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Stop the Sun By Gary Paulsen Page 49.

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1 Stop the Sun By Gary Paulsen Page 49

2 Vietnam


4 Focus Your Reading Theme – moral, meaning, or message that a writer wishes to convey Pay attention to the lessons the main character learns Think about Terry’s experience with his father and the lesson Terry learns about life

5 Reading Log Readers make connections to the text by asking themselves how their own experiences are similar to or different from the ones they are reading about. Create a chart in which you compare how Terry relates to his parents with how you relate to yours.

6 Words to Know chant dry founder inert persist

7 Theme Main message, moral , meaning of story
Often implied – not directly stated Gather clues , including key statements and phrases, repeated ideas and lessons learned by the main character. “It occurred to me that Raymond would make a very fine runner.” Lesson learned by Squeaky

8 Cause and Effect in Plot
Helps move plot along Event that makes another event happen is cause Second event is effect

9 Character Motivation and Reaction
The reasons a character thinks, feels, or acts in certain ways Identify a passage in the text that reveals what motivates Terry to want to know about his father’s Vietnam experience.

10 Plot Exposition, rising action, complications, climax, falling action, resolution Determine the events of the rising action, climax, and falling action in “Stop the Sun.”

11 Recurring Themes Across Works
Several pieces of literature may share a common theme Of the following statements, which one applies to both “Raymond’s Run” and “Stop the Sun”? Growing up means learning to understand the abilities and limitations of others. Enemies can become friends. Understanding brings tolerance.

12 Think Critically Because the war took place before Terry’s parents were married, Terry’s father thinks that the war has “nothing to do with this family.” Why do you think he feels this way? What important discovery has Terry made by the end of the story? In your Reader’s Log you were asked to compare Terry’s experiences with your own. Summarize your observations. How are your experiences similar to Terry’s? How are they different?

13 Grammar in Context Predicate Nouns and Predicate Adjectives
Follow linking verbs Is, am, are, was, were, appear, feel, … Complete each sentence starter on p. 58 with a predicate noun or predicate adjective Terry’s mother became Mr. Carlson seemed Terry’s father looked The rain felt Petey Kressler was

14 Writing Father’s Day Card
Write a Father’s Day message from Terry to his father that reflects Terry’s new understanding. Think of the story’s theme as you prepare your message.

15 Tomorrow Quiz over “Stop the Sun” Reread the short story tonight
Study the vocabulary words

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