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Universal Printer Description Format UPDF. UPDF Version 1.0 Agenda UPDF Overview –History –Design Last Call –Review changes –Approval or requirements.

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1 Universal Printer Description Format UPDF

2 UPDF Version 1.0 Agenda UPDF Overview –History –Design Last Call –Review changes –Approval or requirements for approval

3 UPDF Version 1.0 IEEE ISTO PWG Semantic Model UPDF Print Services Interface IPP IPP Fax

4 UPDF Version 1.0 UPDF History Started in May 1997 as Universal Printer Driver Soon changed to Printer Description –Driver out of scope –Technical and political difficulties Charter approved November 1998 Canon provided first DTD/XML in 1999 Changed from DTD to schemas in 2001 Sample implementation in 2002 Align with SM and FSG in 2004

5 UPDF Version 1.0 UPDF web site URL: Please focus on the following content Documents, UPDF Specification The high level overview is described in the section The Idea, pages 10 - 17. Related Links UPDF schemas UPDF sample instances Chair: Norbert Schade (

6 UPDF Version 1.0 What are we trying to solve? Provide device-dependent input to a print client –XML- and Unicode-based –Platform independent –Datastream independent –Localization –User policies –Extensible components – locales, options, policies –Print file assembly –Dependencies (constraints+)

7 UPDF Version 1.0 What do we do? Guidance for description developers –Not necessarily highly technical Predefined features Generic features Composite features Resident fonts Raster graphics Job language and PDL

8 UPDF Version 1.0 What dont we do? Vector graphics Communications protocols Workflow Full user interface description

9 UPDF Version 1.0 Device Configuration Unit Description Driver/Client world UPDF world Option Configuration Locale ICC Profile Command Sequences User Policy Unit Description 1 1 1 - 0 - 1 0 - 11

10 UPDF Version 1.0 File Locations Device –Device Configuration Client –Driver – generic or preferred URL or CD –Other UPDF XML files –Additional Components – callbacks (future)

11 UPDF Version 1.0 Base1 IHV1 Base3 IHV3 Base2 IHV2 OEM of IHV1 Option3Option1Option2 Option1 Connectors Option1Option2Option1

12 UPDF Version 1.0 Print Capabilities Objects Dependencies Events User Interfaces Features Header

13 UPDF Version 1.0 Header Device Header –Product information –Manufacturer information –Connectors –About box information Print Capabilities Header –PDL –Job language

14 UPDF Version 1.0 Features Predefined –Memory management –Media Size, Type, Source, Destination –N-Up, Copies, Collation, Page Order, Scaling –Finishing – Duplex, Staple, Punch, Bale Generic Composite

15 UPDF Version 1.0 Objects Fonts –Metrics for printer resident fonts –Unicode-based Raster –Compression methods –Band information –Plane information –Halftoning

16 UPDF Version 1.0 Dependencies Compact –Multiple actions per condition Flexible –Combine any number of features –Filters, Messages, Settings Independently defined –Base device description –Option device description –User policy

17 UPDF Version 1.0 Events Device-specific command generation Parameters based on feature settings References for future options Start and End –Job, Document –Sheet, Side, Page –Objects

18 UPDF Version 1.0 User Interface Group features for tabs or panels Hierarchy for UI levels Context help Localized Per locale

19 UPDF Version 1.0 Last Call Review Version Information –UPDF version in Device Configuration –Instance version in all Driver Information in Device Configuration Manual Duplex in Device Description –DeviceFeature attribute is optional for Sides –Added HalfDocument event

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