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Position Profiles: Strategic Tools1 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools for Career Advancement Margaret Basket Carol Bekar SLA Annual Meeting, Baltimore.

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1 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools1 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools for Career Advancement Margaret Basket Carol Bekar SLA Annual Meeting, Baltimore June 12, 2006

2 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools2 2 Agenda Change within the modern information organization Pharmaceutical & Health Technology Division (DPHT) Position Profiles Project –Overview –Deliverables –DPHT member feedback –Project challenges & lessons learned Position profiles as strategic tools Discussion & questions Next steps?

3 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools3 3 The Evolving Library THEN… Paper-based Bound by walls Gate keepers Organized around functions, processes, & services NOW… Digital-based Global reach Consultants Organized around goals & results How are we getting there?

4 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools4 4 The Modern Library Professional Integrates within the parent organization Utilizes technology & partners with IT Participates on global teams Understands and anticipates client needs Strives to connect the client to the right information at the right time in the right format

5 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools5 5 Position Profiles Describe the responsibilities of contemporary information professionals Identify necessary professional, technical, personal and educational competencies Reinforce the value of information professionals within their organizations Provide a career path for information professionals

6 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools6 6 The DPHT Position Profile Project Funded by a 2004-2005 SLA Endowment Grant Vision: create generalized profiles describing the work of information professionals in Healthcare Industries Incorporate SLAs Competencies for Information Professionals of the 21st Century, revised June 2003 –

7 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools7 7 Project Team Margaret Basket, project leader Carol Bekar, project consultant Stephanie Fitch Karen Mirabile Cheryl Schairer

8 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools8 8 DPHT Project Goals (1) Provide a resource for: –Benchmarking –Strategic Planning –Marketing –Professional Development & Career Planning –Recruitment Profiles are intended to be a guideline –They should be adapted and customized by each individual organization

9 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools9 9 DPHT Project Goals (2) Create general position profiles that can be adapted by members of the SLA community –Collaborative effort –Peer reviewed –Sponsored by an established professional organization Involve Division members in the project –Contribute existing job descriptions –Review drafts of emerging profiles –Participate in focus groups Distribute electronic copies of deliverables widely in easy-to-read/utilize/modify format

10 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools10Position Profiles: Strategic Tools10 Member Contributions to the Project

11 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools11Position Profiles: Strategic Tools11 Project Deliverables Overview and user guide Detailed position profiles –Established & emerging positions Summary document comparing key aspects of positions Sample organization charts

12 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools12Position Profiles: Strategic Tools12 Position Titles Executive Director Dir. Information Analysis Sr. Information Analyst Information Analyst Dir. Library Operations Digital Librarian Mgr e-Resources Assoc. Librarian Mgr. Taxonomy Sr. Info. Proj. Mgr. Info. Proj. Mgr. Assoc. Info. Proj. Mgr. Mgr. Global Prod. Literature System Mgr. Communication & Training

13 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools13Position Profiles: Strategic Tools13 Position Profile Details Position Title(s) Summary Description Professional Competencies Personal Competencies Education & Experience

14 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools14Position Profiles: Strategic Tools14 Provides overall vision, strategic direction, and management of Library and Information services and may include Records Management functions. Responsible for policy, strategy, budget, and staff development. Ensures a cost effective service responsive to the organizations research & business goals to advance its competitive position in the marketplace. Example Summary Description: Executive Director

15 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools15Position Profiles: Strategic Tools15 Example Summary Description: Information Project Manager Directs the design, development, and support of broad scope, complex Information Management (IM) systems or business processes. Reengineers global, multi-divisional business processes to improve information flow and enhance productivity. Develops metrics to evaluate process or system efficiency. Contributes to long-range project planning and the evolving technical architecture across individual projects. Leads and manages projects to advance information management initiatives.

16 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools16Position Profiles: Strategic Tools16 Example Summary Description: Manager Communications & Training Develops, manages and executes plans for evaluating and marketing existing and proposed products and services offered by the Information Management department. Ensures that plans are consistent with the departments strategy and enhance the value of information management to the business.

17 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools17Position Profiles: Strategic Tools17 Summary Document Compares key aspects of positions: –Title –Span of control –Decision making authority –Budget authority –Key working relationships –Education & experience

18 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools18Position Profiles: Strategic Tools18 Information Management Organization Chart #1

19 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools19Position Profiles: Strategic Tools19 Information Management Organization Chart #2

20 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools20Position Profiles: Strategic Tools20 Download Project Deliverables Documents available in Word format (.doc) Organizational charts available in PowerPoint format (.ppt) All documents can be viewed & downloaded at the following site: –DPHT Employment Relations Page: (SLA membership ID and PIN required) –Project blog (for a limited time only):

21 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools21Position Profiles: Strategic Tools21 Member Feedback (1) This is really important work with useful deliverables One of the outcomes of this project should be to stretch our possibilities Every organization is a hybrid of these functions This brings position descriptions to a whole new level. Meeting these competencies will be a challenge.

22 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools22Position Profiles: Strategic Tools22 Member Feedback (2) Shattering the glass ceiling: –We manage large budgets –We manage large numbers of people –We provide critical & sensitive compliance, scientific, and competitive activities –Our peers at this level are recognized with a certain status –What do we have to do to achieve parity with other industry professionals? Collaborate with an SLA division where information pros are directors to find out how we can achieve parity?

23 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools23Position Profiles: Strategic Tools23 Member Feedback (3) Dont just want to be compared to other librarians-want to be compared to other managers as well. Titles are important. Debate over labels chosen for positions: –Librarian –Cataloger

24 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools24Position Profiles: Strategic Tools24 Project Challenges Requirements for higher level management positions (science background? PhD?) Specifying education and experience requirements for positions (MLS vs. science backgrounds) Creating technical vs. managerial track

25 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools25Position Profiles: Strategic Tools25 Lessons Learned Many information organizations have outdated job descriptions Position profiles are not time sinks; they have value in todays business environment Executive titles are very difficult to achieve Information professionals are passionate about titles and perception

26 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools26Position Profiles: Strategic Tools26 Do you have comments about the DPHT Position Profiles Project?

27 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools27Position Profiles: Strategic Tools27 Great, so we have position profiles. How will they be useful to me?

28 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools28Position Profiles: Strategic Tools28 Position Profiles: A Tool for Benchmarking How does your organization incorporate the services described by the position profiles? –Does your organization provide the services detailed in the profiles? –How is your information organization positioned within the parent organization? –Does your staff exhibit the professional and personal competencies listed?

29 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools29Position Profiles: Strategic Tools29 Position Profiles: A Tool for Strategic Planning The position profiles could inspire: –Marketing campaigns –Expansion of services –New or expanded staff positions –An organization wide development plan –Discussion and collaboration within our industry related to elevating our status and positions within our organizations

30 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools30Position Profiles: Strategic Tools30 Position Profiles: A Tool for Marketing The position profiles can be used to market services and opportunities both internally and externally –Job postings –Creation of pertinent and accurate job descriptions for submission to HR –Accurately represent your work to other organizations with whom you interact (e.g. IT)

31 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools31Position Profiles: Strategic Tools31 Position Profiles: A Tool for Professional Development & Career Planning The details within the position profiles (e.g. the personal and professional competencies, position summaries) could guide: –Individual or organizational development plans –The creation of formal job ladders with clear expectations

32 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools32Position Profiles: Strategic Tools32 Position Profiles: A Tool for Recruitment The healthcare industries face a shortage of information professionals with science backgrounds. These position profiles could help: –Encourage undergraduate science majors to pursue information science –Increase awareness of an information related alternate career path among workers with M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in science

33 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools33Position Profiles: Strategic Tools33 How could these position profiles be used as a strategic tool for both career advancement and advancement of the profession?

34 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools34Position Profiles: Strategic Tools34 We need your input! Feedback! –Are the profiles useful? –How will you use them? Ideas for disseminating deliverables Ideas about keeping the profiles current How can we incorporate these materials into recruiting efforts? How do we break through to the Executive level without leaving the profession? What should we do as a follow-up to this project?

35 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools35Position Profiles: Strategic Tools35 Leave your comments on the blog! –http://sla-

36 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools36Position Profiles: Strategic Tools36 Recommended Reading John Cohn and Ann Kelsey Staffing the Modern Library: a How To Do It Manual. New York: Neal-Schuman, 2005

37 Position Profiles: Strategic Tools37Position Profiles: Strategic Tools37 Questions? Margaret Carol

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