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Projector & Display Management WG Projector & Display Management WG F2F Meeting 2007/03 Agenda Rick Landau, Dell, and the Projector & Display Management.

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1 Projector & Display Management WG Projector & Display Management WG F2F Meeting 2007/03 Agenda Rick Landau, Dell, and the Projector & Display Management WG 2007/03/18

2 Projector & Display Management WG 2 Agenda Welcome, thank you all for coming Thanks to our host PWG & IP reminders "Agenda bashing:" changes or new business? Dinner Tuesday night? Pray for bandwidth Charter discussion Planned discussions Prioritization of management objects for V1 Look at POPAI limited spec Add new entries to aspect ratio table Next steps: what do we write/rewrite on what schedule Next meeting New business

3 Projector & Display Management WG 3 Join the Printer Working Group! If we don't join, we aren't protected by the Intellectual Property policies of PWG and IEEE. If we don't join, we cannot vote to charter this group as a real working group. – And PWG will not be able to review or publish our specifications! PWG is very inexpensive, very low-maintenance – $1,500 per year per company

4 Projector & Display Management WG 4 Intellectual Property Statements PWG/IEEE Intellectual property policies – PWG slides – All vendors should submit PWG "Letter of Assurance" stating intellectual property claims and non-claims. Additional intellectual property considerations that this group has adopted – The management of the state or operating parameters of an object does not impinge on any intellectual property of the operation of an object. – This specification includes no information on the subject of patents, trademarks, or licenses. – The presence of a management object does not imply a license to implement a related feature using any particular technology.

5 Projector & Display Management WG 5 Schedules Tuesday 3/20 – 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM – Dinner? Wednesday – 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM (to let people catch planes)

6 Projector & Display Management WG 6 General Discussions - Organizing Data for SNMP General discussion of the structure of management data (All) – How we organize the management data into functional groups, tables or repeating groups, and properties Discuss the need for meaningful Descriptions of properties (All) – A description that repeats the name does not add useful content. Discussion on naming conventions (Rick) – Generating SNMP from the XML poses some challenges. – Should Group be named XxxxGroup? – Should Table be named XxxxTable? – Should properties in tables be named XxxxDescription, XxxxStatus, etc.? – Use of upper and lower case.

7 Projector & Display Management WG 7 General Discussions - Resettable Counters and Replaceable FRUs Discussion on resettable counters in SNMP (Rick) – Do not let user write directly into counter property. – Add another property that acts like a function to reset the counter. Discussion on FRU replacements in SNMP MIB (Rick) – Similarly, add a property that functions to replace the unit. – Resets age counters, stores install date/time if available, increments replacement number, etc.

8 Projector & Display Management WG 8 General Discussions - New Object Groups Review contributed group and data item definitions (All) – Signal source group (Hiroshi and Koichi) – Console group (Rick) – Localization group (Rick)

9 Projector & Display Management WG 9 General Discussions - Generating SNMP from XML Review of SNMP MIB generation status (Rick) – XSL translationn of Properties, Tables, Textual Conventions for enumerated property values – Look at sample output Items that still need work – DefVal clause now required on SNMP objects If string length nonzero, must have a sensible value, e.g., "No description supplied" – Use Counter32 and Gauge32 But they cannot have ranges applied Use Integer32 for Gauge Remove ranges from Counters – Change concept of multiple tables in a group Causes problems writing Conformance clauses – May need to do SNMP V1 MIB also, some tools slow to adapt to V2

10 Projector & Display Management WG 10 General Discussions - What's Next after SNMP? What do we want to do after SNMP? (All) – Specs for embedded web servers (EWS)? – Serial-line interface commands? – CIM MOF (Managed Object Format) files for web services?

11 Projector & Display Management WG 11 General Discussions - Related Specs POPAI command specs (Nick) – Their "spec" is very brief, includes very little of the information that we have tried to capture in our groups and objects. VESA command semantics that may be useful to us (Nick)

12 Projector & Display Management WG 12 General Discussions - Trade Shows What show WhenWhereType of eventWho will research Comments NSCAMarchOrlandotrade showRandyAlready too late SIDMaySFwhite papers, poster papers NickWe may alreay have missed final call for papers InfoCommJune 15- 21 Anaheimconference and trade show RandyThe "Call for Presenters" page is 404, oops CEDIASept 5-9Denvertraining and trade show tbs NABApril 14- 19 Las Vegas conference and trade show RickSession schedule already fixed

13 Projector & Display Management WG 13 General Discussions - Recruiting AMX Controls, Dallas, TX – Already contacted by Nick Extron, Anaheim, CA (near LA) Crestron, Rockleigh, NJ (near NY) InFocus – Already contacted by Rick Trans-Lux – Just discovered

14 Projector & Display Management WG 14 Next Steps - 1 Re-draft the XML – One table per group – Naming conventions: hierarchical, remove unnecessary prefixes – Make Optionality match the spreadsheet – Review ranges on gauges; remove from counters – Reset property – Better descriptions – Look at default values carefully – Be sure we add missing items Finish the groups we havent done yet – Alerts – Localization – Interfaces – Audio

15 Projector & Display Management WG 15 Next Steps - 2 Publicity – Nick look at CEDIA for opportunities – Nick & Rick look at ezines Recruit! – RR & Nick get some names – Get POPAI involved, give them our semantics as starting point – Everyone go to InfoComm. Need a flier. Everybody join PWG Polish charter, Rick and Ira, then send to membership Lee research MS Web Services for Devices Koichi redo the DisplaySettings group to include new aspect ratios

16 Projector & Display Management WG 16

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