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Thessaloniki, 29 June 2001 EUMEDIS EUro MEDiterranean Information Society Project.

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1 Thessaloniki, 29 June 2001 EUMEDIS EUro MEDiterranean Information Society Project

2 Background Barcelona Euro-Mediterranean Conference, 27 – 28 November 1995 Conference on the “Construction of the Euro-Mediterranean Information Society”, Rome 30 – 31 May 1996 MEDA Initiative – European Commission, 22 February 1999

3 EUMEDIS Objectives Provide International Connectivity to GEANT & Other Research Networks Increase International Research Network Connectivity within the Mediterranean Region Promote good practice in providing effective network services within each Mediterranean Country Ensure that the network services and international structures are sustainable beyond the end of the project

4 EUMEDIS Project: Sectors of application Education Healthcare E-commerce Industry and Innovation Multimedia Access to Cultural Heritage & Tourism

5 Participants Algeria Cyprus Egypt Israel Jordan Lebanon Malta Morocco Palestinian Authority Syria Tunisia Turkey

6 European NRENs which participate in the project Greece – GRNET Italy – INFN Spain – REDiris France - RENATER

7 DANTE Coordinator

8 Meetings on the EUMEDIS Interconnection Initiative 2001 Brussels, 15 – 16 th March, 2001 Brussels, 19 – 20 th April, 2001 Athens, 18 th June 2001

9 Current Situation & Provisional Timetable Athens Meeting, 18 June 2001 Mediterranean & European Partners agreed on the proposal made out by DANTE The Proposal has been presented to EuropeAid Office to be approved in October 2001 Implementation of EUMEDIS Project

10 EUMEDCONNECT Proposal The objectives of the project Detailed description of activities (Market Analysis, Technical Requirements, Cost Allocation, Network Topology, Project Proposal) Methodology (methods of implementation, reasons for the proposed methodology,reasons for the role of each partner) Duration and plan of action (4 months) Expected Results (Estimated impact on target groups, publications & outputs, multiplier effects, sustainability)

11 Thank you for your attention

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