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Supply Chain Management and Logistics Leslie Gardner, University of Indianapolis Susan Brocksmith, Vincennes University Carletta Sullivan, McKenzie Career.

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2 Supply Chain Management and Logistics Leslie Gardner, University of Indianapolis Susan Brocksmith, Vincennes University Carletta Sullivan, McKenzie Career Center INDIANA

3 Accomplishments Articulation Agreements Curriculum (includes programs of study) Professional Development for Teachers Partnerships

4 Articulation Agreements Secondary to Postsecondary – Project Lead the Way with Ivy Tech statewide (23 campuses throughout the state and classes are offered in more than 75 communities) – Ben Davis University High School with Vincennes University 2+2 Associate Degree to Bachelors Degree – Vincennes University to University of Indianapolis – Ivy Tech (statewide) to University of Indianapolis

5 Curriculum Programs of Study Curriculum Alignment with Professional Certifications Instructional Modules (secondary) – Mathematics – Business Enrichment Activities (middle and high school) Project-Based Learning

6 Programs of Study Drafts of postsecondary components of programs of study submitted to Indiana Department of Education for Business, Management & Administration Cluster: Business Analysis Manufacturing Cluster: Logistics & Inventory Control Marketing, Sales & Service Cluster: Distribution & Logistics Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Cluster: Logistics Planning & Management Services Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Career Cluster: Transportation Operations Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Cluster: Warehousing and Distribution Center Operations

7 Programs of Study The associate degree levels of these plans are based on courses common to the Ivy Tech and Vincennes University programs. The bachelors degree levels of these plans are based on course common to the University of Indianapolis, Indiana University, Purdue University, Ball State University, and Indiana State University programs.

8 Programs of Study for Indiana Department of Education Website


10 Curriculum Alignment with Professional Certifications Ivy Tech Community College conducting pilot assessments for Indiana logistics workers in credentials sponsored by the Manufacturers Skill Standards Council (MSSC) – the functional-level Certified Logistics Associate (CLA) certificate and – the mid-level Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) certification. The University of Indianapolis has aligned its curriculum with APICS CPIM certification – Vincennes University may follow

11 Align Curriculum with APICS CPIM SCM 485 SCM 481 SCM 210 CPIM Basics of Supply Chain Management CPIM Master Planning of Resources Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) Covers essential terminology, concepts, and strategies related to demand management, procurement and supplier planning, material requirements planning, capacity requirements planning, sales and operations planning, master scheduling, performance measurements, supplier relationships, quality control, and continuous improvement. CPIM Detailed Scheduling & Planning CPIM Execution & Control of Operations CPIM Strategic Mgmt of Resources SCM 386 SCM 388 SCM 404 SCM 405 APICS CPIM Modules

12 Supply Chain Instructional Modules for High and Middle School Business and Mathematics Align with Indiana Standards Career initiative through an academic discipline Mathematics is the unifying discipline behind career clusters that relate to supply chain management and logistics – Engineering – Business – Advanced manufacturing

13 Supply Chain Instructional Modules for High and Middle School Math X,Y- Coordinates – Location Planning Graphical Linear Programming – Supply Chain Modeling Solving Systems of Equations with Matrices – Algorithmic Thinking Logarithms – Acids and Bases in Supply Chains (pH) Circles – Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Step Functions – Quantity Discounts Statistics – Analyzing Data Probability – Just-in-Time Manufacturing JIT Networks, Projects, and Routings – Process Design

14 How do Wal-Mart, K- Mart, Target and other retail chains decide where to build distribution centers?


16 16 x=4.0 y=6.9 Using algebra


18 University of Indianapolis 18

19 Supply Chain Instructional Modules for High and Middle School Business Manufacture Snacks Products Distribution Game Purchase Planning Data Collection and Analysis Activity Just-In-Time Manufacturing Simulation Careers in Supply-Chain Research Activity

20 Enrichment Activities Young Executive Camp –Monday – Manufacturing –Tuesday – Packaging –Wednesday – Distribution –Thursday – Retail –Friday – Apprentice Competition




24 Project-Based Learning (PBL) Woodrow Wilson Fellows developing PBL supply chain modules for math – Master of Arts in Teaching Program – Engineers – Commit to teach in high-need schools PBL examples – Traffic flow analysis (graph algorithms) – Who wants to be a millionaire (compound interest) – Credit card debt (compound interest) – JIT inventory (compound interest)

25 Project-Based Learning (PBL) Traffic-flow analysis for a cloverleaf interchange

26 High School Teacher Workshop 2 weeks, 7 hours per day (June 8-19, 2009) 21 middle school, high school, and college math teacher Field trips, labs, guest speakers, lesson planning 3 hours of graduate credit in education

27 Field Trips Nucor Steel Garrity Tool Subaru Birck Nanotechnology Center (Purdue) FedEx Redcats

28 Nucor Steel See for virtual tour.




32 Birck Nanotechnology Center

33 Labs Just-In-Time poker chips and dice demonstration Process design lab – make a Key Lime Pie Packaging Distribution game








41 Speakers Information Systems – Enterprise Resource Planning Indiana Conexus Transportation Entrepreneurship Life Science Industries Global Supply Chains RFID Public Policy/Workforce Development Purchasing and strategic sourcing Indiana Standards for Math I-STEM Network

42 Partnerships Higher Education – Ivy Tech Community College, University of Indianapolis, Vincennes University Secondary Education – McKenzie Career Center, Speedway High School, Arsenal Technical High School, Ben Davis University High School Indiana Conexus – Dream-It-Do-It Companies – FedEx, Nucor, Subaru, Dow AgroSciences, IMMI, Garrity Tool, Redcats, Magnum Logistics, Langham Professional Societies - APICS, ASQ, NAPM, IoPP, PMI, AST&L, CSCMP, ASQ Midwest Biomedical discussion group Woodrow Wilson Foundation I-STEM network

43 Challenges Downsizing of state government causing changes in how career pathways are approved Finding all of the parties working on Supply Chain Management and Logistics Education and building relationships and partnerships Recruiting students in to programs of study – Dispelling myths of low paying, boring jobs – Dispelling myths of these jobs being for students who cant do anything else – Supply chain management and logistics is the hidden world

44 Successes Articulation agreements Teacher workshop Development of curriculum modules and supply chain enrichment activities for high school and middle school Partnerships Foundation laid for reorganization of career pathways

45 Work in Progress Curriculum – Secondary Plans of Study – Postsecondary Professional Certifications – Dual Credit – Scholarships Articulation Professional Development for Teachers Dissemination

46 Secondary Curriculum – Indiana Area CTE Districts (IACTED) Model Curriculum Project To develop Indiana CTE Career Pathways (programs of study) based on High Wage, High Skill and High Demand Indiana occupations. To develop model curriculum for new and revised courses needed for the Career Pathways that includes a course description, course content topics, standards, competencies/objectives, assessment measures, teacher requirements, recommended EOP assessments and sample syllabus for each course. To identify post-secondary courses that are aligned with the secondary course/program if appropriate. To work with post-secondary institutions to develop statewide dual credit agreements. To include core academics aligned to Indiana Standards in each curriculum.

47 IACTED Model Curriculum Project Supply Chain and Logistics Reduce number of career pathways and reorganize cluster to reflect common components Create logistics pathway Add logistics component to other clusters – Engineering – Business – Biomedical Recognize STEM components Add postsecondary components

48 Postsecondary Curriculum Integrated professional certifications – APICS CPIM (undergrad) – Six Sigma Green Belt (undergrad) – APICS CSCP (MBA) Expand partnerships to include more 4-year institutions

49 Dual Credit Vincennes University – Logistics at Ben Davis University High School – Large network of math dual credit, plan to integrate supply chain modules Ivy Tech – Dual credit logistics at Twin Lakes University of Indianapolis – Coordinated Finite Math and Supply Chain – Above average academic credentials for entering freshmen

50 STEM Supply Chain Scholarships NSF S-STEM Scholarship grant submitted ($588,000) Four cohorts of 6-10 juniors and seniors over 5 years Partnership of Vincennes University, Ivy Tech, University of Indianapolis Major in a science or math Minor or concentration in supply chain management Mentoring by scientists and supply chain professionals Supply Chain Bootcamp Paying summer internships

51 Articulation Agreements Vincennes University – Supply Chain Logistics – UIndy SCM (signed) – Business Administration – UIndy SCM (submitted) – Business Management – UIndy SCM (submitted) – Business Administration – UIndy Mgt/Admin. (submitted) Ivy Tech – Transportation, Distribution and Logistics – UIndy SCM (signed) – Business Administration – UIndy SCM (draft) Other 4-year institutions STEM disciplines

52 Professional Development for Teachers Target - CTE, STEM, Business, and Economics teachers Purpose – Introduce teachers to supply chain management, logistics and manufacturing – Teach teachers to use math modules in STEM courses – Train teachers in Vincennes Universitys network of dual credit courses – Create network of secondary supply chain enrichment programs

53 Professional Development for Teachers Format - Workshops for stipends or graduate credit – Basic – 2 week summer workshop piloted last summer – Advanced (math modeling, advanced manufacturing, RFID, chemistry of steel and other materials, life science companies, energy supply chains, etc.) Partners – Academic – Vincennes University, University of Indianapolis, Indiana University – Corporate – Nucor, Garrity Tool, Subaru, IMMI, Redcats, FedEx, Magnum Logistics, Langham, Parish Manufacturing, Caepac, Roche, Dow AgroSciences, etc. – Professional Societies – APICS, ASQ, NAPM, IoPP, PMI, CSCMP, AST&L, ASQ Midwest Biomedical Discussion Group

54 Dissemination - Presentations Scheduled Indiana Council of Teachers of Mathematics Indiana State Counselors Association Decision Sciences Institute Annual Meeting National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

55 Supply Chain Management and Logistics Spans Levels of Education High School Associate Bachelor Graduate Professional Development Must be integrated into Information Technology Business /Management Engineering Science/Math Biomedical

56 Summary High SchoolAssociateBachelorGraduate Supply Chain & Logistics Technology Information Technology Business /Management Engineering Science/Math /ComputerSci Biomedical


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