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DTMF-Relay Info-Package draft-kaplan-dispatch-info-dtmf-package-00 Hadriel Kaplan.

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1 DTMF-Relay Info-Package draft-kaplan-dispatch-info-dtmf-package-00 Hadriel Kaplan

2 Terminology/Definitions DTMF: Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (tones) KPML: Key-Press Markup Language (RFC 4730) Hadriel: the messenger (dont shoot)

3 The Problem DTMF is just like other media: – It has to work And like media, there is no one global codec – 2833/4733, INFO, KPML, Notify-1, Notify-2 The DTMF world isnt what we hoped it would be – it has not converged on one solution – It has to be negotiated

4 Why isnt the World perfect? DTMF needs to go the signaling path sometimes – SIP applications (calling card, IVR, etc.) – SIP to H.323/BICC/ISUP/etc. Didnt we solve this with KPML? – YES!!! – Its the greatest solution ever devised! Were geniuses! – But some pesky, horrible people seem to ignore us

5 Whats wrong with KPML? Nothing. Its just not that popular Why? – Some systems prefer not to create two subscriptions for every call just in case someone presses a button someday – What they have works right now, so why fix it? – This is just a button press – why make it more complicated than that? – Lowest-common-denominator usually wins

6 What else is there? INFO – At least 2 flavors: dtmf-relay is the big one – 3GPP has something too (but not really for this) NOTIFY – At least 3 flavors, but not as popular – One flavor actually sends 2833 packets as its payload! (yes, each 2833 packet… so many, many Notifys)

7 The Proposed Solution Let the Wookie win: standardize the popular INFO one – Its really, really simple (and it works) Three ways to do that: 1.Publish an A-D sponsored RFC 2.Publish an individual RFC (non-IETF) 3.Publish an Info-Package That was why we actually did Info-Packages, after all Current draft picks #3

8 Will this succeed? If we do an Info-Package for dtmf-relay would vendors go do that, vs. just legacy INFO? – I Dunno Most of our issues/concerns with INFO never really applied to dtmf-relay The Mime type was unique The purpose of the INFO was unambiguous The negotiation could be done with Accept header No problem to solve here, move along…

9 Options I am not advocating a new mini-WG for this – Though I do have an acronym: Common Info Dtmf-Event-Relay (CIDER) We could just ignore the whole topic – That hasnt made it go away

10 Any Opinions?

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