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Access 2005, Edmonton The library and the network: flattening the library and turning it inside out Lorcan Dempsey Access 2005 Edmonton 19 October 2005.

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1 Access 2005, Edmonton The library and the network: flattening the library and turning it inside out Lorcan Dempsey Access 2005 Edmonton 19 October 2005

2 Access 2005, Edmonton Overview

3 Access 2005, Edmonton







10 Registration Query translation Markup translation Authentication / Authorization Terminology Services Architecture Web Service Full Text Vocabulary A Protocol SQL Vocabulary B Protocol XML Vocabulary C Protocol SRW/URESTSOAP 1 2 3

11 Access 2005, Edmonton Some context

12 Access 2005, Edmonton A flat world: coordinates adapted from Friedman A digital platform Computation and communication Reduced friction in workflows Web services – communicating applications Streamlined logistics and supply chain Flow Distributed global deep collaboration and sourcing Processes assembled based on cost and efficiency Vertical intra-organizational assembly moves to horizontal interorganizational assembly

13 Access 2005, Edmonton The web is the information space Amazoogle defines what is on- web The texting generation Rip, mix and burn Network workflows emerging to help manage time spent in network The library has to be in those workflows Flattening requires more fluid communications – cf ILL Zero sum funding and … … growing requirements Collaborative/sourced processes. A digital platform Reduced friction in workflows Deep collaboration and sourcing

14 Access 2005, Edmonton Search engine Personal environments PDAs learning management systems campus portal course material text book RSS aggregator reading lists library user environments resource environment Institutional repository Digital collections E-reserve Catalog Licensed collections Aggregations Virtual reference Cataloging, ILL Flow and flattening: the library in the user environment, Not the user in the library environment. Flattening and flow: Flexible assembly of services from multiple sources.

15 Access 2005, Edmonton Turning libraries inside out In the flow Search Social networking So …

16 Access 2005, Edmonton In the user *-flow Workflow Learnflow Commuteflow Lifeflow Research flow e.g. See Cliffs talk Personal collections and citation chaining Integration of data and literature Repository deposit in workflow

17 Access 2005, Edmonton Example: developing metasearch 2 nice presentations at the NISO OpenURL and Metasearch meeting Agen-FINAL.htmlNISO OpenURL and Metasearch meeting The aim is to provide service which fits into patterns of user behavior and abstracts away from the boundaries of database providers. The focus was on putting data where it was useful. The focus was not on putting the user in front of a 'one-stop-shop' which is how metasearch often seems to be presented. Both presentations also usefully see metasearch as a part only of a wider system of services which discover, locate, request and deliver resources of interest. LD'one-stop-shop'

18 Access 2005, Edmonton 2 clicks to full-text Integrate find articles service with other services Variety of pathways Metasearch appropriate databases from course pages Innovative Uses of Metasearch: Rethinking Metasearch for a Better User Experience David Lindahl & Jeff Suszczynski, U Rochester

19 Access 2005, Edmonton Integrate library content into other campus systems Centerpiece of a web services oriented infrastructure Data presented nicely – what is is and how available. Doing More with Metasearch The Metalib X-Server. David Walker, Calstate San Marcos

20 Access 2005, Edmonton Gather -- create -- share Flecker and McLean. DLF paper More prefabricated workflows

21 Access 2005, Edmonton Elgg :: Personal Learning Landscape

22 Access 2005, Edmonton Experiment … What would your services be like if the only UIs you could use were services on this page?

23 Access 2005, Edmonton Everything is in three generations: library protocols Generation one Z39.50, ISO-ILL, … S2S Library niche Generation two OpenURL, OAI-PMH, NCIP, SRU, … B2B Web services idiom Generation three: intrastructure Leverage G2 infrastructure: lightweight services on top of SRU/OpenURL/OAI RESTful COinS Bridges to generic approaches and desktop frameworks RSS Research pane Bookmarklets Widgets

24 Access 2005, Edmonton







31 Inside out: What services where? Discovering Linking Gathering Annotating Depositing Creating Asking Questions Levels of engagement: Satisfiction and conviction Different grades of experience and intersection Brand and presence Disembedding from traditional settings and re-embedding at the point of need A one-stop shop is a one-shop stop! Flattening to allow flow …

32 Access 2005, Edmonton Flattening libraries Long tail diseconomies Process sourcing: a new era of cooperation and sourcing

33 Access 2005, Edmonton The long tail

34 Access 2005, Edmonton

35 Aggregation of supply Systemwide transaction costs? Discover – locate – request – deliver – mix Systemwide Intentional data? Improve service Value added services over unified resource? Compare Metasearch? Aggregation of demand? Connect anybody with what they want? Google 5 analysis – rareness is common Every user his/her book. Every book his/her user. Compare libraries and network hubs

36 Access 2005, Edmonton Long tail and libraries? Find systemwide levels for Supply: Consolidation of data, services, innovation Demand: maximize use of resources (cf OhioLink) US – unverifed figures 13K public and academic libraries 2.16B items 1.97B circulations 20% of items circulate ILLs represent 1.7% of total circulations Rareness is common (G5 paper)

37 Access 2005, Edmonton Process: The vertical library

38 Access 2005, Edmonton Collaboratively sourced Third party Library flattening Sourced

39 Access 2005, Edmonton Sourcing decisions Cataloging Resource sharing A&I Virtual reference Data substrate Collective collection (used and usable collections) Services Digitization Preservation Annnotation, re-use,.. Data aggregation and mining Counter, circ, holdings, … Recommender Database of intentions, D3M Syndication: to search engines and others Registry&directory

40 Access 2005, Edmonton Environment intelligence Collections Libraries Licenses Terms, schema Services Institutions OCKHAM JISC IESR OCLC Resolver Registry

41 Access 2005, Edmonton Sourcing patterns Mobilize capacity of libraries through shared infrastructure Institutional Enterprise systems Research and learning infrastructure Jurisdictional California Digital Library DEFF JISC, SURF? Third party Consortial (RLG, OCLC), OCUL, … Vendor Issues It is impossible for all libraries to do everything.. Vertical structures entrenched – within and between institutions Lack of architecture/business process models

42 Access 2005, Edmonton So …. Turning libraries inside out: The library needs to be where the the user is – on the network Flattening: The library will look towards systemwide efficiencies in organization by consolidating data, services and innovation at appropriate levels. Through what structures? Ecology of (web) services: in each case, the library will work with a growing number of service platforms, and will need to stitch them together effectively.

43 Access 2005, Edmonton Thank you.. OCLC Research

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