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Multiple Faces of Collaboration Test Prep Lab Grant May 17, 2007 Kristen Stephens & Cherie Pandora.

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1 Multiple Faces of Collaboration Test Prep Lab Grant May 17, 2007 Kristen Stephens & Cherie Pandora

2 Rocky River HS Researchers Kristen Stephens Math Dept. Chair Teacher of Integrated Math Pre-Calculus Calculus Cherie Pandora Coordinator K-12 Teacher-Librarian Grantwriter

3 Grantwriting Support Team Kristen Stephens, Math Department Chair Cherie Pandora, Teacher-Librarian Candace Hecker, Guidance Grantwriting committee Deborah Bernard, Principal

4 Purpose To better prepare students for state proficiency and national tests using TLC (Teacher- Librarian Collaboration)

5 Using Data Data for Student Learning (DSL) Not all Integrated Math students failed the Math proficiency test All Integrated Math students failed the Reading proficiency test If you cant read the questions, how can you do the math problem? How do we solve this dilemma?

6 Collaboration begins ILILE 1 st Summer Symposium 2003 Game Theory Probability Using Testing Data Reading scores

7 To Promote Learning using the Test Preparation Lab

8 Goal #1: Enhance TLC Instruction-- software Weekly visits - Math Classes ESL collaboration Expanded to Science and Social Studies

9 Goal #2: Raise OGT scores Integrated Math by 20% Geometry by 10% Advanced or Accelerated Algebra II Honors at or above 75 %

10 Goal #3: Raise SAT SAT Verbal by 2 % Critical Reading Writing

11 Test Prep Lab $5,000 grant 30 Desktop Tutor CDs 50 SAT books 50 ACT books Flashcards Teacher materials

12 Test Prep Lab Budget ItemCost Software$ 1,725.00 Books, flashcards & teacher guides $ 2,721.76 Substitutes$ 553.24 Total$ 5,000.00

13 Methodology OGT & SAT Collect Pre- and Post-test data Address specific weaknesses in class Schedule Test Lab visitations Utilize software programs in class/ library Check out software for home use

14 OGT: 589 Students Mathematics-- 365 9th grade156 10th grade 209 ESL--Reading5 students Biology – 73 students 17 classroom teachers

15 SAT: 147 Students Junior English 2 teachers Academic142 students Special Education5 students

16 Findings The Test Prep Lab had had a dramatic positive impact on the RRHS tenth grade students in preparing for the OGT. As a teacher of lower track sophomores, it has really helped me to prepare my students for the March test. …I have seen huge gains in my students.

17 Advantages Differentiated instruction Hints are given to students in the software Teacher can work one-on-one with students while other students work through their own set of problems

18 OGT Scores

19 SAT scores

20 OGT quotes from students Its… …a fun way to study for the OGT …so easy and fun to use. …not like a real test. …very challenging and interesting.

21 Improving Student Learning Grants Student to Student Tutoring Searching for updated programs -Study Island

22 LSTA ROARS Grant Federal money $ 17,581 School money $ 5,967 Total $23,548 18 laptops + cart Printer + scanner

23 ROARSthe LSTA grant Resources + Outreach = Achievement for River Students

24 Rocky River Partners RR Public Library Purchased online database Testing & Education Reference Center RR Education Foundation Grant support Between Schools Goldwood and/or Kensington tutoring

25 SAT/ACT Test Prep Online Learning Express Library INFOhio Testing and Education Reference Center Rocky River Public Library Petersons online database

26 SOS Peer Tutoring

27 SOS (Students for Other Students) Peer Tutoring Program Students in 11 th and 12 th grade Math Work with Students grades K-12 1400 volunteer hours 60 tutors

28 Students Helping Students

29 Rocky River High School Celebrates 1 of 20 Nationally Test Prep Lab SOS Peer Tutoring

30 Intel Scholastic Award $150,000 Math Department TI software TVs Graphing Calculators LCD Projectors entire Math Department VCR/DVD Combination Scanners Staff Development/Celebration

31 SMART Showcase 5 SmartBoards Entire Math department Wall-mounted

32 Contact information Rocky River High School 20951 Detroit Road Rocky River, OH 44116 Kristen: 440-356-6800 Cherie: 440-356-6825 or 1654

33 Email Addresses Kristen Stephens Cherie Pandora

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