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Going beyond Google: Internet Research that Works Shelly Blackman April 22, 2008 For audio call Toll Free 1 - 888-886-3951 and use PIN/code 778761.

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1 Going beyond Google: Internet Research that Works Shelly Blackman April 22, 2008 For audio call Toll Free 1 - 888-886-3951 and use PIN/code 778761

2 Housekeeping Maximize your CCC Confer window. Mute your phone (*6) if you have visitors or noise in your office. Please note phone audio may be in presenter-only mode. Ask questions over the phone when the presenter prompts. Ask questions throughout presentation via the chat window. Turn on or off Closed Captioning by clicking on the icon. Save the presentation or chat by clicking on the icon.

3 Overview Why Google? Power Searching with Google Googles Limitations What is the Invisible Web? Subject Directories, Virtual Libraries, Free Databases Web 2.0 – Other Search Tools Search Strategies / Resources List

4 Why Google? The good: Intuitive interface; excellent image searches; best-of-class local searches, producing maps with satellite imagery; cached pages and related links; sponsored links clearly separated out into the right- hand column; desktop search tool; downloadable toolbar Source: CNET Reviews at

5 Googles Market Stronghold Source: Top 10 Search Providers.

6 Power Searching with Google Try Googles Advanced Search


8 Power Searching with Google Example: - Enter this string in search box form 1040 filetype:pdf

9 Google Shortcuts: IF YOU NEED:DO THIS: DefinitionsDefine vodou An exact phraselive and learn To calculate38+71; 50% of 100 To convert35 Celcius in Fahrenheit To search only one web siteSite: Source: Whos Afraid of Google. In Library at

10 More Google Tools: See Google shortcuts: See complete list at



13 Googles Limitations The not-so-good: Searching for audio files (includes files with.aiff,.au,.wav or.wave extensions)

14 Over 3000 file types! See list at:,289933,sid9,00.html,289933,sid9,00.html




18 Other Search Engines for Media AlltheWeb –Search for news, audio, video* Lycos –Images, video

19 Search Engine Limitations Although large databases, provides access to small portion of what is available

20 The Invisible Web The Invisible Web is that portion of the Web that is not reached by standard search engines such as Google. It is estimated to be 2-500 times bigger than the visible web. It includes specialized searchable databases and search engines, archives of documents, documents in specialized formats, directories and locators, dictionaries, library catalogs, non-text files, and gated resources requiring a password or login Source: Beyond Google: Searching the Web More Effectively

21 Why Invisible? Real time content Formats Sites requiring login authorization Sites blocked by Robot Exclusion Protocols Sites requiring login authorization Interactive content Content generated dynamically as the result of a query Source: Beyond Google – The Invisible Web at htm

22 Robot Exclusion Protocols Use of blocking techniques by the webmaster or server Password protection –HTML blocking in the web page –A listing on the server of blocked pages

23 Content of Databases Information stored in tables (Access, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2) and accessible only by query: –Phone books, People finders –Patents, laws –Items for sale in a Web store or Web-based auctions –Digital exhibits –Multimedia and graphical files –Stock and bond prices

24 Deep Web Search Tools: Subject Directories Virtual Libraries Specialized Databases

25 Subject Directories Yahoo! Directory Open Directory Project

26 Subject Directories Best used when you: have a broad topic want selected, evaluated, and annotated collections prefer quality over quantity aim to generate a list of sites/resources in a subject area



29 Avoid These Pitfalls: Browsing searchable directories Use the search box for a more efficient search Following links to sites recommended by heavy use or commercial interest Sites based on popularity ranking or on commercial fees paid Source: Search Strategies – Search with Peripheral Vision at html

30 Virtual Libraries INFOMINEINFOMINE A virtual library of Internet resources relevant to university students and faculty. Built by librarians from the University of California, California State University, the University of Detroit-Mercy, and Wake Forest University.


32 Virtual Libraries The WWW Virtual Library is the oldest catalogue of the Web, started by Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of HTML and of the Web itself, in 1991 at CERN in Geneva. Unlike commercial catalogues, it is run by a loose confederation of volunteers, who compile pages of key links for particular areas in which they are expert oldest catalogue of the Web

33 Free Searchable Databases Search tools for specialized subject areas Best used when you have a narrow topic –E.g. law, health, business, science Good place to locate sources: Research Beyond Google (Online Education Database)

34 Specialized Databases Law –Nolo Encyclopedia http://www.nolo.com Medicine –PubMed (National Library of Medicine) Science –Scirus –Intute

35 Choose the Best Tool for Your Need: NoodleTools Choose the Best Search for Your Information Need




39 Web 2.0 and New and Emerging Tools What is Web 2.0? refers to a perceived or proposed second generation of Web-based servicessuch as social networking sites, wikis, communication tools, and folksonomiesthat emphasize online collaboration and sharing among users. Source: Wikipedia at

40 Web 2.0 Search Engines Rich Internet Application Search Interfaces (RIAs) Engines in this category offer a little something extra in terms of the interface

41 Kartoo Visual search engine Meta tool which presents results in map Analyses users search, questions the most relevant engines, selects the best sites and places them on a map


43 Visual Search Engines Grokker --


45 Wiki (n.) A collaborative Web site comprises the perpetual collective work of many authors.Web site a wiki allows anyone to edit, delete or modify content that has been placed on the Web site using a browser interface, including the work of previous authorsWeb sitebrowserinterface term wiki refers to either the Web site or the software used to create the Wiki wiki means quick in Hawaiian Source: ISP at

46 Much Ado About Wikis Wiki bunfight (accuracy of online information) New Scientist 190.2545 (April 1, 2006): p7(1). According to the survey, in 42 matching pairs of science entries on topics from Agent Orange to the West Nile virus, Wikipedia made 162 errors, which "comes close" to its competitor's 123.

47 …Wikis Journal Gives Wikipedia High Marks for Accuracy, but Not for Readability.(Nature )(Brief article). Dan Carnevale. The Chronicle of Higher Education 52.19 (Jan 13, 2006) Other than errors, Nature's experts found that the Wikipedia entries were often poorly worded and confusing. While the information was generally reliable, the Nature article says, entries often lacked the nuance that a subject-matter expert could provide, as well as good editing.

48 Use with caution! Articles carry warning: As with any community-built reference, there is a possibility for error in Wikipedia's content please check your facts against multiple sources and read our disclaimers for more disclaimers

49 Directories of Wikis A directory of wikis that is searchable and browsable by categories, language, and Wikinside A Google CSE that searches text within about 3,000 wikisWikinside A wiki that is a directory of

50 Search Strategies: Best Practices See The Five Step Strategy at: Strategies.html Strategies.html

51 Five-Step Strategy: 1. Analyze your topic to decide where to begin 2. Pick the right starting place 3.Learn as you go & VARY your approach with what you learn 4.Don't bog down in any strategy that doesn't work 5.Return to previous strategies better informed

52 Q & A

53 Bibliography Abilock, Debbie. Choose the Best Search for Your Information Need. NoodleTools. 21 Feb. 2007. 21 Feb. 2007 Avet, Traci. Whos Afraid of Google. Library June 1, 2006. 21 Feb. 2007 Barker, Joe. Search Strategies: Search with Peripheral Vision. Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial. Aug. 2006. UC Berkeley Library. 21 Feb. 2007 Beyond Google: Searching the Web More Effectively. Nov. 2006. University of Washington Health Sciences Libraries. 21 Feb. 2007

54 Bibliography Burns, Enid. Top 10 Search Providers. SearchEngineWatch Aug. 2007. 19 Sept. 2007 Carnevale, Dan. Journal Gives Wikipedia High Marks for Accuracy, but Not for Readability. The Chronicle of Higher Education 52.19 (2006) Expanded Academic ASAP. Thomson Gale. Evergreen Valley College Lib. 21 Feb. 2007 Cohen, Laura. "The Deep Web." Internet Tutorials. 22 November 2006. University Libraries, U at Albany, State U of New York. 21 Feb. 2007

55 Bibliography Devine, Jane and Francine Egger-Sider. Beyond Google: The Invisible Web. June 2005. Laguardia Community College Library. 21 Feb. 2007 NoodleTools: Choose the Best Search for Your Information Need. July 2007. 24 Sept. 2007. Patterson, Ben. Google. [review] CNET Reviews. Edited by Robert Vamosi. May 2005. 21 Feb. 2007 Wiki bunfight. New Scientist 190.2545 (2006). Expanded Academic ASAP. Thomson Gale. Evergreen Valley College Lib. 25 Feb. 2007

56 Evaluation Survey Link

57 Upcoming/Archived Seminars For upcoming desktop seminars and links to recently archived seminars, check the @ONE Web site at:

58 Thanks for Attending For information on @ONEs trainings go to:

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