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3.02A Introduction to Web Development and Standards

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1 3.02A Introduction to Web Development and Standards
3.02 Develop webpages..

2 Introduction to Web Development
Webpage – a document stored on a web server which can be accessed and viewed using a web browser on a computer or mobile device. It can contain: Graphics, audio and video. Hyperlinks to other documents on the World Wide Web. Website – a collection of related webpages.

3 Purpose of a Website A website is developed to build a relationship with a target audience and are created for the following reasons: Sell – to sell products or services. Advertises and/or demonstrates a product or service. Provides customer support. Often includes a database (or catalog) of products and services. Examples: Microsoft Nike Inform - provides information about a cause, event or organization and may provide tutorials or demonstrations. Teacher Notes: Websites that Sell: Many commercial sites, such as Microsoft, provide training, tutorials, and allow user input, however, the bottom line and intent of the website is to sell products. Tutorials and product support are all part of the sales package that maintains and recruits customers. Examples: The website for Microsoft provides information and support for its products, provides a user discussion forum, and sells and advertizes. The website for Nike provides information and support for its products, provides a user discussion forum, allows users to rate products, sells and advertizes. Websites that Inform: The website for the NC Public Schools provides information, pictures, and videos about testing results, the Board of Education, and state-wide initiatives and policies, among others. It also provides links to several databases of statistical data, personnel, resources, and school systems. The website for Northwest High School provides information and pictures about school events, links to teachers and administrators, resources, and the school calendar, among others. The website for CNN provides information, videos, and pictures of newsworthy interest. websites that promote a cause: Breast cancer awareness, animal rights, literacy, alcohol abuse, child advocacy, etc. websites that provide Information: Bureau of labor statistics, Career Clusters, Wikipedia Nonprofit groups: FBLA, Boy Scouts, Second Harvest

4 Purpose of a Website Entertain – provides information or links to movies, music, magazines, etc. Examples: Social – provides a network where people can interact online. Blogs Wikis Hybrid – a combination of any of the above. Examples Teacher Notes:

5 What are web standards? Basic set of guidelines for authoring languages used to make webpages. Developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Teacher Note: Hyperlink URL is:

6 What is the W3C? The W3C is a member organization. Some well known members include: IBM Microsoft America Online Apple Adobe Sun Microsystems

7 The W3C and Web Standards
The W3C is working to make the web accessible to all users regardless of differences in: Culture Education Ability Resources Physical Limitations

8 Advantages of Web Standards
Helps ensure webpages display consistently in all browsers. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and other browsers display the website exactly the same way. Faster website development. Faster downloading of websites.

9 Advantages of Web Standards continued
Equal access to information. Differences in browser and/or operating system versions do not limit the user’s access to the site. Differences in hardware do not limit the user’s access to the site. Computer PDA Cell phone

10 United States Website Accessibility Legislation
Section 508 Amendment to the Rehabilitation Act states that US Federal agencies must provide: Equal access to and use of information on their websites for individuals and employees with disabilities. The information must be comparable to that provided to individuals and employees without disabilities. Applies ONLY to the United States.

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