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Draft-ietf-mediactrl-call-flows-00 Alessandro Amirante Tobia Castaldi Lorenzo Miniero Simon Pietro Romano (University of Napoli Federico II/Meetecho)

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1 draft-ietf-mediactrl-call-flows-00 Alessandro Amirante Tobia Castaldi Lorenzo Miniero Simon Pietro Romano (University of Napoli Federico II/Meetecho)

2 26/03/09IETF 74th, San Francisco2 Changes The draft is now a working group item draft-ietf-mediactrl-call-flows-00 Long process of internal review The existing text has been corrected/clarified All the placeholders have been filled Usual updates on the flows draft-ietf-mediactrl-sip-control-framework-10 draft-ietf-mediactrl-ivr-control-package-06 draft-ietf-mediactrl-mixer-control-package-06

3 26/03/09IETF 74th, San Francisco3 Current status State diagrams AS and MS perspective (including events) Control channel establishment SIP dialog (COMEDIA) TCP/TLS and SYNC/K-ALIVE Use case scenarios Sequence diagrams and protocol details Security considerations? Will discuss this later

4 26/03/09IETF 74th, San Francisco4 State Diagrams: AS and MS

5 26/03/09IETF 74th, San Francisco5 Control Channel Establishment SIP/SDP COMEDIA negotiation TCP case (TLS very similar) Use of new attributes (cfw-id) CFW Channel Use of SYNC cfw-id (Dialog-ID) matching Package negotiation Keep-Alive timeout value Example of K-ALIVE

6 26/03/09IETF 74th, San Francisco6 Use case scenarios Many scenarios are depicted Echo Tests, IVR Menus, Conferences, etc. Plenty of details (diagrams, protocol analysis, etc.) Involve IVR, Mixer or both Focus is on CFW, not SIP Just brief considerations on 3PCC Are additional scenarios/details required? Focus on functionality, rather than scenario itself No VoiceXML involved at the moment

7 26/03/09IETF 74th, San Francisco7 Addressed features (1) Echo Test Direct (Mixer: self join) Recording (IVR: recording + prompt on leg) Phone Call Direct (Mixer: join legs) Indirect (Mixer: hidden conference + join) Recording in both cases (IVR+Mixer: recording of legs/conference + join and prompt on hidden conference)

8 26/03/09IETF 74th, San Francisco8 Addressed features (2) Conferencing Bridging (Mixer: conference + join) Rich scenario (IVR+Mixer: conference, DTMF collection for PIN, recording for name, join, prompt for name) Coaching scenario (Mixer: orchestrated use of conference and joins) Sidebars + BFCP (TBD) More on that later

9 26/03/09IETF 74th, San Francisco9 Addressed features (3) Additional scenarios Voice Mail (IVR: variable announcements for digits, VCR on messages) Current Time (IVR: variable announcements for dates, parallel playback) DTMF Conference Control (IVR+Mixer: SRGS for DTMF collection, use of Mixer operations for conference manipulation)

10 26/03/09IETF 74th, San Francisco10 Example of scenario: Echo Test

11 26/03/09IETF 74th, San Francisco11 Security considerations Currently refers to the core drafts Framework provides guidance CFW/TLS, SIP/TLS, SRTP, etc. IVR and Mixer have examples and guidelines Similar examples in here too? Unauthorized operations How auditing should behave Examples of potential attacks...

12 26/03/09IETF 74th, San Francisco12 Current notes draft-boulton-mmusic-sdp-control-package- attribute-03 has expired...... it's actually useful: will it come alive again? Floor Control still a placeholder BFCP package (BFCP in the MS) missing Scenario with BFCP in the AS? Sidebars Still ambiguous in XCON too Simplified scenario?

13 26/03/09IETF 74th, San Francisco13 Interop New UniNA/Meetecho prototype released 0.4.0 version available and http://mediactrl.sf.net TLS negotiation and support for Control Channel Interoperability efforts Still where we were at Minneapolis No meeting in Malta / No interop event What's the status of other implementations? Do call flows comply with them?

14 Prototype in action

15 26/03/09IETF 74th, San Francisco15 Questions? Further discussion?

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