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Because Digital Writing Matters Week #2 Chapter 4 It's multimodal so how do I assess it?

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1 Because Digital Writing Matters Week #2 Chapter 4 It's multimodal so how do I assess it?

2 Multimodal Is Complex...computers have dramatically expanded options for writers and have probably made writing, and learning to write, more complex (p. 21). And it certainly hasn't made the job of assessing any easier for the teacher! Between Modes: Assessing Student New Media Compositions by Madeleine Sorapure in

3 but technology can help too... (p. 110-112) 1. Collect extended writing over time (blogs, wikis, Google docs) 2. Help students write in multiple genres o different digital tools for different audiences o personal memoir = digital story 3. Appropriate rubrics continue to evolve (NWP Multimodal 2011) 4. Writing across content areas (see #2 & my hist. fiction) 5. Gives us avenues for teacher-student conversation about the writing.

4 Chapter 4 & Chapter 3 Because Digital Writing Matters

5 Define your goals and criteria for the project Use the... approach that focuses assessment on how effectively the project addresses a specific audience to achieve a specific purpose. Digital writing...does not mean that teachers must entirely change what they know and do in their classrooms; rather, teachers must explore how their strengths transfer to different tools and emerging genres (p. 14). Paula added this 1/12/2012

6 Define your goals and criteria for the project -- Ch 4 What goals/standards you want to achieve? -- Ch 4 What project will produce the desired achievement? -- Ch 3 What digital tools support the goals?

7 Technology and Standards p 94... "Teaching writing is more than just the technical act of saving a document on a computer... more than just being able to...put words down in a certain order." Think about what it means to be "literate in a digital world." Techology literacy = 21st Century Skills = digital literacies = technology expectations

8 Technology and Standards Technology Literacy for Michigan defined: p 96 "the ability to responsibly use appropriate technology to communicate, solve problems, and access, manage, integrate, evaluate and create information to improve learning in all subject areas and to acquire lifelong knowledge and skills in the 21st Century."

9 Technology and Standards "Habits of mind" & activities for digital writer p 100- 102 1. Creativity & Originality 2. Collaboration 3. Management & Leadership 4. Evaluation & Decision Making 5. Diversity 6. Articulation - clarify, define, form, frame... 7. Observation & Inquiry

10 Technology and Standards p 100- 102 8. Critical thinking & Problem Solving 9. Communication in Rhetorical Settings -audience, perception, POV, purpose, connect... 10. Knowledge Making 11. Information Literacy 12. Personal Habits of Mind, eg. -accountable, accurate, efficient, flexible... 13. Remix Culture (re-create from media) - amplify, attribute, engage, modify, publish...

11 MI High School CEs Writing Standard 1. Write, speak & create artistic expression 2. Use formal, stylistic, content, and mechanical conventions in variety of genres 3...produce polished written & multimedia work... Interwoven Technology 1. Blog, Web Pages multimedia presentations 3. Use tech tools: word processing, presentation & multimedia software

12 Go to e-mail click the link to google docs - check Core Standards - File save Go to Diipo - click on the Week 2 Resource page for Standards links 15 min exploration & Blog your content area

13 In Diipo - click on Blogs - enter the content area/standard skill area you would like to work on 15 min exploration & Blog your Content Area

14 Assessment - meet the writing goal? Digital records in portfolios.... ideal, but realistically.... 4- Part "Knowledge" Framework, (Yancey, 2009) - p 109 1. Self-Knowledge - individual writer's practice knowledge - baseline skill comparison and connection to topic 2. Content Knowledge - does writer know subject matter 3. Task Knowledge - use of process, strategy & voice 4. Judgement - ability to use self-reflection - best, weakest, why -- (Reflective Knowledge)

15 Assessment in Online Web 2.0 Tools 7 min -Assessment for Learning: Rick Stiggins Video p 112 -- Publish to the world: blogs, web pages, wiki entries, social tools Study other people's digital writing -- Inquiry process, evaluate these postings by comparison and what people comment about

16 Take a Break - 6:45 - 6:50 min Return for Webquests - exploration... - Built-in Assessments Part II - Digital Ecologies - online tools and other considerations in the classroom

17 Digital Ecologies - Do you have them? Chapter 3 Think about your Classroom: General environment: academic, social, work (duties) ********** Digital classroom environment (ecology): healthy & sustainable -- what do you have/use? -- what would you like to have/use?

18 Digital Ecologies - Do you have them? Physical space: What is your room like? Dream on...... Texas Tech U. Collaborative Learning Pods Technology infrastructure: What hardware/software/access do you have? For example, --Book review blog (Diipo doc) & video writers "interview": (Rachel Adams) Legal, Ethical, Policy: "Rules of the Road" Ethical - privacy, plagiarism, citation of works used Policy - acceptable use of all, set by institutions Legal -......

19 Digital Media & Legal Use Digital Media music spoken audio pictures video graphics animations textual content Digital Rights Copyright - need permission, usually pay royalty Fair Use- guidelines for educational use: no web posts; limited use Creative CommonsCreative Commons - 6 designations of free use & modification - CC searchCC search M: Drive > Tech> How To> Digital Media Public Domain 70+ yrs old

20 Search Google Advanced for CC

21 Pick Your Tool To Match the Standard Goal - Standard search standards... posted on Google docs - share in e-mail link Possible Tools continue tool exploration Marilyn WesternMarilyn Western -- "Awesome Free Digital Story Tools" correlated tools with goals & gmail "hack" to register students - handout posted on Diipo Blooms Digital TaxonomyBlooms Digital Taxonomy -- new taxonomy with correlated digital skills

22 Blooms Digital Taxonomy


24 Digital Ecologies - Do you have them? Classroom environment: academic, social, work (duties) Digital environment (ecology): healthy & sustainable -- what digital environments do you use? -- what digital environments would you like to use? Think about YOUR ecology....

25 Explore - Choose Project Tool (s) Go to your Google Docs - from last week: - Continue to use the Web20-Tools and Sites Accounts Log - Download the More Digital Tools Appendix -- updated for week 3

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