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SLA Annual Meeting November 28, 2007 8:30 am Pacific 9:30 am Mountain 10:30 am Central.

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1 SLA Annual Meeting November 28, :30 am Pacific 9:30 am Mountain 10:30 am Central

2 Agenda Call to order Welcome and regrets Adoption of agenda Approval of 2006 annual meeting minutes Annual reports: Treasurer, Richard Matiachuk Communications Director, Debbie Schachter President, Robyn McDowell

3 Agenda… Nominations & Election of Officers Incoming Presidents Remarks Susan McConkey New business: 2008 Committee chairs Awards presentations Announcements Motion to adjourn

4 Approval of minutes of 2006 Annual Meeting November 23, 2006

5 SLA WCC Finances Treasurer, Richard Matiachuk

6 Current Balances As of November 20, 2007 we have $ in our Operating Account $13, in our Reserve Account In October the SLA WCC Board decided to consolidate our accounts in one financial institution. Previously we had two accounts; an Operating Account at the TD and a Reserve Account with ING Direct. In November the TD Account was subdivided into a chequeing account and a Money Market (variable) GIC currently invested at 3.75%.

7 Revenue by Category (year to date) 4100 Dues Allotment ……………….$ 4, Meeting Income ………………$10, (Vancouver ……………………………$2,429.08) (Calgary ………………………………. $1,861.00) (Special (Northwest Conference)……$6,802.34) 4600 Sponsorship ………………….$ 3, Interest Income (TD) …………$ 6.88 Total $18,690.00

8 Expenses by Category (year to date) 5300 Meetings ………………………$14, (AGM $ 26.80) (Vancouver $5,836.68) (2006 SLA Conf. $ ) (Calgary $1,940.67) (Virtual $ ) (Special $5,250.08) 5320 Speakers Gifts ……………….$ Teleconference ……………….$ Scholarships ………………….$ Postage & Supplies ………….$ Miscellaneous $ 3, (ExPresident gift, Executive expenses, Communication, Auditor) Total$18,403.36

9 Income less Expenses (year to date) Total Income$18, Total Expenses$18, Difference (+ $ )

10 Communications Communications Director, Debbie Schachter

11 Communications Web Site: Wired West: Discussion List: 419 subscribers AGM access in 4 provinces

12 Discussion List First year operating as a member-only list Improved differentiation between member and non-member services Eliminated spam

13 Website WCC website receives average of visits daily Most popular sections Wired West Employment Snappy Comebacks or Things to Say to The Boss

14 Website Top Visitors 1. North America 2. Asia 3. Europe 4. Australia/South Pacific 5. South Africa 6. Middle East

15 Brochure New Brochure: revised and updated content and design: ber/brochure.pdf ber/brochure.pdf

16 Wired West Published 4 issues of Wired West Thank you to Wired West Editor, Anne OShea

17 2007 Year in Review President, Robyn McDowell

18 Highlights Cross Chapter Tour – Joe Matthews Committee work Archives Brochure Awards

19 Membership Current membership figures: Total chapter 258 BC126 Alberta 74 Saskatchewan 9 Manitoba 12

20 Services to Members Employment postings – 38 weeks Canada: 1124 United States: 80 International: 15 Thank you to: Employment Chair, Maria Swarbrick

21 Services to Members 12 networking events in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton with speakers, workshops and pub nights Continuation of free virtual programs to members, 6 offered this year Discussion list continues to be members only

22 Student Support Student Liaison Chair – SLAIS Student Services Coordinator Hope to build relationship with SLIS in future President of SLAIS attended one board meeting Restructuring of the student award

23 Sponsors FPInfomart - All Chapter Events and "Vendor News McGraw-Hill - Two Chapter Events LexisNexis – One Chapter Event Andornot - Wired West

24 Venue Providers Calgary Chamber of Commerce, Calgary Canada Revenue Agency, Vancouver Teck Cominco, Vancouver TransCanada, Calgary Vancouver Public Library and others…

25 Who made it happen? Regional directors Committee chairs Committee members Volunteers

26 Board members 2007 Robyn McDowell, President Susan McConkey, President-Elect Christina de Castell, Past President Andrea Freeman, Secretary Richard Matiachuk Treasurer (from March) Kevin Lindstrom, Treasurer (to March) Debbie Schachter, Communications Daphne Bruce, Fund Development Director

27 Board: Regional Directors BC-Victoria: Susanne Barker BC-Victoria: Pamela Wilkins BC-Vancouver: Lesley Perkins AB-Calgary: Phyllis Thorton AB-Edmonton: Weiwei Shi Saskatchewan: Charlene Kramer (to May) Manitoba: Janice Ludberg

28 Officers Archives: Grazyna Nawrocka Bulletin Editor: Anne OShea Discussion List: Deborah Copeman Employment: Maria Swarbrick Fund Development: Daphne Bruce Membership: Frances Main Student Liaison: Shirley Lew Virtual Programs: Suzanne Nykoluk

29 Program Committees & Volunteers Vancouver Sandra Boutilier Carolyn Soltau Debbie Millward

30 Program Committees & Volunteers Calgary o Nancy MacKenzie o Suzanne Nykoluk o Gael Blackhall o Kelsey Wiens o Christine Stacey o Valerie Swanson o Erika Scott o Lorraine Bedet o Rosalind Castle o Selena Bicknell

31 Nominations Committee November 2007 Keith Low Claudette Cloutier

32 Nominations & Election of Officers

33 Nominations 2008 Slate of Officers President-Elect: Debbie Schachter Secretary: Shelley Tegart Treasurer: Richard Matiachuk Communications Director: Fund Development Director: AB - Calgary Director: Saskatchewan Director: Manitoba Director: Janice Ludberg

34 Further Nominations & Voting

35 Continuing Officers President: Susan McConkey Past President: Robyn McDowell BC – Vancouver Director: Lesley Perkins BC – Vancouver Island Directors: Pam Wilkins, Susanne Barker Alberta – Edmonton Director: Weiwei Shi

36 Continuing Officers Archives: Grazyna Nawrocka Bulletin Editor: Anne OShea Discussion List: Deborah Copeman Employment: Maria Swarbrick

37 Passing of the Gavel

38 Incoming Presidents Remarks Susan McConkey

39 New Business

40 2008 Board Officers President: Susan McConkey President Elect: Debbie Schachter Past President: Robyn McDowell Secretary: Shelley Tegart* Treasurer: Richard Matiachuk* *nominated

41 2008 Regional Directors BC – Vancouver Director: Lesley Perkins* BC – Vancouver Island Directors: Pam Wilkins*, Susanne Barker* Alberta – Edmonton Director: Weiwei Shi* Manitoba – Janice Ludberg** * continuing ; **nominated

42 2008 Committee Chairs Archives: Grazyna Nawrocka Bulletin Editor: Anne OShea Discussion List: Deborah Copeman Employment: Maria Swarbrick Membership: Evelyn Taylor Student Liaison: Michelle Mallette Virtual Programs: Barb Storms

43 Awards Presentations Travel Grant SLA WCC Outstanding Information Professional Award

44 Announcements

45 Motion to Adjourn

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