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(301-565-2970, RF/RFID Technology & Commercialization Forum Technology Service Corporation Jitti Sukontasup (301-565-2970,

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1 (301-565-2970,
RF/RFID Technology & Commercialization Forum Technology Service Corporation Jitti Sukontasup ( , Jon Hoyle ( , W / 15 September 2011

2 TSC Snapshot engineering services
High technology company with focus on Government, defense, commercial, international Founded in 1966 Employee-owned through Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) since 1993 Small business, entrepreneurial culture 400 employees 350 technical staff 47% have advanced degrees FY 10 sales: $83.3 million Board of Directors includes Senior Defense Industry Representatives engineering services & technology development TSC is an employee owned small business specializing in RF technical support to government program offices and field activities. The company’s financial condition is sound. Our technical expertise and experience is outstanding. Stable, Consistent Growth W / 15 September 2011 2

3 TSC Business Focus We design, develop, test and
Army/USMC Systems We design, develop, test and evaluate, and support Sensors, Decision Systems, and Weapon Systems and technologies for military and commercial customers Navy Ship Combat Systems Prototypes & Production FAA Systems Image Exploitation Advanced Sensor Concepts Sensor Simulations & Simulators Integrated Logistics Support Enterprise GIS Solutions Sensor Modeling W / 15 September 2011 3

4 TSC’s Demonstrated Strengths
Small, High Technology Company World Class Engineers Responsive to Customer Cost Competitive Established Government Reputation as “Trusted Agent” or “Honest Broker” System Design, Performance Assessment, Technology Insertion, Logistics Expanded Services beyond Radar to Systems Engineering Capability Spans Program Life Cycle (Concept to Operations) Ability to Provide Technical Life Cycle Continuity to Program Offices Valued Technical Support: 30 Years Navy, 25 Years Air Force, 20 Years Army, 15 Years FAA ISO 9001 Certified Prototype and Subsystem Production Capability Proven Ability to Assist the Government with Oversight of Major Programs AEGIS, G/ATOR, ASR-11, Dual Band Radar Work Effectively with Large, Prime Contractors Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Boeing W / 15 September 2011 4

5 Active Array Auto-Calibration
RF Alliance Project Active Array Auto-Calibration W / 15 September 2011 5

6 Overview Of Array Technology And Calibration
Active Phased Arrays Feature Many Active Circuits (i.e. T/R Modules) Operating In Parallel Behind The Various Elements Both On Transmit And Receive To Maintain Antenna Performance (i.e. Low Sidelobes and Accurate Beam Pointing), The Array Must Be Calibrated To Equalize Amplitude and Phase Variations Due To The Active Circuits Initial Near-Field Range Calibration Periodic In-Field Calibration T/R Modules A/D Receiver Array Elements A Practical Approach Is Needed W / 15 September 2011 6

7 Assessment of In-Field Calibration Techniques
Characteristics Approach W / 15 September 2011 7

8 Path to Transition Array Features
Array Features Necessary To Support Auto-Calibration Were Identified And Analysis Approach Defined With Examples. Relevant Array Features Include Array Element Error Budget (Effects on Sidelobe Level and Beam Pointing) A/D and LNA Linearity Calibration Signal-to-Noise External Echo Effects Calibration Timing Array Features Identified Above Flowed Directly Into The Design of the Auto-Calibration Algorithm W / 15 September 2011 8

9 Path to Transition Modeling and Simulation Tool
The Auto-Calibration Algorithm, Array and Signal Models, And Antenna Pattern Generation Were Integrated Into A Common M&S Tool Supports different antenna architectures Simulate calibration signal and utilizes measured data (amp/phs measurements, attenuator/phase shifter response curves, etc.) Generates pre and post calibrated beam patterns M&S Tool Has Multiple Uses Exercises algorithm under different array configurations and sizes Refine algorithm and optimize parameters for an array under test Support future demonstration and testing by incorporating measured data Auto-Cal Algorithm Simulated UnCalibrated Antenna Pattern Simulated Calibrated Antenna Pattern W / 15 September 2011 9

10 Path to Transition Demonstration & Future Plans
TSC and RF Alliance Received Strong Interest From Navy To Conduct A Proof-Of-Concept Demonstration With An IWS Asset Navy authorization was received and demonstration is expected to start in the fall Future Plans (Pending Demonstration Results) Development of operational software package Tailor operational software to candidate radar system Fully test and quantify performance W / 15 September 2011 10

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