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Annual General Meeting May 8, 2003. AGM Agenda Call to order Approval of minutes of last AGM Bylaws Year in review Awarding of SLA WCC Student Scholarship.

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1 Annual General Meeting May 8, 2003

2 AGM Agenda Call to order Approval of minutes of last AGM Bylaws Year in review Awarding of SLA WCC Student Scholarship for Special Librarianship Election of officers Incoming Presidents remarks New business Motion to adjourn

3 Approval of AGM Minutes May 30, 2002

4 Bylaws AGM - May 30, 2002 AGM - May 30, 2002

5 SLA WCC Bylaws 2002: Revised and sent Ballots to SLA WCC Membership, Ratification carried out 2003: Revised in light of SLAs bylaws change SLA members to ratify SLA governing documents at June 2003 SLA business meeting Generic governing documents are to cover all chapters and be their bylaws.

6 Treasurers Report AGM - May 8, 2003

7 Overview An overview of our financial condition Current balances Expenditures Income Budget report

8 Current Balances

9 2002-2003 Expenditure Pattern

10 2002-2003 Income Pattern

11 Budget Report Budget Sep 02 - Aug 03 Actual May 02 - April 03 Comments on YTD SLA HQ dues allotment $4,300$3,937 Membership decline Meeting income $7,500$11,460 OK Interest income $425$309 Reduced ING Interest Rate - Currently 3% Sponsorships $700$1,255 Active Fund Development Total Income$12,925$16,961 Meeting expense ($8,775)($12,696)OK Executive expense ($2,000)($2,927)OK Donations ($325)$0OK Special Projects & Communications ($375)$0OK Wired West ($50)$0OK Member-wide Mailings ($275) OK Teleconferences ($850)($641)OK Miscellaneous ($275)($260)OK Total Expenses($12,925)($16,798)

12 Communications AGM - May 8, 2003

13 Communications: Website Statistics 67006700 visits per month 220220 per day Top Content –Wired West –Employment –Program Visitors from... Most popular single pages

14 Website 2002-2003 First online membership survey News and events focus on home page More emphasis on Wired West content Complete redesign of navigation Archived site to CD as of April 30, 2003

15 Year in Review AGM - May 8, 2003

16 2002-2003 Initiatives Members 219 Needs Survey Needs Survey Paper and first online version Employment Resources Employment Resources 135 postings to Discussion List Web Site Web Site New architecture based on usage

17 Student involvement Awarding of the first annual Student Scholarship for Special Librarianship: Shelagh Genuis, University of Alberta Mentors for Students 2nd Annual Student / Practitioner Pub Night Presentations to students

18 Behind the Scenes Increasing regional representation Reactivation of Fund Development and new sponsorship packages created Event budgeting spreadsheets Economies with one live Virtual Program site plus purchase of a transportable V-pack Bylaws

19 Communicating Chapter Business Web Site - Discussion List - 442 subscribers AGM access in 4 provinces Wired West - –Printable version in MS Word –Content summaries from non-virtual regional events –SLA Annual Conference Reports (Summer 2002)

20 Wired West Contributors Caesi Bevis, Carol Williams, Chris Owen, Christina Zeller, Darwin Nickel, Debbie Schachter, Elva Simundsson, Gael Blackhall, Kate Bird, Lee Anne Smith, Maria Swarbrick, Marissa Poratto, Nancy Mackenzie, Patricia Cia, Randy Reichardt, Shelagh Genuis, Susannah Tredwell, Tracey Carmichael, Wanda Quoika- Stanka

21 Professional Development Opportunities Calgary Stressbusters Digital Copyright Best Practices in Information Management Translating Library Expertise into New Opportunities for Resources Development Building a Knowledge Sharing Culture

22 Professional Development Opportunities Vancouver Whats Planned for UBCs Irving K. Barber Learning Centre Past Presidents Outlook Forum Quirky Technologies, Next Generation Learners and Special LibrariesWinnipeg Virtual Tour of the Canadian Wheat Board Library Intranet

23 SLA WCC Virtual Programs Knowledge Services: Specialist Librarians in the New Profession Winnipeg Behind the Firewall: new research about the usability of corporate research intranets Regina, Edmonton Marketing Your Special Library Winnipeg, Calgary, Saskatoon, Edmonton

24 SLA WCC Virtual Programs Taxonomies for Indexing Winnipeg, Calgary, Regina, Victoria Organic Approach to Project Management Victoria Planning for an Information Audit Victoria Knowledge Management Victoria

25 Reaching out Co-sponsoring events –CASLIS, SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology), SCIP, GLABC (Government Libraries Association of BC), Saskatchewan Library Association Speaking to groups –Carol Shepstone, Christina Zeller, Debbie Hunter, Debbie Millward, Diane Walker, Gael Blackhall, Patricia Cia, Shu Huang, Tracey Carmichael

26 Reaching out Vendor sponsorshipsVendor sponsorships InfoMart, Micromedia Proquest, Andornot, Lexis Nexis, Venue sponsorshipsVenue sponsorships Pacific Press, Teck Cominco, Alberta Human Resources and Employment, Diefenbaker Theatre Centre Gallery, University of Regina, University of Saskatchewan, POS Pilot Plant, Agriculture and Agri- Food Canada, Saskatchewan Legislative Library, Greystone Managed Investments Inc.

27 Information conduit Chapter Cabinet meetingsChapter Cabinet meetings Representing WCC SLA Leadership Meeting January 2003SLA Leadership Meeting January 2003 Branding, Mission, Vision

28 Who made it happen Directors Chairs Committees and volunteers SLA International YOU... and YOU the members!

29 Officers Patricia Cia - Past President Claudette Cloutier - President Elect Diane Walker - Secretary Christina Zeller - Communications

30 Directors Susanne Barker - Vancouver Island Carol Saxon - Vancouver Lorraine Bedet - Calgary Debbie Hunter - Edmonton Carol Shepstone - Saskatchewan Shu Huang - Manitoba

31 Chairs Cheri Rauser - Archives Susannah Tredwell - Bulletin Editor Kim Nayyer - Discussion List Amber Lannon – Employment Marissa Poratto - Membership Joleen Wright - Public Relations Tracey Carmichael - Student Liaison Maria Swarbrick - Virtual Programmes

32 Programme Committees Calgary –Lorraine Bedet (chair) –Nancy Mackenzie –Mary Holden –Erika Scott –Elizabeth Malinowski –Rosalind Castle –Valerie Swanson

33 Programme Committees Edmonton –Debbie Hunter (chair) –Christina Andrews Saskatchewan –Carol Sheptstone (chair) –Teresa Wright Eastley (Regina) –Susan McConkey

34 Programme Committees Vancouver –Carol Saxon (chair) –Shawna Ford –Shannon Lee –Linda Levar –Carol Williams –Debbie Millward

35 Programme Committees Virtual Programs –Maria Swarbrick, Chair –Fran Noone, –Zahina Iqbal –Barbara Holder –Bobbie Merilees –Aimee Ellis

36 Committees Bylaws Committee 2001-2002 –Debbie Millward, (chair) –Susanne Barker –Christina Andrews –Patricia Cia, ex officio Bylaws Committee 2002-2003 –Debbie Millward, (chair) –Susanne Barker –Patricia Cia –Gael Blackhall, ex officio

37 Committees Committees Member Needs Survey –Marissa Poratto, (chair) –Debbie Millward –Coral Payne –Diane Walker Nominations –Brad McGuigan (chair) –Debbie Millward –Elva Simundsson

38 Committees Committees Student Scholarship –Tracey Carmichael (chair) –Susannah Tredwell –Joleen Wright –Robyn Wanner –Debbie Schachter Our Thanks!...

39 Thank You! Volunteers Without whom none of the initiatives and accomplishments of this last year would have been possible And our Members Without whom we would not exist

40 Nominations and Election AGM - May 8, 2003

41 Nominations President Elect President Elect Keith Low Director, Saskatchewan Director, Saskatchewan Maria Swarbrick Director, Manitoba Director, Manitoba Sharon Allentuck Director, Vancouver Director, Vancouver Catherine McBratney Director, Vancouver Island Director, Vancouver Island Alison Halyk

42 SLA Conference New York, NY June 7-12, 2003 Annual Business Meeting – Vote on Associations name Canadian Reception – Tuesday June 10, 2003 5 – 8 p.m. – Versailles Room, Sheraton Hotel – Sponsored by

43 Passing of the Gavel

44 Claudette Cloutier President, 2003-2004

45 Continuing Officers 2002-2003 Past President Gael Blackhall Treasurer Darren Hamilton Communications Christina Zeller Secretary Diane Walker Calgary DirectorLorraine Bedet Edmonton DirectorDebbie Hunter

46 Continuing Chairs 2002-2003 Archives Cheri Rauser Incoming Chairs 2002-2003 Bulletin Editor Sandra Wong Discussion List Greg Krewski

47 Incoming Chairs 2002-2003 Employment Brad McGuigan Fund Development Tracey Carmichael Membership Susan McConkey Public Relations Student Liaison Virtual Programs

48 New Business AGM - May 8, 2003

49 Motion to adjourn AGM - May 8, 2003

50 Next up... Next up... Guest Speaker Patricia Cavill Preferred Futures

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