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Hydrogen Powered Cars Drive Green By Morgan Jones.

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1 Hydrogen Powered Cars Drive Green By Morgan Jones

2 What is a Hydrogen Powered Car?
A vehicle that uses hydrogen as its on-board fuel for motive power The vehicles convert the chemical energy of hydrogen to mechanical energy in two methods Combustion Fuel-cell conversion

3 Combustion vs Fuel Cell
Pricey Fuel Cell Works like a battery Only emits water Platinum Band How fuel cells work

4 History of Fuel Cells Sir William Grove invented the first fuel cell in 1839 Used Electrolysis to lead him to his discovery Electrolysis = When water is split into hydrogen and oxygen by sending an electric current through it Reversing the procedure would produce electricity and water He created a primitive fuel cell and called it a gas voltaic battery

5 Which car is Best for the Environment?
Gasoline fueled cars? Hybrid cars? Hydrogen cars?

6 Hydrogen Cars!!! Hydrogen cars offer the promise of zero emission technology…the only byproduct from the car is water vapor A few of of the pollutants fossil-fuel burning vehicles emit are: Carbon Dioxide C02 Carbon Monoxide CO Nitrous Oxide Ozone

7 Hydrogen Cars!!! Gasoline Fueled Cars Hybrid Cars Hydrogen Cars
Expensive gas, create huge amounts of pollution Hybrid Cars Twice the mileage of gas cars. Less pollution than gas cars. pricey Hydrogen Cars Uses a limitless resource, hydrogen. Only emits water

8 Fossil Fuel automobiles emit 1.5 billion tons of greenhouse gases
Hydrogen based transportation could eliminate this!!

9 Political Help President Bush has given $2
billion in hydrogen highway research Hydrogen Fuel Initiative (HFI) Aims to develop hydrogen, to make fuel-cell vehicles practical and cost-effective by 2020.

10 Political Help Governor Schwarzenegger is pushing to get 200 hydrogen filling stations built by 2010 From Vancouver, British Columbia to Baja California Each pumping station costs $600,000

11 Transition to the world of Hydrogen
Duel-fuel automotive systems will be developed that can run on either gasoline or hydrogen Hydrogen infrastructures will be developed… So the switch from fuel cell automobiles to Hydrogen automobiles will be a relatively easy transition “Disruptive Technology”

12 Pros Consumers will finally get a break from the never ending rising prices at the gasoline pumps Will lessen the dependence on: OPEC Oil selling nations Save our ozone - Global warming

13 The First Company To Produce a Hybrid
In 2005, Honda leased the first commercial hydrogen car to a family in Redondo Beach, California

14 Want to Buy a Hydrogen Powered Car?
Or Turn your old car into a Hydrogen Car?

15 Companies that sell Hydrogen Cars
Audi BMW Ford Honda Hyundai Mazda Mercedes And More!! BMW Hydrogen 7

16 Prices Range to buy a new Hydrogen Car: $99,995-$149,995
Once mass produced: $20-$25,000 Range to transform your fossil-fuel car into a Hydrogen Car: It depends on the company but between $30,000- $80,000

17 And their fast! August 16, 2007 a Ford Fusion Hydrogen 999 fuel cell race car set the record of mph without using a drop of gas The car raced in Utah and was designed and built by Ford engineers

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