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Plastic Recycling Update May 30, 2012 SWMCB Board Meeting.

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1 Plastic Recycling Update May 30, 2012 SWMCB Board Meeting

2 US EPA 2010 Waste Characterization Study Plastics made up 12.4 percent of all municipal solid waste before recycling. Over 31 million tons of plastic was generated in 2010, compared to just 390,000 tons in 1960. The 2010 plastic recycling rate was 8.2 percent Some plastics have better recycling recovery rates – PET bottles and jars, had a 2010 recycling rate of 29.2 percent – HDPE bottles and containers, had a 2010 recycling rate of 27.5 percent. Source:

3 Resin Identification Codes

4 Trends in Minnesota Several large haulers are collecting all #1-#7 plastics. Some cities and counties have been, or will soon add #1-#7 to their programs. – Redwood Falls - #1-#5 for several years – Hennepin County – all cities collecting #1-#5 by 2013 Many programs still collect only #1 & #2 bottles with necks

5 Optical Sorters Most popular new technology for sorting plastics Each unit runs ~$250K Typically sorts 1-2 categories per run

6 Domestic and International Markets

7 Markets for MNs Curbside Programs Market for PET and HDPE stable and strong HDPE market in Minnesota include MasterMark,Bedford Technology and Recycled Plastics Inc. 3-7 domestic markets in the US are in the beginning stages with the main markets being China and Canada Some Minnesota markets for 3-7

8 International China currently imposes import tax on plastic resin Processing capabilities going from manual processing to highly automated vertically integrated industrial parks China aiming for 70 percent recycling rate by 2015 China main market for 3-7 plastics

9 Market Development Develop Minnesota Markets for 3-7 Currently no Minnesota processing facilities dedicated to post consumer PP or film Domestic market for 3-7 plastics very small currently in pilot stage


11 Wayne Gjerde Ph 651-757-2392 Cell ph 651-285-0460

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