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TeachersAssistants Emily ClaryRebecca Padgett Jeanne EllisPatricia Davis Kristen Norville – Student Teacher Debbie HardinBeth Crawford Donna StewartMelissa.

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2 TeachersAssistants Emily ClaryRebecca Padgett Jeanne EllisPatricia Davis Kristen Norville – Student Teacher Debbie HardinBeth Crawford Donna StewartMelissa Kennon


4 PBIS Positive Behavior Intervention Support

5 Children will begin daily with their paw on the color green. They will have an opportunity to move their paw up to blue with exceptional behavior. They will move to yellow as a warning for any misbehavior. If behavior continues, their paw will be moved down to pink and consequences will follow. When Students Break Our Rules… 1 st Consequence: Verbal Warning 2 nd Consequence: Move Paw to yellow- warning. Misbehavior will be documented on the Kindergarten Paws report. This is sent home daily for you to sign in the red folder. The matrix is on the back cover. 3 rd Consequence: Move Paw to pink and 10 minutes of time out. If student ends the day on pink, it is marked in their PAWS folder as well as the daily behavior sheet. ( 3 pink marks = office visit to talk with principal ) 4 th Consequence: Intervention: 20 minutes of time out in another class. Severe clause: Send to Principal

6 verbal praise & recognition stickers & stamps treats from the treasure box special celebrations

7 Kindergarten Student Reward for Individual Tickets 5 tickets = Treat from treasure chest

8 Kindergarten Grade Level Reward List for PAWS Party: Popcorn Party Lunch in the classroom Lunch Outside Teacher/ Parent Treat Movie Extra Center Time Pajama Day Toy Day Ice cream party **Or whatever the class may vote on!

9 Your child is expected to complete all homework assignments given each day. Please check your childs red folder EACH night to see the homework assigned AND his/her behavior for the day. Please follow the homework guidelines located on the front of the packet. It is important for your child to begin good homework habits for the future. The consistency of a daily routine is essential for success.

10 Read with your child each night. Feel free to record any books you read on the reading log. Return the little books in the folder each day. By signing the behavior sheet the lines of communication remain open between school and home. Please put any notes in the red folder. Feel free to write on the back of the behavior sheet.

11 We DIBEL 3 times a year; Fall, Winter, and Spring In the Fall: a one minute skill assessment for alphabet recognition and initial sound fluency. In winter and spring: one minute skill assessment involving phonemic awareness such as segmenting words and blending sounds to read nonsense words. We will use this data to guide our small group instruction for intervention of skills that have not yet been mastered. We will use progress monitoring (weekly assessment) to check for mastery of skills.

12 Four lessons a week We will introduce one letter a week. We will learn about rhyming words, compound words, vowel rules, digraph and combination rules. Please send in items for the letter museum each week. This is our show-n-tell time. Please do not allow your child to bring in any other toys, jewelry, etc. Keep working with your child on letters and sounds. Blending ex: l-o-g h-o-g, You will receive phonics word list to work on blending and unblending words. Please review these each night.

13 Deer pair ants, Ur stoodnt wil b brnging hom riting, doo not be skaird ov the speling. The inglish langwij iz kunfewzing two lern. Cids uz phonetic speling in thair wrk to xpres thair thouts. Foursing cids to uz cunvenshunal speling reedoosis thair dezir and abillite to right. It iz mi joub to teech ur child 2 uz reesorsis and learning to beecum a Smartie Writer.

14 U can hlp ur child bi incoruging thim at eech divelupmentil stag. Axk ur child to reed and esplane thair riting to u. Az ur child lerns about the inglish langwij tha wil mak the tranzishun to adult writing. Thank U 4 ur saport, Kindergarten Teechers

15 Students will take 2 formal writing assessments. 1 st one was given on September 9 th. The final assessment will be given sometime in late Spring. We will also be giving informal assessments in between. The assessments have 2 parts. Drawing and writing. Each is scored separately with a composite score for both. Students will be engaged in writing daily. Such as: Journal writing (word of the day) and creating lists. We also work on correct handwriting formation as well as spacing and punctuation.

16 This is what Kindergarten writing looks like at the BEGINNING of the year :




20 This is what Kindergarten writing looks like at the END of the year :




24 We use a hands-on approach for teaching a variety of math skills found in our North Carolina Standard Course of study. We gave you a copy tonight! Our math program is manipulative-based with supplemental skill sheets used to check for understanding. Sorting and Classifying Recognition of numbers and number words Positional words and patterns Graphing and geometry skills Measurement Calendar, Time, & Temperature Simple Addition Simple Subtraction

25 Upcoming trips: September: Taradiddle Players @ SHS * October: Cleveland County Fair Lone Mountain Farm Possible trips: To be determined by Mrs. Shackleford and the superintendant, Dr. Boyles * Fire Station/Shelby City Park * Kid Senses or possibly a zoo ** Please be aware that due to limited spacing, parents will be unable to attend some field trips. Details will be given before each trip. Thank you for your cooperation. This is a great way to foster independence for your child!

26 Wish List Clorox wipes Tissue Snack items Treasure box items Zip lock bags- quart size Foamy shapes

27 Please visit our websites through: Click on Schools, Elizabeth Elementary, and then classrooms.


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