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Adaptation. Amphibian A special trait that helps an organism survive.

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1 Adaptation

2 A special trait that helps an organism survive.

3 Amphibian

4 A cold-blooded vertebrate that spends part of its life in water and part of its life on land.

5 Arthropod

6 An invertebrate with jointed legs and a body that is divided into sections.

7 Camouflage

8 An adaptation by which an animal can hide by blending in with its surroundings.

9 Class

10 A smaller group within a phylum
A smaller group within a phylum. Classes are made up of smaller groups called orders.

11 Cold-blooded

12 An animal that cannot control its body temperature.

13 Community

14 The living part of an ecosystem.

15 Consumer

16 Any organism that eats the food producers make, or that eats other consumers.

17 Decomposer

18 An organism that breaks down wastes and the remains of other organisms.

19 Ecology

20 The study of how living and nonliving things interact.

21 Ecosystem

22 The living and nonliving things in an environment, and all their interaction.

23 Endoskeleton

24 An internal supporting structure.

25 Exoskeleton

26 A hard covering that protects an invertebrate’s body.

27 Extinct

28 An organism no longer alive on Earth.

29 Family

30 A smaller group of organisms within a class.

31 Food Chain

32 The set of steps in which organisms get the food they need to survive.

33 Genus

34 A group made up of two or more very similar species.

35 Habitat

36 The home of an organism.

37 Herbivore

38 A consumer that eats only plants.

39 Invertebrate

40 An animal without a backbone.

41 Kingdom

42 The largest group into which an organism can be classified.

43 Mammal

44 A warm-blooded vertebrate with hair or fur.

45 Omnivore

46 A consumer that eats both plants and animals.

47 Order

48 A smaller group within a class.

49 Organism

50 A living thing that carries out five basic life functions on its own.

51 Overpopulation

52 A depletion of resources that occurs when too many of at least one kind of living thing inhabits an ecosystem.

53 Population

54 One type of organism living in an area.

55 Phylum

56 A large group within a kingdom.

57 Producer

58 An organism, such as a plant, that makes food.

59 Reptile

60 A cold-blooded vertebrate that lives on land and has a backbone, an endoskeleton, and waterproof skin with scales or plates.

61 Species

62 The smallest group into which an organism is classified.

63 Trait

64 A characteristic of a living thing.

65 Vertebrate

66 An animal with a backbone.

67 Warm-blooded

68 An animal with a constant body temperature.

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