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PWG-CIM Alignment 2005 Rick Landau (Dell) 2005/09/06.

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1 PWG-CIM Alignment 2005 Rick Landau (Dell) 2005/09/06

2 PWG Confidential2 Project to Align CIM Printing Model with PWG Model Work register item between Printer Working Group and DMTF – Goal: Refresh CIM model as it pertains to printers – Initiated May 2005; expect approved results January 2006

3 PWG Confidential3 History CIM printing-related classes first appeared in CIM schema v2.x – Modified as recently as schema v2.8 – All in Device_Printing.mof – Classes: CIM_Printer, PrintService, PrintQueue, PrintJob, and other related PWG specs – SNMP Printer MIB (printer device): 1995 - 2004 – Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) (print service, job): 1997 - 2005 – Semantic Model (print service, job): 2000 -2005 – Others in process

4 PWG Confidential4 Status We don't know where the existing CIM_Printer model came from – Seems to be derived from PWG PrintService rather than Printer PWG has highly evolved models for – Printer (as a hardware device) – Print Service – Print Job

5 PWG Confidential5 Work To Date Reviewed classes in Device_Printing.mof (and XML and HTML) Noted some changes that could be made – Categorized – Proposed solutions for most PWG concerned about schedule – To complete significant work by January, limit the scope of work to CIM_Printer class PWG concerned about completeness and correctness – Management applications migrating to the CIM model – If a property can't be seen -- and seen correctly -- through the CIM model, then it can't be seen at all

6 PWG Confidential6 Categories of Problems Uncovered Structure of Classes Completeness Vague properties Errors in mappings and correspondences (Improve commentary to document read-write and mutability)

7 PWG Confidential7 Structural Problems A number of properties in CIM_Printer seem appropriate to PrintService but not Printer "Move from A to B" = deprecate in A, add in B Move at least MaxCopies, DefaultCopies, MaxNumberUp, DefaultNumberUp, MaxSizeSupported

8 PWG Confidential8 Vague Properties CurrentPaperType, e.g., impossible to determine Deprecate most "CurrentXxxx" properties – Applications should use the corresponding DefaultXxxx properties instead – CurrentPaperType, MimeType, Language, Capabilities CurrentCharSet and CurrentNaturalLanguage should remain, but they need clear descriptions of their semantics Fix HorizontalResolution and VerticalResolution properties with new definitions Concern about use of MimeTypes

9 PWG Confidential9 Errors in Mapping Strings and Model Correspondences Printer.PrinterStatus, Printer.DetectedErrorState, PaperTypesAvailable, DefaultPaperType, MimeTypesSupported Minor, not normative

10 PWG Confidential10 Incompleteness CIM_Printer has 32 properties; SNMP Printer MIB has at least 3x that many plausible properties Do not carry forward all properties just because they're there Several major areas are not represented at all in CIM – Console, covers, markers, supplies, colorants, media paths, channels, interpreters, many counters Proposal: add a Class, CIM_PrintDevice to represent the hardware device

11 PWG Confidential11 Process Going Forward (SWAG) PWG needs to be educated about CIM Core needs to be educated about printing Agree on scope of changes to be attacked in this phase Agree on content of changes Draft CRs – Work on non-structural items first (e.g., descriptions)? Review, revise, approve

12 PWG Confidential12 Deliverables PWG knows approximately what a CR contains (borrowed some from SMWG)

13 PWG Confidential13 Questions?

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