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1 SIPPING Working Group IETF 71 Mary Barnes (WG co-chair) Gonzalo Camarillo (WG co-chair) Oscar Novo (WG Secretary)

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1 1 SIPPING Working Group IETF 71 Mary Barnes (WG co-chair) Gonzalo Camarillo (WG co-chair) Oscar Novo (WG Secretary)

2 2 Note Well Any submission to the IETF intended by the Contributor for publication as all or part of an IETF Internet-Draft or RFC and any statement made within the context of an IETF activity is considered an "IETF Contribution". Such statements include oral statements in IETF sessions, as well as written and electronic communications made at any time or place, which are addressed to: -the IETF plenary session, -any IETF working group or portion thereof, -the IESG or any member thereof on behalf of the IESG, -the IAB or any member thereof on behalf of the IAB, -any IETF mailing list, including the IETF list itself, any working group or design team list, or any other list functioning under IETF auspices, -the RFC Editor or the Internet-Drafts function All IETF Contributions are subject to the rules of RFC 3978 (updated by RFC 4748) and RFC 3979(updated by RFC 4879). Statements made outside of an IETF session, mailing list or other function, that are clearly not intended to be input to an IETF activity, group or function, are not IETF Contributions in the context of this notice. Please consult RFC 3978 (and RFC 4748) for details. A participant in any IETF activity is deemed to accept all IETF rules of process, as documented in Best Current Practices RFCs and IESG Statements. A participant in any IETF activity acknowledges that written, audio and video records of meetings may be made and may be available to the public.

3 3 Other Notes Need at least two Note Takers Jabber Transcription : Need a mediator for Jabber session for questions. MP3 streaming Use the microphone, and state your name Wireless: Make sure your computer is not in adhoc mode

4 4 Tracking Progress re.html Tracking WG documents, including WG reviews, assignments and status, with proposed WGLC (and IESG) dates for all WG documents. Updated about every 4 weeks (3 updates since IETF-70) Important for doc editors to review deadlines and make sure current status of docs is accurate. WG reviews are cached in the spreadsheet Information is used by other SDOs to track dependencies. Overall progress since IETF-70 has been reasonable: Given the short timeframe and the holidays.

5 5 RFCs Published since IETF 70 RFC 5039: draft-ietf-sipping-spam (Info) RFC 5118: draft-ietf-sipping-ipv6-torture-tests- 04.txt (Info)

6 6 RFC Editors Queue draft-ietf-sipping-app-interaction-framework (PS) draft-ietf-sipping-transc-conf (PS) draft-ietf-sipping-transc-framework (Info) draft-ietf-sipping-gruu-reg-event (PS) draft-ietf-sipping-v6-transition (PS) Added since IETF-70: None.

7 7 IESG Processing draft-ietf-sipping-uri-services (PS) draft-ietf-sipping-rtcp-summary (PS) (IESG Eval - Revised ID) draft-ietf-sipping-toip (Info) (IESG Eval - Revised ID) draft-ietf-sipping-capacity attribute (PS) (Waiting for write- up) draft-ietf-sipping-sbc-funcs (Info) (Waiting for AD go-ahead) draft-ietf-sipping-consent-format (PS) (IESG Eval) draft-ietf-sipping-pending-additions (PS) (IESG Eval – Revised ID) draft-ietf-sipping-service-examples (BCP) (IESG Eval) draft-ietf-sipping-race-examples (BCP) (AD review completed – revised ID required)

8 8 IESG Processing – since IETF70 draft-ietf-sipping-cc-transfer-09 draft-ietf-sipping-policy-package-04 draft-ietf-sipping-overload-reqs-02 draft-ietf-sipping-config-framework-14

9 9 NIT fixes prior to Proto write-up draft-ietf-sipping-cc-framework-09 (WGLC completed 13 April 2007) Pending revision for IDNITS, doc is ready for Proto review/write- up Editor: Alan Johnston Proto: Gonzalo Reviewers: AC Mahendran, John Elwell, Xavier Marjou draft-ietf-sipping-sip-offeranswer-06 (post WGLC 2 nd re- review ended 1 Feb) Doc updated to resolve 2 nd re-review issues – nit remains to be fixed. Token: Authors (Paul Kyzivat, Takuya Sawada) Proto: Mary Reviewers: Byron Campen, Jonathan Rosenberg, Rajeev Seth, B. Nataraju

10 10 WGLC Completed – progression pending document revisions draft-ietf-sipping-media-policy-dataset-05 Token: Editor (Volker Hilt) to update document(s) to address remaining outstanding issue with regards to routing streams through multiple intermediaries (currently underspecified and needs clarification). WG reviewers to review updated versions to ensure previous concerns have been addressed. Reviewers: Roni Even, Jari Urpalainen, Christian Schmidt Note: dependency on draft-ietf-sipping-profile-datasets, thus wont be progressed until that doc is near completion

11 11 draft-ietf-sipping-service-identification-01 Document completed Initial review (including RAI and APPs) on 31 October Token: WG to review, editor (Jonathan Rosenberg) to update based on reviews WGLC of 17 Mar - 7 April 2008 Current reviewers: Tolga Asveren, Mahesh RAI reviewer: Spencer Dawkins APPs reviewer: Claudio Allocchio Completed Initial WG Review

12 12 Undergoing WGLC None

13 13 draft-ietf-sipping-nat-scenarios (WGLC 6-27 May 2008) Document updates underway to ensure alignment with completed ICE. Token: Doc editor (Chris Boulton) to submit a version post-IETF- 70 with most recent feedback. WG to provide feedback during WGLC. Current reviewers: Guarav Kuhlshreshth, Vijay Gurbani, Spencer Dawkins WGLC planned May 2008

14 14 Charter Updates Proposed Done (Mar 2008) SIP Call Control - Transfer to IESG as Info (GRUU Dependency) Done (Jan 2008) Requirements for Management of Overload in SIP to IESG as Info Done (Feb 2008) Session Policy package to the IESG as PS Mar 2008 (Dec 2007) Call Control Framework to the IESG as Info Mar 2008 (Jan 2008) SIP Offer/Answer Examples to IESG as Info Mar 2008 (Jan 2008) WGLC Service Identification May 2008 Service Identification to IESG as INFO May 2008 (Dec 2007) WGLC NAT scenarios May 2008 WGLC Schema and Guidelines for SIP User Agent Profile Datasets July 2008 (Mar 2008) NAT Scenarios to IESG as Info Aug 2008 (Feb 2008) User Agent Profile for Media Policy to the IESG as PS Aug 2008 Schema and Guidelines for SIP User Agent Profile Datasets to IESG as PS Aug 2008 WGLC Presence Scaling Requirements Sept 2008 WGLC Updates to Asserted Identity in SIP Nov 2008 Presence Scaling Requirements to IESG as Info Dec 2008 Updates to Asserted Identity in SIP to IESG as Info Jan 2009 (May 2008) Revise Charter

15 15 Agenda 1740-1755 Status and Agenda Bash (Chairs) 1755-1810 Updates to Asserted Identity (John Elwell) 1810-1825 UA Profile Datasets (Sam Ganesan) 1825-1840 Support for Application Profile Type (Sumanth Channabasappa) 1840-1855 What is a SIP Trunk Anyway? (Jonathan Rosenberg) 1855-1910 Requirements for Explicit Private Network Indication (Hans Erik van Elburg) 1910-1925 Feature Referral in SIP (Francois Audet) 1925-1940 Methodology for Benchmarking SIP Networking Devices (Scott Poretsky) 1940-1950 SRTP Key Disclosure (Alan Johnston)

16 16 Other meetings of interest SIPPING Adhoc – SIP Extensibility: Monday 2200- 2400, Room: Franklin 13 SIP Overload presentation to Transport Area (in TSVArea): Tuesday 1740-1950 Room: Franklin 1/2

17 17 Other drafts of interest As usual, WG documents receive priority for agenda slots Other documents get agenda time based on level of mailing list discussion and issues requiring discussion All agenda requests, with links to docs, are logged at: da_request.html da_request.html One or two slides per topic always welcome for documents not receiving agenda time.

18 18 Lightweight SIP Toolkit for P2P and Basic CS SIP (draft-sinnreich-sip-tools-02) Focus on Internet multimedia RT communications An alternative to SIP services in the network with app servers Applications reside in the endpoints, including complex call scenarios (I1)* SIP in the network is used only for rendezvous (location) and session setup Applicable to both Client Server (CS) and P2P SIP Tool set for implementations includes NAT traversal, security Reduces SIP specific RFCs as of early 2008 from roughly 100 to about 9-10 (I1)* More RFCs and informative I-D on NAT traversal and security *I1 is still informative I-D:draft-ietf-sipping-cc-framework. Will be RFC.

19 19 1.RFC 3261: SIP: Session Initiation Protocol 2.RFC 3264: An Offer/Answer Model with SDP 3.RFC 3263: Locating SIP Servers 4.RFC 3840: Indicating User Agent Capabilities in SIP 5.RFC 3856: A Presence Event Package for SIP 6.RFC 3863 Presence Information Data Format (PIDF) 7.RFC 3428: SIP Extension for Instant Messaging 8.RFC 3581: An Extension to SIP for Symmetric Response Routing 9. RFC 4961: Symmetric RTP / RTCP Mandatory References

20 20 SIP applications in the endpoints 1.A Call Control and Multi-party usage framework for SIP 2.Guidelines for Implementing the Dialog Event Package in User Agents 3.A New Forking Mechanism for SIP NAT Traversal 1.Managing Client Initiated Connections in SIP 2.RFC 3489bis: Simple Traversal Under NAT (STUN) 3.Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) 4.Obtaining Relay Addresses from Simple Traversal of UDP Through NAT (TURN) 5.Best Current Practices for NAT Traversal for SIP Other: Identity and media encryption 1.Enhancements for Authenticated Identity Management in SIP 2.RFC 4347: Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) 3.ZRTP: Extensions to RTP for Diffie-Hellman Key Agreement for SRTP Informative References

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