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Pharmaprojects New Developments

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1 Pharmaprojects New Developments
Wendy Manning Deputy Editor, Pharmaprojects

2 What’s New? Pharmaprojects v 5.1 launched Aug 2004
Subsequent enhancements Launch of v5.2 planned for Aug 2006 and finally.. Pharmapredict

3 Pharmaprojects v5.1 Protein target data
Searchable Lipinski “Rule of 5” parameters Enhanced detailed information searching

4 Subsequent Enhancements
New Stem Cell Classification added More timely updates 12 years of Trends data ( )

5 Upcoming for v5.2 Data enhancements
Enhanced classification of Licensing Opportunities NCE Flag Target Families

6 Target Family Groupings
ENZYMES - subclasses and EC numbers RECEPTORS - subclasses (2 levels) HORMONES CYTOKINES - subclasses TRANSPORTERS - subclasses and TC numbers

7 Upcoming for v5.2 Improving Usability
“Quick Search” function Simplified general method of searching More logical navigation to Graphs and reports Links to PubMed abstracts

8 Pharmapredict Forecasting/Benchmarking tool
Browser-based web application Pharmaprojects list price subscribers receive preferential rate

9 Pharmapredict-analyses
Estimate time to market/launch date Look at “launch landscape” Chance of success/attrition rates Estimated sales data from Evaluate Pharma

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