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ACIS 4684/5584 IS Security and Assurance. 2 Dr. Linda Wallace  Office: Pamplin 3092  

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1 ACIS 4684/5584 IS Security and Assurance

2 2 Dr. Linda Wallace  Office: Pamplin 3092  E-mail:  ace/5584  Office Hours: MW 12:30 pm-1:30 pm, or by appointment  Office Phone: 231-6328

3 3 Required Materials  Principles of Information Security, 4 th edition, Whitman & Mattord, 2012  Additional reading (see syllabus)  All class notes, instructions, and assignments can be downloaded and printed from the class web page throughout the semester.

4 4 Prerequisites  ACIS 4554 or BIT 4554

5 5 Attendance Policies  If you miss a class  you are still responsible for turning assignments in on time.  you should contact one of your classmates (NOT your professor) to find out what you missed.  See someone in Pamplin 1046 if you must miss class for an extended period of time

6 6 Grading: Exams (2 @ 100 pts each) Topic Debate Semester Project In the News Case Summaries CyberCIEGE Total 200 30 100 20 10 40 400 See syllabus for grading scale.

7 7 Exams  No alternate exam times will be scheduled without prior approval and valid documentation.  Job interviews are not considered acceptable reasons for missing an exam.  Make arrangements with the companies you are interviewing for other days  A list of exam dates is shown on the class web page.  If you are too ill to take an exam you must have a note from the doctor explicitly stating that you are too ill to attend classes.  Exams are the property of the professor and should never be removed from the classroom.  If you are not currently registered in the class you cannot take an exam.

8 8 Topic Debates  Teams of students will be assigned to debate a topic in class  Some groups will present the “pro” side of the topic while others will present the “con” side.  The team will also prepare open ended questions for the other team and the class  Topics will be assigned the second week of class.

9 9 Semester Project  Allow teams of students to become more familiar with a security technology, service, or threat by performing an in-depth research on this technology or service and demonstrating it in class.  Deliverables: presentation and report  Must include demonstration  Must get topic approval from professor  Must include References

10 10 In the News Assignments  Every student must present a recently published article related to IS security or IS assurance.  Article must be no more than 10 days old when submitted.  E-mail the class list-serv with a link to the article so that everyone in the class can read it before your presentation.

11 11 Cases  2 Harvard cases; possibly1 KPMG case  Prepare a case summary before class  Case summaries should include  a brief description of the case,  identification of the major issue (s),  and of the main lesson (s) learned from the case.  Should be less than 1 page  Do NOT e-mail summaries. You must submit them in class. Bring 2 copies to class.

12 12 CyberCiege  4 multi-part campaigns  For each campaign you need to turn in a one page summary about what you had to do to successfully complete each scenario including a discussion of what did not work and why.   Start early in case you have technical difficulties!

13 13 Grading:  All grades will be posted through Scholar. If you should notice an error in your grade, you should submit the graded assignment to me with a note indicating the error. This submission should be made within two weeks of the grade being posted.

14 14 Policies for assignments  All assignments are due at the beginning of class on the due date.  Late assignments will not be accepted.

15 15 Policies for assignments  No “extra credit” assignments will be given. Grades will be based on the grading criteria established in the syllabus  Do not make requests for policy exemptions in front of other students (e.g. more time for an assignment, rescheduling exams, being late to class when an assignment is due, etc.). If you do, they will be denied. If a matter is important enough for you to ask for an exemption, then you should contact me privately.

16 16 VT Honor Code The Honor Pledge - “I have neither given nor received unauthorized assistance on this assignment” The Honor Code expressly forbids:  Cheating, Plagiarism and Falsification All assignments and exams are to be completed individually unless specifically stated otherwise.

17 17 Other Policies  E-mails sent to me before 5pm (Monday through Friday) will usually be answered by the end of the same day.  E-mails sent to me after 5pm (Monday through Friday) or on the weekend will not necessarily be answered the same day.  I will schedule appointments with students outside of my regularly scheduled office hours if they have a conflict with my scheduled hours and if I am able to be available. The more notice I have for an appointment, the better the chance that I can be available.

18 18 Special Accommodations  Students requiring special accommodations throughout the semester (include during tests) should notify the professor during office hours of the first week of the semester.

19 19 Important Dates 2/29 - Exam 1 5/7 7:45-9:45am - Final Exam (4:00) 5/9 10:05am-12:05pm - Final Exam (2:30)

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