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Welcome to 6 th Grade Science! Team 603 Mrs. Johns.

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1 Welcome to 6 th Grade Science! Team 603 Mrs. Johns

2 What Can You and Your Child Expect This Year?

3 Our Major Topics of Study Branches of Earth Science GeologyHydrologyMeteorologyAstronomy Habits of Mind (Thinking Like a Scientist)


5 Content Weights for Georgia Milestones Astronomy (20%) S6E1 S6E2 Geology (40%) S6E5 S6E6b Hydrology & Meteorology (40%) S6E3 S6E4 S6E6a Assessment/Assessment/Documents/GM%20Grade%206%20Test%20Blueprint s.pdf

6 What Have We Covered So Far? Classroom Rules Lab Safety Scientific Method Introduction to the Four Branches of Earth Science (Astronomy, Oceanography, Meteorology, Geology) Minerals and Rocks Soil (started this week)

7 What Will Be Our Focus for the Remainder of the Year? Geology (study of the SOLID earth) Oceanography (study of the oceans) Meteorology (study of weather and atmosphere) Astronomy (study of physical matter beyond the earth)

8 Interactive Science Notebooks (or ISN’s) The ISN is a way for all students and parents to keep track of all their work (warm-ups, daily lessons, projects, & quizzes/tests). You child is responsible for obtaining and keeping up with their ISN’s throughout the year. Students are given time each day to update their table of contents and add any new materials to their ISN’s.

9 Attendance Attendance is mandatory and has been shown to have a direct correlation in your student’s academic success. Please help your child arrive to school on time and ready to learn daily.

10 Homework Your child will not receive homework every night. If they do not have a specific assignment, your child should be reviewing their notes in the ISN nightly.

11 Studying for Tests Before each exam, the students are given a study guide to help remind them of all the material covered in that unit. It is meant to be a guide to assist in their review. Their ISN is also a wonderful tool to help the students prepare for the test. Please help your child study for their exams.

12 Remind You can receive texted updates on your cell phone letting you know about upcoming events in Science class. Please text the number provided, or download the app, if you would like to be added to the list.

13 Infinite Campus You can gain access to Infinite Campus to monitor your child’s academic performance in each class. The code will be distributed this evening.

14 Grading Categories & Weights Tests/Major Projects:30% Classwork/Labs:25% Quizzes/Minor Projects:20% Semester Exams: 15% Homework:10%

15 Middle School Myths Here are some popular myths about middle school.

16 Myth #1 If your child says they don’t have homework, they must be telling the truth. Your child will receive homework on a regular basis. In the event that no homework is assigned, your child should review notes daily.

17 Myth #2 My child is growing up and is becoming more responsible for his/her schoolwork. Yes, your child is growing up and must take on more responsibilities, but they still need YOU! Check their agendas daily and their academic progress through Infinite Campus.

18 Myth #3 No news is good news. Sometimes this is true, but sometimes you move or your contact information has changed; we can’t reach you. Please make sure you send in the updated contact information. If you have concerns, please feel free to contact the team through email or a phone call to the school!

19 How to Ensure a Successful School Year Your teachers’ websites are an excellent tool for finding out information about homework and other assignments. Keep your contact information updated and alert your child’s teachers of anything that could affect their education (illness, long-term leave, etc.) Check your child’s grades frequently through Infinite Campus.

20 Keep In Touch! You can always reach your child’s teachers through several methods: Email: (all your teachers email addresses are on the Dutchtown Middle School Website) Call Us: You can call the school and leave a message with the secretary and we will call you back within 24 hours. The school’s phone number is: (770) 515-7500

21 Parent Conferences If you would like to have a parent conference, please sign up. We have Team meetings at DMS. We encourage your student to join us in the meeting. After all, the meeting is about him/ her!

22 I Look Forward to a GREAT Year With Your Child!

23 Our Feature Presentation Diamond Dilemma

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