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Allison Forseille (15 yrs)

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The Canadian Historical Experience Cecilia Danysk, Department of History, WWU Canada Day Poster Challenge winner 2010 Annie Yu (14 yrs) Burnaby, British.

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1 Allison Forseille (15 yrs)
The Canadian Historical Experience Cecilia Danysk, Department of History, WWU Official Canada Day Poster Challenge, 2009. The theme for the 2009 Poster Challenge was “With Glowing Hearts”. Winner of the Challenge for 2009 was Allison Forseille Saskatchewan (Saskatoon) 15 ans The cheering fans are not only welcoming the world and Olympians to Canada, but they are also cheering for the pure beauty that our country has to offer. In my poster I also depict cultural diversity in Canada by clothing the fans in the colours of other countries. Canada Day Poster Challenge winner 2009 Allison Forseille (15 yrs) Saskatchewan (Saskatoon)

2 Hochelaga Lawrence R. Batchelor - National Archives of Canada

3 Les Filles du Roi Les Coureurs de Bois (Daughters of the King) (Runners of the Woods)

4 Acadian Expulsion, 1755 ff

5 Battle of the Plains of Abraham, 1759 Conquest of Canada, 1763

6 Constitutional Protection for the rights of First Nations and the French
Royal Proclamation, 1763 Québec Act, 1774

7 Loyalist refugees to Canada after the American Revolution

8 Rebellions of Upper Canada Lower Canada

9 Métis Janet Woppumnaweskum
Métis woman at Rupert’s House, 1869 Gabriel Dumont Military leader of Métis forces, 1885

10 Underground Railroad to Canada
Harriet Tubman and escaped slaves

11 Confederation, 1867 The Dominion of Canada

12 Promoting Immigration

13 Roots of Multiculturalism

14 Roots of Universal Health Care Cooperative Commonwealth Federation & Tommy Douglas

15 Bilingualism

16 "Canadian Multiculturalism Day"
June 27 "Canadian Multiculturalism Day" Baltej Singh Dhillon

17 Separation for Québec?

18 Aboriginal Rights

19 The Coming Generation: Canada Day Poster Challenge Finalists 2009
Joshua Bastarache New Brunswick (Dieppe) 8 years old My poster shows Canadian athletes from every province in front of a maple leaf and a gold medal because it doesn't matter if you come in first place or last place as long as you do your best, you are always a winner and should be proud. Inside of the maple leafs are things that make me proud of Canada, like we have a lot of great animals, our Canadian peacekeepers go all over the world and help people, we recycle and take care of our planet, our police officers keep us safe and we have good scientists. They found dinosaur bones in Alberta and that is really cool! I want to be a scientist someday and make a rocket land on the Moon. Izra Fitch Nova Scotia (Canning) 12 years old In my poster there is a glowing heart in a hand to show that we can all have pride in being Canadians and in the upcoming Winter Olympic Games. I illustrated things that make me feel proud about Canada and how we celebrate winter and our people. Izra Fitch 12 years old Joshua Bastarache 8 years old

20 The End Thank you, come again. Atalanta Shi 13 years old
Atalanta Shi British Columbia 13 years old In my poster, an artist is expressing her passion for Canada and its culture in a form of art. From the provincial flowers to Céline Dion, from the Vancouver 2010 mascots to the snowy mountains, everything I love and admire about Canada has been shown on this painting within a painting. Atalanta Shi 13 years old

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