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Goal 3 Science Vocabulary Third Grade

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Goal 3 Science Vocabulary Third Grade Sun, Moon, Stars.

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1 Goal 3 Science Vocabulary Third Grade
Sun, Moon, Stars

2 solar system

3 Planet

4 the sun and the objects that orbit around it

5 large body of rock or gas that orbits the sun

6 Constellation

7 sun

8 a group of stars that form a pattern

9 the center of the solar system, also a star

10 moon

11 star

12 Earth’s only natural satellite

13 a hot ball of glowing gases

14 elliptical

15 magnitude magnitude of a solar eclipse

16 circular path, circular orbit

17 measurement of an eclipse

18 meteor

19 meteorite A complete stone meteorite (L6 chondrite) recovered in McLennan County, Texas. This meteorite was part of the spectacular February 15, 2009 fireball filmed by a cameraman in Austin.

20 Streak of light or the path we see when a meteorite passes through the earth’s atmosphere, also known as a falling star

21 metal, rocks, and other debris found in the solar system that reaches the ground, can be large or small

22 asteroid

23 comet

24 chunk of rock or metal that orbits the sun

25 large ball of ice and dust that orbits the sun

26 opaque

27 transparent

28 light cannot shine through

29 light can shine through

30 translucent

31 orbit

32 light is filtered through

33 the path an object takes as it moves around another object in space

34 reflection

35 rotation

36 bouncing of light off an object

37 spinning of an object on its axis

38 revolution

39 solar

40 movement of one object around another object

41 of or about the sun

42 lunar

43 sundial

44 of or about the moon

45 measures time by the position of the sun

46 shadow

47 eclipse

48 created when an object is in the path of a direct light source

49 when one object moves into the shadow of another

50 binoculars telescope

51 axis ( tilt )

52 devices that help people see objects at a distance

53 an imaginary line that goes through the North Pole and South Pole of Earth

54 waxing

55 waning                                                                                                                     °.

56 phase of the moon during afternoon and night hours

57 phase of moon during early morning and morning hours

58 phase

59 craters

60 the illuminated part of the moon we see, the different shapes of the moon

61 happens when one object impacts another

62 terminator

63 planisphere

64 an imaginary line that separates day and night on earth

65 star chart

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