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Landscape. runoff scenery such as mountains, valleys, trees, rivers, and forests.

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Erratic. boulder transported and deposited by a glacier having a lithology different than the bedrock upon which it is sitting.

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1 landscape

2 runoff

3 scenery such as mountains, valleys, trees, rivers, and forests.

4 the flow of water, from rain, snowmelt, or other sources, over the land.

5 saturated

6 slope

7 thoroughly full.

8 used to describe the measurement of the steepness, incline, gradient, or grade of a straight line.grade straight line

9 stream

10 deposit

11 a body of water.

12 material added to a landform.

13 flood plains

14 sediment

15 flat or nearly flat land adjacent to a stream or river that experiences occasional or periodic riverflooding

16 is solid matter that floats in a liquid. Sediment often settles to the bottom after a while.solidmatterliquid

17 tributaries

18 dam

19 a stream or river which flows into a mainstem (or parent) river, and which does not flow directly into a sea.streamriver mainstemriver

20 a barrier that divides waters.

21 aerial drawing

22 canyon

23 a pictorial representation of earth as viewed from above.

24 a deep, narrow river valley with steep slopes.

25 condensation

26 crevasse

27 the process by which a gas becomes a liquid. Water vapor turns into liquid water by condensation.

28 a deep crack in a glacier.

29 deposition

30 erosion

31 When water or a glacier lays down earth materials.

32 When earth materials are broken down and moved from place to place.

33 evaporation

34 flood

35 when a liquid becomes a gas.

36 overflow of a body of water beyond its banks or shore.

37 fog

38 glacier

39 very fine droplets of water suspended in the air at or near the surface of the earth.

40 a huge mass of ice that moves very slowly over land.

41 ground water

42 hydroelectricity

43 water that has soaked into the soil.

44 electricity that is generated by waterpower.

45 iceberg

46 landforms

47 a large piece of ice that has broken off a glacier and has moved into the water.

48 the features of the earths surface, such as mountains, plateaus, and plains.

49 levee

50 meander

51 a bank along a stream or river that is intended to prevent flooding.

52 a large bend in a stream channel that develops when soil is eroded from one bank and deposited on the other.

53 oxbow lake

54 precipitation

55 a lake that forms when a river breaks through the neck of a meander and moves straight onward.

56 rain, snow, sleet, or hail.

57 reservoir

58 soil

59 a place where large amounts of water are stored for future use. Reservoirs are like lakes; they may be natural or made by humans.

60 the top layer of earth. Soil is composed of organic materials (humus); inorganic materials (sand, silt, and clay), water, and air.

61 surface water

62 valley glacier

63 water that stays on the earths surface rather than sinks into the soil.

64 a glacier that forms in the V-shaped valley formed by a river.

65 water cycle

66 water vapor

67 the process by which water moves through the ground, evaporates from earth into the air, forms clouds, and falls back to earth as rain or snow.

68 water in its gaseous state.

69 weathering


71 the process by which earth materials are broken down by natural forces.

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