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EFDA during FP7 and the PWI TF J.Pamela EFDA Leader PWI Task Force meeting 13 November 2006.

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1 EFDA during FP7 and the PWI TF J.Pamela EFDA Leader PWI Task Force meeting 13 November 2006

2 Programme Jointly used facilities Teams (TFs, TGs) 3-D Programme Matrix

3 EFDA during FP7 and the PWI TF activities Reinforced coordination of scientific activities of the Associations. European Task Forces and Topical Groups will form the basis of the implementation structure. The EFDA Leadership is elaborating a proposal ( not yet discussed at Committee level). The idea would be to found the structure the EFDA activities on four programmatic pillars: 1.Development of plasma scenarios for ITER and DEMO 2.Plasma wall interaction and plasma facing materials 3.Theory and Modelling 4.Programme-oriented technologies (technologies which could find an application on ITER and/or DEMO) The plasma wall interaction (PWI) activities would, inter alia, aim at: progressing the basic scientific and technical knowledge of PWI necessary to prepare experimentation on and support a safe operation of ITER (steady state power exhaust, transient events, compatibility with heating schemes in particular rf, erosion and co-deposition, T-inventory control, dust etc.) assessing from the scientific point of view the various options of plasma facing materials for the second phase of ITER operation and for DEMO ensuring that plasma scenario development is fully compatible with the relevant set of constraints put by PWI Contributions within EFDA would come from the PWI Task Force, from the JET ITER-like wall project, and from devices in Associations. Reinforced links between physicists and engineers are needed in this area as well.

4 Programme Jointly used Facilities (in some cases Implemented through Implementing Agreements) Teams (TFs, TGs) 3-D Programme Matrix: JET Prog. Oriented Techn. Th & Mod Scenarios PW JET TFs PWI TF ITM TF PISCES High Power Computer tbd

5 PWI : a Task Force or a Topical Group ? Topical Groups: no resources but Mobility. Task Forces (TFs) are expected to have goals clearly defined in the Workprogramme, to provide specified deliverables according to a planning of activities and make a focused use of resources. These resources should be defined in the process of elaboration of the EFDA Workprogramme. Resources should be adequately attributed to fulfil the objectives assigned to each TF. It is expected that Task Forces propose activities which will involve the common use of existing facilities existing in Associations. TFs can also identify the need for new/improved hardware to execute their programme and prepare proposals to the EFDA Leadership. Resources: actions within the Associations (General Support and preferential Support), Mobility, Training PWI could -become a TG and most SEWGs become TFs or -remain a TF.

6 PWI : a Task Force or a Topical Group ? In view of consolidating the idea of PWI remaining a TF: you should define a multi-annual programme Longer term objectives Short-term Objectives (quantified when possible) Clear priorities in view of making a focused used of resources Multi-year plan Actions suggested/requested from Associations Develop joint actions between Associations and joint use of facilities Include proposals for training (with a long term vision) I propose that the TF presents its long term programme to the STAC and EFDA SC in February and March 2007

7 Other issues to be discussed How to replace Art 5.1b ? (EFDA will no longer have Art 7 nor Art 5.1b) –Which rationale to propose Preferential Support for a given task ? Relationship with ITPA Which message do you want me to bring to the HRUs who meet this week in Bruxelles (see TRs prepared by ITM Task Force)

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