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April 20, 2012 Prague, Czechoslovakia Financial Disclosure I have no relevant financial relationships to disclose.

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2 April 20, 2012 Prague, Czechoslovakia

3 Financial Disclosure I have no relevant financial relationships to disclose.

4 Agenda --- New Structure --Grant Revision Initiative --Research Career Development Pathway --Our Proposal for integration with IICC (TTS and ESOT)

5 1). Identifying and implementing creative ways to recruit more basic science and translational research members to our organization and enhancing their participation and contributions. 2). Integrating BSTR more effectively with the other committees and councils in order to understand and adapt to the needs of the BSTR members and the organization. Goals

6 3). Establishing a centralized reference source for pertinent clinical and preclinical trials that are ongoing within our membership. 4). Participating more fully in fundraising for the organization. 5). Understanding and making recommendations to the organization regarding our integration with emerging technologies. Goals

7 Council Membership We have over 100 members listed on the website as interested parties. Recruiting continuously. Attempting to create Google Group for the whole group.

8 Chair Vice Chair Board Liasons Workforce Liaisons Committee Representatives Development Communications IICC representative Leadership Structure

9 Leadership Members Liaisons to Board of Directors: Lori West, M.D., Ph.D. Jim George, Ph.D. Senior Advisors: Carla Baan, Ph.D. Gary Fathman, M.D. Jeffrey Platt, Ph.D. Doris Taylor, Ph.D. Dolly Tyan, Ph.D.

10 Liaisons and Council Representatives Heart Failure and Transplantation: Uwe Schultz, M.D. and Pradeep Mammen, M.D. Infectious Disease: Orla Morrissey, MB BCh, FRACP, Ph.D. Junior Faculty and Trainees: Zuzsanna Hollander, M.D. Esme Dijke, Ph.D.. Mechanical Circulatory Support: Michiel Morshuis, M.D. Nursing, Health Science, and Allied Health: Judy Currey, Ph.D., ACNP and Bernice Coleman, Ph.D., ACNP Pediatric Transplantation: Carol Conrad, M.D.

11 Liaisons and Council Representatives (cont) Pulmonary Hypertension: Mardi Gomberg-Maitland, M.D., MSc Pulmonary Transplantation: Dan Chambers, MBBS, M.D. Grants and Awards: Duane Davis, M.D. Education: Marilia Cascalho, M.D., Ph.D. Registries and Databases: Octavio Pajaro, M.D., Ph.D. Development: Stephan M. Ensminger, M.D., Ph.D. Communications: Howard Eisen, M.D.

12 Have been asked to standardize portions of the grant. Triumvirate effort between Grants and Wards, Junior Faculty and Trainee and BSTR The BSTR leadership group has recommended that we move towards CVs being in NIH format. There was agreement that this would be acceptable internationally. There is discussion about moving towards an electronic format for input of the grant. Would need funding for that and we will make a formal presentation of a plan to the board in the fall. Would also facilitate dissemination of grants for review and the review process. I would posit that this will also allow reviewers to see other reviews once they have posted theirs and make another series of comments after looking at the other reviews. Grants and Awards

13 Career Development 1). To be and provide further resources to individuals looking for laboratory experiences, 2). In so doing, to bring in a larger and more well matched contingent into laboratory experiences that will benefit the field our society in the future, 3). To provide support for investigators in our arena looking for individuals within their laboratories. Purposes:

14 Career Development: Trainee Perspective To be a resource and provide further resources to individuals looking for laboratory experiences a). Provide resources for Ph.D. students and graduate students looking for other laboratory experiences. b). Help assure good laboratory experiences for our clinical trainees that are looking for good laboratory experiences but do not have the ample time for research of this topic. c). Facilitating summer research experiences for medical and high school students.

15 Career Development 1). Could have listing of candidate labs: Labs that we have recruited to site Senior Advisors) Labs that would like to be on site. Get the word out. Submit to me. Will circulate suggested but not required data for posting. 2). Can be a source for laboratory applications. An additional resource can be in the form of accepting applications from trainees through the site. These will then be reviewed and attempts will be made for matching, with the intention of assuring the best laboratory experience possible for the trainee. 3). The site can also be the source of simple applications for job, for postdocs looking for funded positions. (Those not ready or interested in launching a lab on their own that do not want to pursue industry jobs). Proposal:

16 Career Development We have a task force of three people that will be working on this project over the year. We hope to have a functional version of this project on the website by next year.

17 IICC The BSTR would like to demonstrate its support for the proposal of becoming more involved with the I2C2 initiatives in order to respond more appropriately to the current and future needs of the cardiopulmonary research community.

18 IICC We think that involvement with this group will be key to enhancing our collaboration with the TTS and ESOT. We see this relationship as being critical to our ongoing efforts to bolster support for the basic sciences within ISHLT. The ability to share data, ideas, enthusiasm, and resources between these three societies will be mutually beneficial. We believe that fostering this relationship will allow us to improve and sustain the quality of our science. Sustaining excellence in basic and translational science will also allow us to keep newly emerging areas within our fold such as pulmonary hypertension and MCS.

19 IICC Specifically, we would like to ask for the Boards support for allowing the BSTR to financially support an upcoming meeting of TTS/ESOT/ISHLT. We believe that partnering from the outset of these meetings will demonstrate our commitment to this collaboration and allow us to maximally benefit and contribute.

20 Board Proposal The current working relationship involves the alternation of meetings between a European venue and a global venue every other year. This years meeting is in Berlin. There is a proposal for another meeting already in the works. The options are: For the ISHLT to partner with one of these other organizations every two years (each one supporting once every four). Proposal: Guarantee the support for ½ of the meeting every two years. Estimated outlay of 50,000, half of which will probably be supported by application fees.


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