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Librarian - Faculty Team Teaching LOEX 2005 May 13, 2005.

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1 Librarian - Faculty Team Teaching LOEX 2005 May 13, 2005

2 Presenters Mary Lou Baker Jones Science and Humanities Librarian Wright State University Alison Ricker Science Librarian Oberlin College Deborah Carter Peoples Science Librarian Ohio Wesleyan University

3 3 Approaches for Subject – Specific Information Literacy Instruction Program Abstract: Three models for providing subject-specific information literacy instruction in a team-teaching setting are demonstrated in the approaches three OhioLINK institutions use to teach chemical information literacy. The librarians of these faculty- librarian teams will critique their models, which include a three-credit course, a half-semester one- credit course, and sequenced course-related instruction.

4 WSUs Three-Credit Course Full-quarter course team-taught by chemistry faculty and science librarian Mary Lou Baker Jones

5 WSUs Three-Credit Course CHM 419: Objectives Course Description Our Collaborative Process Aids to Successful Collaboration Barriers to Successful Collaboration Rewards

6 CHM 419: Objectives Stated objectives My objective: Students demonstrate high level of chemical information literacy Other freight – NCA accreditation criteria – ACS accreditation requirements – Departmental evaluation (sometimes) – Preparation for career / advanced degree

7 Stated Objectives To introduce students to the diverse sources of chemical information and provide training in retrieval of this information To increase student skills in oral and written communication

8 Course Description 3 credit capstone course (exit course) 20+ year history Team-taught by chemistry faculty member and science librarian Required of students in ACS-accredited BS program 20 class sessions

9 Content (C=Chem Faculty; L=Librarian) Using & evaluating chem info (L - 9 sessions) Critiquing scientific papers (C - 2 sessions)) Lab safety (C – 1 session) Career preparation (C – 3 sessions) Presentation skills workshop (L – 1 session) Ethics (C & L – 1-2 sessions) Chem info lit self-assessment (L -1 session)

10 Our Collaborative Process Pre-planning Post-course evaluation Regular communication Some attendance in each others sessions Some collaboration on HOs and assignments Shared logistics work Involvement of other faculty, professionals, alumni

11 Aids to Successful Collaboration Motivation supplied by: – ACS Guidelines on Chemical Information Retrieval – NCA accreditation criteria Electronic environment Respectful & open approach Student motivation Increasing institutional support

12 Barriers to Successful Collaboration Time Did I mention time? Mutual ignorance [Former] library administration & chemistry department lack of support

13 Rewards Student achievement Very strong & supportive library – chemistry department relationship Increased use of library & consortial resources

14 Self Assessment of Chemical Information Literacy

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