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Science Vocabulary Third grade Goal 1. Seed seed coat.

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1 Science Vocabulary Third grade Goal 1

2 Seed

3 seed coat

4 First stage of growth in a plant, a tiny plant packaged in a seed coat

5 The protective outer layer of a seed.

6 cotyledon

7 embryo

8 Sometimes called seed leaves, they are the first plant part you see when a seedling pokes its head out of the ground. They help keep the new seedling fed until it can make its own food.

9 The baby plant within the seed.

10 seedling

11 flower

12 a young plant

13 The reason why we grow many plants. This is the fancy part that really looks good and sometimes smells good, too.

14 petal

15 root

16 Individual part or single part of the outer part of a flower

17 This part of the plant grows underground and is not seen. They are important because they help to hold the plant up and bring in food and water.

18 stem

19 leaves

20 Connects the roots with the leaves of the plant and supports the plant above ground

21 Plant parts that grow out of the stem

22 sprout

23 germination

24 begin to grow, young plant growth

25 When a small plant breaks out of the seed and begins to grow

26 photosynthesis

27 chlorophyll

28 A process by which a plant produces its food using energy from sunlight, carbon dioxide from the air, and water from the soil.

29 The substance that gives plants their green color.

30 tuber

31 pollination

32 The part of the stem found underground, but is fat. It is a food storage stem.

33 The moving of the pollen from the one stigma to another.

34 Parts of a flower

35 taproot

36 The parts of the flower that make it possible for the plant to make another plant

37 A root with a few branches that is very thick and swollen. Carrots are an example.

38 fibrous root

39 fruit

40 A bunch of very fine roots. Grass plants have a this type of root system.

41 The part of a plant that we usually eat that has the seeds inside.

42 nutrients phosphorous nitrogen potassium

43 4 basic needs of plants co 2

44 Plants need this from the soil to grow and produce

45 sunlight air water soil

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