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12341234 Translation of PWG Semantic Model to CWMP Data model Sanjeev K Feb 3, 2012.

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1 12341234 Translation of PWG Semantic Model to CWMP Data model Sanjeev K Feb 3, 2012

2 12341234 Contents Objective PWG SM print service schema dependency Approach Over-all flow chart Parsing PWG SM schema Control files Naming algorithm Implementation Output Issues

3 12341234 Objective To translate the PWG Semantic Model to CWMP data model. – Defining the rules for translating data types and elements of PWG SM into CWMP data types and objects. – Conversion of hierarchy. – Optimize object naming.

4 12341234 PWG SM print service schema Hierarchy to be translated.

5 12341234 Approach The translation is achieved in the following steps. – Data type translation rules and naming rules are defined in control files. – PWG SM XSD files are parsed to list all elements and its data types. – Names of the elements are optimized based on rules or algorithm. – In the list, the elements which are of simple type are converted to parameters and their data types are translated to CWMP data type. – Elements which are of complex type are converted to objects. – Redundancy in the hierarchy is removed by applying custom rules.

6 12341234 Over-all flow Start Parse XSD files Create list of elements and its types Create object Create parameter Add to the parent object Simpl e type ? Yes No Next element exist No Yes Stop

7 12341234 Parsing PWG SM schema

8 12341234 Control files Translation_rules.txt Naming_Optimize.txt Translation rules: Example: –string-->string –boolean-->boolean –NMTOKEN-->string –NMTOKENS-->string –int-->int Naming rules: Example: –PrintServiceCapabilities-->Capabilities –PrintDocumentTicketCapabilities-->DocumentTicketCapabilities –PrintDocumentDescriptionCapabilities-->DocumentDescriptionCapabilities –PrintDocumentProcessingCapabilities-->DocumentProcessingCapabilities –PrintJobDescriptionCapabilities-->JobDescriptionCapabilities

9 12341234 Naming algorithm 1. Divide the element name into sub strings. 2. Discard the substring if it is found in its parent object name. 3. Repeat step 2 for all the substrings except the last substring. 4. Add the result to the name. Example: PrintServices.PrintService.{i}.PrintServiceCapabilities.PrintDocumentTicketCapabilities.P rintDocumentDescriptionCapabilities.DocumentFormatDetailsSupplied.AllowedValue.{i}. DocumentFormat PrintServices.Service.{i}.Capabilities.DocumentTicketCapabilities.DescriptionCapabilities.F ormatDetailsSupplied.AllowedValue.{i}.Format

10 12341234 Implementation Library used: libxml2-2.7.1 Source code: – TranslationDM.c, – TranslationDM.h, – Utility.c

11 12341234 Output Translation_element_list.txt CWMP_DataModel.xml Translation_element_list.txt Element:1 PrintServices Element:2 PrintServices.PrintService.{i} Element:3 PrintServices.PrintService.{i}.PrintServiceCapabilities Element:4 PrintServices.PrintService.{i}.PrintServiceCapabilities.PrintDocumentTicketCapabilities Element:5 PrintServices.PrintService.{i}.PrintServiceCapabilities.PrintDocumentTicketCapabilities.PrintDocumentDescriptionCapabilities Element:6 PrintServices.PrintService.{i}.PrintServiceCapabilities.PrintDocumentTicketCapabilities.PrintDocumentDescriptionCapabilities.DocumentDigitalSignature Element:7 PrintServices.PrintService.{i}.PrintServiceCapabilities.PrintDocumentTicketCapabilities.PrintDocumentDescriptionCapabilities.DocumentDigitalSignature.AllowedValue.{i} Element:8 PrintServices.PrintService.{i}.PrintServiceCapabilities.PrintDocumentTicketCapabilities.PrintDocumentDescriptionCapabilities.DocumentMessage Element:9 PrintServices.PrintService.{i}.PrintServiceCapabilities.PrintDocumentTicketCapabilities.PrintDocumentDescriptionCapabilities.DocumentName. CWMP_DataModel.xml Write a description Write a description about object PrintServices Write a description about object PrintServices.PrintService.{i} Write a description about object PrintServices.PrintService.{i}.PrintServiceCapabilities Write a description about object PrintServices.PrintService.{i}.PrintServiceCapabilities.PrintDocumentTicketCapabilities Write a description about object PrintServices.PrintService.{i}.PrintServiceCapabilities.PrintDocumentTicketCapabilities.PrintDocumentDescriptionCapabilities Write a description about parameter DocumentMessage Write a description about parameter DocumentName </parameter.

12 12341234 Issues The access and activeNotify attributes of parameters are hard coded. – – Attributes of the elements in the PWG SM is not included in the translation. Hierarchy optimization. – PrintServices.PrintService.{i}.PrintServiceConfiguration.Finishers.Finisher.{i}.FinisherD escription Choice in complex type is pending-all the child elements are included in the current model. Union member types are assumed as either string or NMTOKEN. – Translated to string.

13 12341234 Conclusion Verification of output and validating the data model with the CWMP data model schema completes the translation.

14 12341234 1234

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