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Supply Chain Management Teacher Workshop Leslie Gardner University of Indianapolis.

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1 Supply Chain Management Teacher Workshop Leslie Gardner University of Indianapolis

2 Supply Chain Management Coordination of the material flows the information flows the cash flows to get goods and services from the raw material stage to the consumer when they are needed, of the quality required, at an affordable cost to the consumer, and with a profit for the businesses in the supply chain, and to get them back into the supply chain through recycling and reuse.

3 Why is this important to Indiana? Geographic location – access to markets and transportation Agricultural base – beginning of supply chains Manufacturing base – diverse, we can make anything and get it to market fast

4 Design of the Process Key to profitability – compress time between when payment comes from customer and when suppliers must be paid. Reduce waste – time and materials

5 Introductory Labs Just-In-Time poker chips and dice demonstration – Randomness – Batch sizing Process design lab – make a Key Lime Pie – PERT/CPM – Line Balancing


7 Whip 8 oz heavy cream and 3 tsp sugar. Zest limes (1-2 tsp), make extra for garnish if desired. Juice limes (1/2 cup needed). Combine lime zest and lime juice with 14 oz condensed milk and mix. Gently fold sweetened heavy cream with lime mix and mix well. Finely crush 1-¼ cups of graham crackers. Melt ½ cup butter. Combine melted butter, ¼ cup sugar and graham crackers and mix very well. Press well mixed crust down onto bottom and sides of a 9 pie tin. Add mixture to graham cracker pie crust tin. Add lime zest garnish if desired. Refrigerate for 1 – 2 hours or until completely chilled.


9 Field Trips Nucor Steel Garrity Tool Subaru Birck Nanotechnology Center FedEx Redcats

10 Nucor Steel See for virtual tour.

11 Nucor - Steel is the foundation of industry used in tools to make products as well as the products themselves

12 Garrity Tool High precision machining Defense work and medical devices Corporate security CAD/CAM Don Garrity – entrepreneur who started the business in his garage



15 Subaru Just-In-Time Zero Landfill Kaizen Robotics See for virtual tour.

16 Paint Shop

17 Stamping Shop

18 Body Assembly

19 Trim and Final


21 Birck Nanotechnology Center

22 FedEx Second largest hub in the United States Connects customers to more than 220 countries and territories on six continents Began operations in 1988 Employs a workforce of more than 4,000 Two million square-foot facility on approximately 280 acres Operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year Processes packages from 650 flights per month Does two sorts per day Processes an average of 50,000 packages through the facility daily Makes Indianapolis International Airport one of the top ten busiest air cargo facilities in the United States and among the top 25 in the world

23 FedEx

24 Redcats The facility was originally built in 1962 as a mail order facility for Lane Bryant. Acquired by Redcats in 1998. Over the years, it has been expanded to a 750,000 square foot distribution center.

25 Redcats

26 Information Systems Lab – Beer Game Supply chain with 4 links – Retailer – Wholesaler – Distributer – Manufacturer Human behavior with information delays – bullwhip effect

27 Beer Game

28 Packaging Lab Packaging is a key element of supply chains – Product protection during shipping – Marketing tool Egg drop in a padded cardboard box – mathematically rich – Geometry – Fractions – lining the box with foam



31 Layout of Box









40 Speakers Information Systems – Enterprise Resource Planning Indiana Conexus Transportation Entrepreneurship Life Science Industries Global Supply Chains RFID Public Policy/Workforce Development Purchasing and strategic sourcing Indiana Standards for Math I-STEM Network

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