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Country presentation - Kenya Dr. Philip Owiti AMPATH, Kenya.

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1 Country presentation - Kenya Dr. Philip Owiti AMPATH, Kenya

2 Country situation - Kenya Population (Kenya Demographic Health Survey,2010) 39.4 Million HIV prevalence (KDHS, 2010) 6% (adults 15-49yrs) First case diagnosed1984 Number living with HIV (2008) >1.4m Number dead since 1984 Number dying daily >2m 600 AIDS declared national disaster 1999 TB/ HIV comorbidity (2010) 41%

3 Academic Model Providing Access To Healthcare AMPATH Started in Nov 2001 as Academic Model for Prevention and Treatment of HIV/AIDS. Partners Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital Moi University Sch of Medicine Ministry of Health A consortium of North American Universities led by Indiana University Started as 2 sites, now 25 sites (in 3/8 provinces) Caring for 137, 413 HIV+ patients (sept 2007) 109,562 adults 27,851 children 81,680 on ARVs

4 AMPATH care services Provision of ARVs and other therapies Prevention and Community Mobilization Fighting Hunger Fighting poverty and building Self-Sufficiency Agricultural Extension Services Helping Orphans AMPATH Medical Record System (AMRS) Home Couselling and Testing Primary Health Care & Maternal and Child Health Care Chronic Disease Management Research

5 AMPATH as the innovative arm of MOH Lessons learnt – A stand-alone HIV/TB program has a down side Demoralizes the other components of MOH care Other health threats in the community can dwarf HIV eg MCH,NCD Need for a responsive MOH care system; sustainability The infrastructure for HIV/TB can be leveraged to lift the entire health care system – Integrate AMPATH with PHC, NCD PHC – MCH/FP, pediatrics, safe water, facility based pt care, village based pry care +++ NCD – DM, HPTN, Mental health, Oncology +++ – Full partnership with MOH; the innovative arm of the gvt. – Achor it all in an electronic medical record system (AMRS)

6 The road is not without potholes…

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