base number 372.65 notation 2–9 from Table 6, e.g., Spanish 372.6561, English as a second language 372.6521; then add further as instructed under 372.3-372.8, e.g., methods of teaching Spanish 372.6561044 follows: 04General topics 041Language arts in foreign, official, second languages Add to 041 the notation following 372.6 in 372.61-372.64, e.g., Spanish composition 372.656104123 042Place of subject in education...

13 Policy issues in education 379.1282–.1289 Support by specific regional intergovernmental organizations Add to base number 379.128 the numbers following 341.24 in 341.242-341.249, e.g., support by European Union 379.12822

14 Case study: Groups of people

15 Groups of people (1) kinds of persons groups of people T108Groups of people 305Groups of people persons treatment biography T109History, geographic treatment, biography Table 2 Geographic Areas, Historical Periods, Biography

16 Groups of people (2) T1081People by gender or sex T10811Men T10865People by marital status T10867Transgender and intersex people T10925–0928New numbers for collected biography of groups of people

17 Groups of people (3) Ripple effect of changes throughout DDC 23, especially for groups of people in 155, 305–306, 331, and 362 Reversal in preference order in 302–307 to topic/group, e.g., friendship in women 302.34082, not 305.4 Women

18 Case study: Dual headings

19 Dual headings: Definition A heading with two separate terms, the first of which is the main topic and the second of which is the major subordinate topic, e.g., 570 Life sciences Biology Main topic and major subordinate topic share the same number and most of the subdivisions

20 Dual headings: DDC 22 004–006Data processing Computer science 570Life sciencesBiology 943Central Europe Germany

21 Dual headings: DDC 23 004–006Computer science 004–006Data processing Computer science 570Biology 570Life sciencesBiology 943Germany and neighboring central European countries 943Central Europe Germany

22 Dewey Linked Data

23 Access to the top three levels of the DDC in eleven languages Access to Abridged Edition 14 (assignable numbers and captions) in three languages Actionable URIs for every class Classification semantics encoded in SKOS Representations for machines (RDF) and for humans (XHTML+RDFa) Data is reusable under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license

24 Linked data in (1)

25 Linked data in (2)

26 Linked data in (3)

27 Learning opportunities: Online resources DDC 23 webinar 025.431: The Dewey Blog DDC 23 Introduction, Glossary, New Features, and Relocations and Discontinuations available for download at: Mini webinars and updated training materials coming in late 2011!

28 Learning opportunities: Workshops and seminars Whats New with DDC and What Do I Need to Know (9 September, Schaumberg, IL) Strength in numbers: Going local, global, and mobile with Dewey (15 September, London) Dewey in Scotland (16 September, Edinburgh) chive/2011/08/11/dewey-in-scotland-the-dewey-decimal- classification-and-scotland-s-information.aspx chive/2011/08/11/dewey-in-scotland-the-dewey-decimal- classification-and-scotland-s-information.aspx The Future of DDC is Now!: Uncovering the Mysteries of DDC 23 (15 November, Fort Wayne, IN) ilf-annual-conference/ ilf-annual-conference/

29 Keeping up with the DDC Every update is automatically included in WebDewey 2.0 Errata addressing significant typos in DDC 23 available at: New and Changed Entries retired Short-term replacement: PDF versions of updated schedule and table entries (link under Updates coming soon) Permanent change-notification solution coming inside WebDewey 2.0

30 Sample update: 363.41_20110727_DDC 23.pdf

31 Thank You!

32 Some useful links DDC DDC 23 webinar WebDewey 2.0 dewey.info 025.431: The Dewey blog Questions? (Dewey Editorial Office) (Licensing, group purchases, LIS program)

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