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New 2006 Template - 1 Enhancing Pacific Connectivity Via Satellite David Ball Regional Vice President Asia Pacific Intelsat.

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1 New 2006 Template - 1 Enhancing Pacific Connectivity Via Satellite David Ball Regional Vice President Asia Pacific Intelsat

2 New 2006 Template - 2 Intelsat: Global Leader in Satellite Operations Intelsat is the leading FSS provider operating worldwide with a diversified premier, blue-chip customer base Record financial performance Robust fleet investment program underway Unparalleled resilient and flexible communications network One Company operating philosophy Intelsats Washington, DC, Operations Headquarters

3 New 2006 Template - 3 Intelsats Diversified Revenue Base and Backlog by Customer Set by Region Backlog ($8.5 Billion) by Region Revenue by Customer Set Financial information as of 06/30/08

4 New 2006 Template - 4 Intelsat Provides Enhanced Customer Value… Integrated operations centers with redundant technical & systems support Integrated fiber, teleport and additional third party points of presence Greater resources providing customers with flexible options to optimize satellite beams as needed, creating growth footprints in regions with high demand Reliable, high-quality end-to-end transport & distribution capability for customers working with HD content Global, experienced staff with local market knowledge provides superior support and service Intelsats Long Beach Satellite Operations Center, Long Beach, CA Intelsats Ellenwood Georgia Satellite Operations Center, Ellenwood, GA

5 New 2006 Template - 5 Position 1 #1 Sector Growth (2007-2012) 2,3 4.4%10.2%8.3%NA Highlights Access to approx 8,000 cable TV headends in the U.S. 33 direct-to-home platforms Leading U.S. HDTV neighborhood Approx. 90 HDTV channels Worlds largest VSAT corporate neighborhoods Supports 87 network broadband customer networks from 22 network broadband platforms. Over 60 wireless service providers Largest supplier to U.S. government Expansive data / imaging / IP application set Command and control Attained #1 position in less than three years Current relationships with 16 operator customers (1)Based upon C- and Ku-band transponders utilized; Satellite-Related services based on reported revenues of operators (2)NSR, Global Assessment of Satellite Demand: 4 th Edition, November 2007, and Broadband Satellite Markets: 7 th Edition, June 2008 (3)NSR, Government and Military Demand on Commercial Satellites: 4th Edition, November 2007 Media ServicesNetwork ServicesGovernment Services Satellite-Related Services …and Continues to Lead the Industry Through Application Growth. 2007-2012

6 New 2006 Template - 6 Setting the Standard #1 provider of transponders for video programming #1 video neighborhood in North America #1 U.S. distributor of entertainment and sports programming #1 in U.S.-distributed international programming #1 provider of commercial satellite services to the government sector #1 provider of capacity to VSAT & data customers #1 provider of wireless extension services to cellular operators Supports more DTH platforms than any other operator One out of every four television channels carried on satellite are transmitted over Intelsats system Providing communications services to 99 percent of the worlds populated regions Intelsats Fuchsstadt Teleport, Germany

7 New 2006 Template - 7 Intelsats New Owners Overview Assets under management Investment Thesis Funds advised = $15+ billion Leading investment firm founded in 1999 Focused exclusively on technology sector Invests in technology- enabled business models Funds advised = $15+ billion Leading private equity firm founded in 1986 Based in Europe & US Invests in a broad spectrum of industries & geographies First acquisition in sector following previous activity BC Partners is looking to invest in new projects Positive view of current fleet investment plan

8 New 2006 Template - 8 Intelsat Management Team Dave McGlade Chief Executive Officer Dave McGlade Chief Executive Officer Business Development Legal Regulatory Human Resources Stephen Spengler EVP Sales & Marketing Stephen Spengler EVP Sales & Marketing Sales Marketing Strategy Satellite Related Services Thierry Guillemin SVP & Chief Technical Officer Customer Operations and Engineering Satellite Operations and Engineering Space Systems Management and Planning Finance Phil Spector EVP, General Counsel Phil Spector EVP, General Counsel Intelsat General Corp

9 New 2006 Template - 9 Industry-Leading Satellite and Terrestrial Network 53 satellites 8 strategically located teleports 28,000 miles of fiber 99.9997% space segment availability 53 satellites 8 strategically located teleports 28,000 miles of fiber 99.9997% space segment availability

10 New 2006 Template - 10 … Integrated with Multiple Teleports and a Robust Ground Infrastructure. Riverside, CA (1) Mountainside, MD (1) Fuchsstadt, Germany (1) Clarksburg, MD Napa, CA Fillmore, CA Castle Rock, CO (2) Ellenwood, GA Anselmo Customer Operations Center (1) (1) Includes video and data platforms. (2) Leased facility.

11 New 2006 Template - 11 Paumalu Teleport Established in 1965 in Paumalu, Hawaii Supports TTC&M services, as well as commercial services Visible arc: 211 to 355 degrees East Number of antennas: 7 (all C-Band)

12 New 2006 Template - 12 Award-Winning Customer Service Plan Globally, Act Locally Frost and Sullivan honored Intelsat as Asia-Pacific Satellite Services Provider of the Year 2007 Terrapin honored Intelsat as the 2007 operator providing Innovative Applications for Satellite Technology in Africa Intelsat demonstrates best practices, strong customer commitments, and innovative business strategies that are advancing the global marketplace

13 New 2006 Template - 13 Supporting Our Customers Through Strategic Initiatives Continue To Build on Regional Strongholds Offer New Business Opportunities Enhance Value Build Regionally Enable Globally Fully Utilize Assets New Products & Services Selectively Pursue Growth Options Small Smart Investments Capitalize on Successful Transactions and Driving Efficiencies

14 New 2006 Template - 14 Future View Intelsat is Leading Application Developments with Positive Momentum Mobile Video Corporate Networks VoIP Disaster Preparedness Wireless Extension Services IPTV Telemedicine Internet Connectivity Maritime Communications Distance Education

15 New 2006 Template - 15 Intelsats History with the United Nations Intelsat was founded in 1964 as an Intergovernmental Organization Long-term relationship with the United Nations Today, Intelsat provides satellite capacity to UN through the UN Department of Field Support Satellite capacity is used by: –UNHCR –UNICEF –World Food Program Intelsat has also supported UN operations during times of disaster

16 New 2006 Template - 16 Intelsats Commitment to Asia-Pacific Region Current satellites providing coverage –IS-605/602 –IS-701 –IS-2/5 –IS-8 First satellite covering Pacific was launched in 1967 –Provided coverage of the Apollo Moon missions Continuous coverage of the Pacific ever since this time Digital Carrier services from 1987 onwards Thin-route DAMA telephony system introduced in 1996 Internet backbone via satellite circa 1997

17 New 2006 Template - 17 Intelsats Commitment to Asia-Pacific Region Commitment to new satellite to replace IS-701 –Tailored capacity for Asia-Pacific customers –Higher power C and Ku Band Continuity of inclined orbit capacity availability –Facilitates cost effective communications for the Pacific Island nations –Most customers have tracking antennas already installed Three wholly owned plus two third party teleports support provision of high quality managed services In-region customer support from six office locations

18 New 2006 Template - 18 Intelsat In Asia-Pacific

19 New 2006 Template - 19 Pacific Ocean Region Cable Distribution IS-8 C-Band –The premier Cable Distribution satellite for the POR –Horizontal Beam has well established video neighborhood for the POR region –Connectivity to the US provided via the Napa Teleport –Capacity availability will be matched to growth plans of existing Customers IS-2 C-Band –Existing neighborhood covering the Pacific Islands in place –Good coverage and reach for broadcasters –IS-2 will be replaced by IS-5 and connectivity to the US will be provided via the Paumalu Teleport

20 New 2006 Template - 20 IS-5 Replacing IS-2 @ 169°E during 1Q 2009 Higher power & broader C-Band coverage for Pacific Islands than IS-2 Intelsat GXS teleport services @169 migrate from Napa to Paumalu

21 New 2006 Template - 21 Intelsat IS-701 @ 180°E Pacific Island and Pacific Rim C-band Distribution Fiji TV DTH C-band Spot French Polynesia and Melanesia Ku-band DTH Neighborhoods Replaced by IS-18 ~ mid 2011 West Hemi East Hemi North West Zone South West Zone North East Zone South East Zone Global Ku-band Spot 2Ku-band Spot 3 Bouquet in C-Spot B (via NSS) Covers Central Pacific Islands

22 New 2006 Template - 22 Inclined Orbit Satellite Continuity IS-605 end of fuel life in 1Q 2009 IS-602 relocating from 157°E to 178°E providing inclined orbit role continuity in the Pacific Transition will be completed by mid-December 2008 Impact to services on transition: –Re-pointing of antennas from 174°E to 178°E –Higher satellite inclination –No frequency changes Riverside Teleport continues to support GXS Services on IS-602 Customer communications and coordination ongoing North West Zone North East Zone South West Zone South East Zone West Hemi East Hemi Global IS602@178 E North West Zone South East Zone South West Zone North East Zone West Hemi East Hemi Global IS602@157 E

23 New 2006 Template - 23 IS-18 Replaces IS-701 @ 180°E COVERAGE: C-Band Circular Beams –Dual Polarized Global –Dual Polarized North & South Hemi Ku-Band Linear Beams –French Polynesia and US –South West Pacific Higher power / performance BUS: Orbital Star 2.4 LAUNCH DATE: 1Q 2011 Replacement of IS-701 anticipated 2Q 2011 IS-701 Inclined Orbit operation @ 174 E for 8+ years Ku-Band Beams C-Band Beams

24 New 2006 Template - 24 Network Services Portfolio SCPC Internet Trunking (Asymmetric or Symmetric) SCPC clear-channel circuit (Duplex) GlobalConnex Services Capacity Services DVB Internet Trunking with SCPC Return GXS ITS - DVB Capacity on 51 satellites covering all regions Leases Suite of managed services combining space with ground infrastructure Diverse capacity options for point-to-point or point- to-multipoint needs In-Orbit Resources 8 teleports with fiber connectivity and PoP access Terrestrial Resources GXS ITS - SCPC GXS – NBB & CBB GlobalConnex Trunking On Demand (Quick Spot) GXS – IPL GXS- Extended Services iDirect-based Internet connectivity Surbeam and Linkstar- based Internet connectivity Managed network combining STDMA and SCPC solutions (Vipersat) VoIP, WiFi, & VPN termination and acceleration. Professional Services CPE Programs Suite of value-added and specialized services

25 New 2006 Template - 25 Private Networks VoIP, CIRs Internet Access, IP VPN, Extranet, VoIP Internet Access Internet Access, IP VPN SME / Institutions / Remote Offices / Locations Private User SME / SOHO Corporate Networks, Internet Cafes Connectivity Map Solutions Segments GXS ® -Product Segmentation and General Overlap Wholesale Internet Access, International Voice, VoIP Telecommunication Companies, Internet Service Providers GXS- NBB (Network Broadband) GXS- BBB (Business Broadband) GXS- CBB (Consumer Broadband) GXS - ITS-DC (Internet Trunking) GXS – IPL (International Private Line) GXS- DVB (Internet Trunking)

26 New 2006 Template - 26 GXS Internet Trunking Service (ITS-DC) Service Description Space Segment + Teleport + IP + SCPC links Efficiency –Symmetric and asymmetric IP connections –Single contract, single price, single service point Quality commitment –Multi-homed IP backbone with Tier-1 ISPs –Committed information rates Flexible options –Data rates from 64 kbit/s to 155 Mbit/s –Range of customer equipment supported Real-time customer traffic reporting –Infovista-based traffic and packet loss reports Industry leading IP/space expertise A fully integrated solution including space segment, pre- engineered IP network infrastructure, operations & management

27 New 2006 Template - 27 GXS ® Network Broadband (NBB) Broadband Internet access for Service Providers that resell value added services to customers requiring IP access with high QoS, matchless reliability and global service. Space Segment Access to over 41+GXS Enabled Satellites Terrestrial Infrastructure 5 GXS Teleports and 25 iDirect Hubs (HK under review) Extense fibre network and telco-grade backbone Network Capabilities per Line Card IP 18 Mbps FWD and 5 Mbps RTN Key Business Applications Robust support for IP, VoIP, VPN, Converged Voice, Data and Video communications and applications NBB Product Options Per Mbps as a VNO - Virtual Network Operator or IM - Intelsat Managed Per Vessel as IM ONLY on Global Maritime Satellite Teleport Point Tier-1 ISP Remote Site Modem Router / Ethernet LNB BUC Hub VNO NMS Server Access Customer VNO Network Control center Internet NBB: IP + Ground + Space

28 New 2006 Template - 28 Oil &Gas Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery ISPs & WISPs Distance Learning Corporate Intranet / Private IP Uni-cast / Multicast Maritime Endless IP applications Basic IP Voice, Data, Email Internet Browsing Intranet, Extranet, VPN, File Transfers WiFi Access and extensions Advanced IP and Others IP extensions (Cellular, WiMAX, others) Network traffic monitoring Disaster recovery Control data/ video surveillance Multimedia multicasting Web and Interactive media Real data information sharing Military / Government NBB provides services to diverse segments and applications: Disaster recovery solutions (voice and data): Tsunami Relief UN HCR Regional Maritime solution in Ku Band ( voice, data, internet connectivity) Distance learning and Internet connectivity to 1,500+ schools in Ireland Multicasting live Radio Broadcast to remote locations GXS ® NBB Sample Segment and Applications

29 New 2006 Template - 29 GXS Mobility Products Intelsat is committed to new products and services in the mobility market and its deployment in the near future (Maritime, Aero, Disaster Recovery and other transport). Several verticals under evaluation NBB Rail (trains) Ability to serve the train transport industry by the use of a fade array antennas and extend reach to end users via a WiFi access. NBB Military/COM Once implemented DVBS2 and ACM will facilitate the use of smaller VSATs for vehicle mounted or even man-packs NBB Global DR Network NBB CPE Rapid deployment solutions NBB Customer Specific Networks First Responders Disaster Recovery and Temporary solutions Global Maritime IS605, IS707, IS906 Key Features: ABS, GNS Regional Maritime (Customer Specific Networks) Coastal Maritime (Initially in H2 migrating to G26 in 2009) Aero Signed first DP with work underway to design and implement network based on customer requirements Aero Discussions underway to evaluate platform as an alternative access solution MaritimeAeroTransport NBB (iDirect Based) – Current Assets include 22 Platforms in all GXS teleports + access to WiFi infrastructure NBB (HNS Based) – 1 HX Platform in Mountainside Teleport GXS Value Added Services (VoIP, WiFi, CPE) Disaster Recovery 2008 2009

30 New 2006 Template - 30 UN IBM Tsunami Relief IP Transport Network VoIP, WiFi, WiMAX, Satellite, Fiber

31 New 2006 Template - 31 In Conclusion Intelsat has a long history of involvement with the Asia-Pacific region Multiple satellites are in-service today –Cost-effective solutions for video and telecommunications customers –Managed services provide customers with pre-engineered communications solutions Intelsat is making continued investments into the Asia-Pacific region through replacement of existing satellites –IS-18 will replace IS-701 in 2011 –IS-701 will then move into inclined orbit operations serving the Pacific Nations –Additional capacity for the Pacific will be provided on future replacement satellite programs

32 New 2006 Template - 32 Thank You David Ball Regional Vice President Asia-Pacific Intelsat

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