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2 Invest. Involve. Inspire. What Does It Take To Make A Difference?

3 Background In 2005, The IIA and JA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to partner in support of good governance and strong ethics in the business community.

4 JAs Purpose To educate and inspire young people to value free enterprise, business and economics in order to improve the quality of their lives. JA programs begin at the elementary school level, teaching children how they can impact the world around them as individuals, workers and consumers.

5 How Can I Get Involved? Classroom Volunteer JA in a Day Fundraising Event

6 Classroom Volunteer Commit one hour per week for six to 14 weeks teaching any of the programs offered through JA.

7 JA in a Day Volunteers teach all five sessions of their JA program in one school day. Only used in elementary schools. Typically takes about 4 hours.

8 Fundraising Event Participate in a JA Bowl-a-thon or another event sponsored by your local JA office. For more information, contact your local JA,

9 Types of Programs Elementary School –Kindergarten: Ourselves –1 st Grade: Our Families –2 nd Grade: Our Community –3 rd Grade: Our City –4 th Grade: Our Region –5 th Grade: Our Nation

10 Types of Programs, Cont. Middle School –Economics for Success –Global Marketplace

11 Types of Programs, Cont. High School –Success Skills –Economics –Titan

12 How Do I Get Started? Contact your local JA office. Set up an information session. Get into a classroom!

13 Why Volunteer? The kids need you! You can make a difference by helping shape someones future. Its a chance to mentor young people who will soon be part of the work force. You can contribute something of value to your community. Its an opportunity to work on your public speaking skills. You can share your experiences and personal stories. Your profession needs you! You can explain to tomorrows professionals what internal auditors do.

14 Chapter Achievement Program Five points are awarded for each JA activity, even if your member is participating through their place of employment. Chapter with the most points at the end of the fiscal year is awarded Most Inspiring Chapter Award and recognized on The IIA Web site. Forms must be submitted to claim your JA CAP points.

15 What can I leave with students? IIA pencils (now available). IIA bookmarks (coming soon!). Give-aways from your organization. If you are interested in either of these items, contact and we will mail them to

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