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Catherine Werst October 28, 2009 For audio call Toll Free 1 - 888-886-3951 and use PIN/code 130405.

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1 Catherine Werst October 28, 2009 For audio call Toll Free 1 - 888-886-3951 and use PIN/code 130405

2 Maximize your CCC Confer window. Mute your phone (*6) if you have visitors or noise in your office. Please note phone audio may be in presenter-only mode. Ask questions over the phone when the presenter prompts. Ask questions throughout presentation via the chat window. Housekeeping

3 Adjusting your computer audio 1)To listen on your computer, adjust your speaker volume 2)If youre using a phone, click on phone headset. 3)To speak youll need a microphone or USB headset. a) First, run the audio wizard Tools/Audio/Audio Setup Wizard. b) Second, press on the mic icon when its available (release when finished speaking)

4 Saving Files & Open/close Captions 1.Save chat window with floppy disc icon 2.Open/close captioning window with CC icon

5 Emoticons and Polling 1.Raise hand and Emoticons 2.Polling options


7 Image courtesy of When I hear Twitter, I think: a)Yeah baby! Ive been tweeting since 06 b)Oh cool! Another new technology! c)Is this new fad worth the time & effort? d)Oh no! Another new technology… e)Thats it, Im faxing in my intent to retire.

8 Statistics courtesy of


10 Free, real-time stream of 140-character posts from people you follow Platform for you to share ideas, resources in public or private Access to global, unfiltered stream of posts Synchronous & asynchronous communication tool Functions not limited to members only Portable – mobile, desktop

11 Any user profile that is made public can be viewed if you know the user name. Tweets from that user are displayed in chronological order with some hyperlinking.

12 Important, popular, provoking tweets are retweeted to wider audiences Ability to contact users outside your network with @name salutation Trending topics displayed on site Filtering, searches and tagging for tweets (#hashtags) is the search engine


14 When you log in to Twitter, you can post your Tweets directly into the interface, and review the Tweets of the users you are following. Other features are found on the right navigation.

15 1.Find someone interesting to follow 2.Click the Follow button 3.Their posts will now show up in your timeline! Easy! …If someone is too noisy for your taste, simply click Unfollow


17 Web sites shared via URL shortening keywords=world+according+to+twitter&x=0&y=0 Metrics & Visualizations of word use Not only humans using Twitter Get ready for Googles Social Search launch with Twitter in a few weeks!

18 Search is open and public, and you may search across all posts by words or hashtags.

19 Professional (or Personal) Learning Network Follow professionals who inspire you & share your interests Find people, organizations that give you resources and breaking news Ask your PLN for feedback Feed your PLN with resources, ideas

20 Jump into Twitter for YOU first Research the things that interest you Be aware of Twittiquette Think locally AND globally The animating genius behind Twitter will live on... that tactile sense of your community is simply too much fun, too useful and it makes the group more than the sum of its parts. – Clive Thompson, WIRED Magazine


22 Talking about life Talking about their instructors Sharing assignment information Selling & buying textbooks Sharing work, cheating, encouraging Confessing, complaining, extolling …on Twitter. …Sometimes under their desks while youre talking.

23 Use a different account for teaching Show your tweets on your web site (RSS, widgets) Pre-course information Talk up your textbook Promote library & counseling services Demonstrate netiquette

24 Virtual Office Hours Post assignments (use #hashtags!) Announcements (cancellation, grades) Supplemental web resources Highlight career opportunities Ruminate, link to your blog Ask key concept questions All without having to share a phone number!


26 Research, post links to news, articles Tweet the lecture for extra credit Progressive stories (#hashtags!) Chapter summaries Tweet a field trip Lecture Hall discussion tweets (project on a smart screen)

27 Link to exemplary student work Respond to poll or survey (twickers?) Post images/music/video via Twitter Interview a classmate Haiku or iambic pentameter

28 Powerpoint plug-in for Office 2007 (Windows)

29 Read events in other languages Learn about other countries, cultures News about specific disciplines Follow political events or politicians Find opposing views Multicultural music & videos ( Learn from & speak with experts Develop professional manners


31 Follow tweeted medical procedures Experience NASA events Get geological info (volcano, quakes) Find internships or jobs Discover local Tweetups Conference information in real time








39 1.Build your Professional Learning Network 2.Follow a small group at first, include friends & fellow hobbyists Join interesting chats (#edchat, #techtrust) and meet like-minded people 1.Weed out your follow list on occasion to fine-tune the tweet stream 2.Play with access beyond

40 Resource links Videos Handy applications PLUS annotated list of all classroom ideas!

41 Please remember to share your Twitter user names in the chat window if you want new Tweeps! Catherine Werst Q&A

42 Evaluation Survey Link Help us improve our seminars by filing out a short online evaluation survey at:

43 Thanks for Attending For upcoming desktop seminars and links to recently archived seminars, check the @ONE Web site at:

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