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All Areas of Reading Instruction

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1 All Areas of Reading Instruction
SSR Direct Ins. Purpose for reading Vocabulary intro Focused skill mini-lesson Genre Focus Pre Include any but not all during Instruction Check Vocabulary Focused /Multiple skill Questioning Practice/Check Fluency During Interv. Vocabulary Questioning Check purpose for reading Fluency Practice Independent Focused Skill activity Skill questioning Post Test Prep.

2 Direct Reading Instruction
Include all of these Vocabulary Fluency Comprehension

3 Direct Reading Instruction Pre-Reading Example:
Introductory Activity: Can you imagine what a farmhouse might look like. What kinds of things might you see inside? What kinds of things might be in a farmhouse that are not in your house? Let’s make a list of things you might see in a farmhouse. . Skill Lesson: Imagery: Virginia Hamilton’s Author’s Craft is very unique. She uses descriptive language in a way that appeals to the senses. She has a way of writing that makes the experiences in the story more real. (read an example paragraph and discuss the descriptive language) As we explore the inside of the farmhouse in chapter 3, let’s read to find good examples of the descriptive language in the text. Facilitate Student Interest Model and explain Skill Focus Set a purpose for reading

4 Direct Reading Instruction During-Reading Example:
During Reading: Students read the chapter in partners or in a group. Students should mark the page of the reading selection that shows a good example of the author using imagery with a bookmark. Students write any vocabulary words and page numbers as they read on a sticky note. Students read and have activity to engage them in reading the text

5 Direct Reading Instruction Post-Reading Example:
Post-reading Activity: Ask comprehension questions: What evidence is there that Geeder and Toeboy liked drinking from the water pump? Give some instances which the author lets you know Uncle Ross is glad to see the children. What would you do if you could spend a day in that farmhouse? Ex:Call on students to identify the section they marked that shows good descriptive language. Students choral read the selections with good expression and discuss the Author’s word choice. Students also share vocabulary words and use context clues to discuss what they think the meaning might be. Independent practice could be to illustrate and summarize a section from the text that has an example of good imagery. Relate closing activity to the focus skill

6 Modeling Fluency Rate Too Slow Too Fast Just Right
Fluency Pre- Reading

7 Modeling Expression Too Boring Too Much Just Right
Fluency Pre- Reading

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